29 August 2007

Prevenient Grace - - Incredible experience

Hi Family, we have just returned home from the UCA Entre' Act Dinner and Concert. This is the first of the season concert which is a fund raiser and preview of what's to come this year. It was held in the Garder Concert Hall. Amazing evening of lovely dinner and a delightful concert. Guess what?! They performed Prevenient Grace! The accompaniement was piano tonight, and it was incredible. Oh my goodness, what can I say? This piece was so fantastic - - so difficult to describe in words. We were so glad to have Stan and Gina and Joni and Jesse there. Carole and Ken Smith were with us as well. Of course Dallas was singing which made it extra special too. To hear the beautiful words of Stan's sonnet put to the most inspiring music was just breath taking. We are so grateful to Stan for this wonderful piece of art, to Barlow Bradford for the music that lifted our hearts and souls, and for Dallas who was part of the vocal instrument that brought the beauty of it all together. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure that all of you can imagine the feeling of Dad and me. Couldn't keep the tears from flowing. Wonderful and many comments after the concert. So many of the choir members came and expressed their appreciate of this beautiful piece and the depth of meaning of the finely tuned words. Barlow was most complimentary to Stan as he spoke to introduce the piece. He explained the meaning of Prevenient Grace, read the text carefully and made very appreciative comments. We can hardly wait for all of you to hear it at the Collage Concert in September. I am assuming you all received your letter and invitation from us. Please take some time to become familiar with the words of the sonnet. It will make your musical experience even better. Please make your plans early and know that it is a once in a lifetime experience. You just can't miss it. You will love the whole concert, and be thrilled to know that Prevenient Grace is the Finale number. It is huge and so beautiful. Thanks again Stan and Dallas for this experience tonight. The memories and feelings of tonight will remain vivid in our minds. Loves. . . .xoxoxoxo Mom


Jen said...

you know i am very sad that i won't be able to attend...but i will be GREEN with envy....xoxoxoxo

Norge said...

Wonderful report Mom. Jean and Landon received your invitation and were so thrilled and plan to be there.

I had a wonderful day with Stan yesterday. He is so self-depricating...acts like he is nothing special. Well, growing up in his shadow has been a privilege. He has always "had it". Always a mild, sublime and wonderful attitude. We are so anxious to see it.