20 May 2012

Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day. Can you guess why?
Well there is one less than obvious reason for me at lease. However, this reason has become so important that it is a mandatory tradition now. The reason is bruschetta.
Thanks again dear hubby, it was superb!

Another wonderful part of mother's day are the little cards that the kids give me from their church classes. There are cute questions or fill-in-the-blanks that the teachers help them fill out. They are delightful little insights into how your child sees you, and I always get a good laugh! Here are Eva's responses:

Mom's Favorite Color is:  Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink
Mom's Favorite food is: Salad, Spinach, Soup
Mom's Favorite Game to Play: Hide n Seek
Mom is ___6 inches__ tall.
Mom's eyes are the color of: Brown
Mom's Favorite Vacation Spot is:  Hike
Mom's Favorite Thing To Do:  ride her fat bike
___Presents___ Make my mom happy.

We do eat a lot of salads. And since Pop-eye the Sailor Man is an idol of Graham's spinach is a highly desirable food. We have also done a fair bit of hiking during out recent trip up to Yellowstone. And I do have a very fat (seated) bike that the kids greatly admire!

Here are Graham's Responses!

My mom is __6__years old.
My mom weighs: 1/2 pounds
Her favorite color is: green and yellow
Her favorite food is: Pasta
My mom always says: I love you!
My mom cooks the best:  Soup with broccoli
My mom's job is:  Cleaning up
My mom laughs when:  I pinch her bum!
If my mom had time, she would love to:  Make me obey her.
My mom and I like to:  Read stories and play legos
My mom really loves:  ME and I love her.
I love my mom because: I want to sing songs to her.

It is so interesting to see how observant he is. My birthday is right after mothers day and he has been asking how old I am and how old I will be. Both he and Eva got it nearly right; I was 26;)
Other then that, I think Graham's nailed it right on! (well, maybe I little work to do in the weight department!)

Our New Home!!

Here (finally) is the video walk through I took of our new home in San Antonio! It has bee recently flipped so its all nice and new and ready for us. We are so excited.

And here is the garage and backyard. Trees!

We move the 28th!

03 May 2012

Graduation: Class of 2012

 I can't believe we are DONE with our Bachelor's degree!! It still hasn't hit me yet. In fact, we've moved away from our beloved island home...but I'll talk more about that later. I haven't posted the pictures or talked about graduation yet, so I thought I'd better do so.

You can see his tiny head in the bottom right walking across the stage.

Curtis graduated Magna Cum Laude and I graduated Suma Cum Laude. Lots of hard work paid off for both of us!

Sister Dalton, the LDS Young Women's general president, spoke at graduation. She gave great advice about not fearing, but facing adversity. 

Curtis graduated with a degree in Business Management - Finance, and I graduated in Pre-Professional Biology. It was a long four years with some transfers in between. My first two years in Provo were awesome, but these last two years in Laie were life changing. I am so grateful I was able to go to school here!

Both of our parents were able to make it out for the celebration. We all stayed together in a condo at Turtle Bay and had lots of fun!

This is me with Tia Chrichton and Sui Fuimaono. Tia served in the Relief Society presidency with me as the president. I am so glad we got to know each other. When I left Hawaii, she gave me a beautiful Samoan lei, necklace, and a wrap-skirt thing. She is from the island of Samoa. Sui (right) is from New Zealand. She dances in the night show at the Polynesian Cultural Center and is just so so nice and beautiful.

The pregnant ladies! Cheka and I are both due at the same time (I'm Sept 5, she's Sept 1). We have been able to relate to each other as we are in the same major and pregnant. She graduates next April. I have had so much fun with her and it was sad to say goodbye, but we'll keep in touch for sure. She's from St. Augustine, FL. 

 Maye Wimmer and I were visiting teaching companions the whole time we lived in TVA. She's from California. They lived in the apartment right below us!

This is me with Danielle Hitz - she actually spoke at graduation and did a great job! I'm so proud of our ward, the past two graduation ceremonies the commencement student speaker has been from our ward. Woo!

Lavinia (Nia) = amazing. She is one of the best women that I know. She has been through more than I could ever imagine and is still one of the strongest, optimistic, happiest people I have ever met. I'm so glad I got to know her and spend time with her.

Carrie was one of the girls that I worked with. She is also from New Zealand and so cheerful all the time. She is due with her first baby boy any day now!!

There's not another place on earth like BYU-Hawaii. A student body of 2500 students made up of people from over 70 different countries. What a good experience!!

04 April 2012

Hello from Duvall!!

Hey family! We wanted to share how we're doing, up here in Duval!! Conference was just wonderful, Lucy and Ruby REALLY watched all 4 sessions. They didn't miss a anything...eyes wide open!;)
 Don't they look sweet!?

You all know how into the NCAA games we are...right!? Well, Ruby and Tyler were exhausted after the championship game on Monday night...isn't that cute?! Ruby knew that the white team was Kentucky and the blue team was Kansas! She cheered and was all sorts of excited! Then she finally went to sleep...in her favorite spot!

 Monday it was sunshine and blue sky...we had to capture that on film! We headed to the park, Myles was shooting hoops...loving the warmth of "summer" (myles thought it was warm like summertime---but it was just barely above 60--think he is from Washington!?)..

And then there is Max, out scoring the climbing wall! He is an outside boy...through and through! He is into playing outside any time he can get someone to open the door for him! He stands at the sliding glass door, with his forehead pressed against the glass...just waiting for the words, "want to go play Max!?" Isn't he getting big!?
 I hope you are all doing well!! We love you all so much!! Take care, enjoy the sun and know that we love you!! Always remember that our door is always open!!

31 March 2012

Freedom Learned

"Graham, go get your clothes back on, you can't run around naked!" "Well, I can." "No siree!" "Mom, I am just teaching you how to not get your cloths on!"

29 March 2012


If you haven't heard, it's because I don't have a mouth. It was cut off in a photograph.

I kid.

It's Thursday morning in Brooklyn. Sitting to start the day, I was thinking on the prospects of what is happening and thought it should almost seem like I'm walking around with my head cut off. If you haven't heard, my Dallas-winds are changing. In logical rites, I think I should be running around like that chicken lovingly handled by Aunt Gloria at the barn, just prior to execution; but in fact, I'm really quite calm.

How do you box up a life? Where does the stuff go? And not just scarves and wood spoons and old-ball socks — where does the emotion go when your home is split in two?

Do you know what is crazy amazing? Mom, Amy and Annabelle are coming to NY... today. Right in the midst of a whirlwind of change for Dallas. Call it divine, call it fate, call it too-cool-for-words, but I offered up several prayers of thanks for this little nod from Heaven.

If I'm offered and take the job in NY, it's with a communications firm (a modern day ad agency); if I don't get the offer, I'll still look into another offer in Boston being a Youth and Family Support Worker. That means, I'm not a licensed therapist, but I would be working with social workers and art therapists assisting individuals and families in need of help. My heart that loves causes and the betterment of the human condition is leaning heavily in that direction.

So, the next week will prove interesting, in any case. And not as bloody as one would think, especially having your head cut off while swinging on life's swings.

27 March 2012

Just a little something...

I just wanted to share this silly photo of Max. He was helping me take things out of the washer, and put them in the dryer (ps, the key is to start them YOUNG!!) and he suddenly stopped handing me clothes. I looked over at him to see why he stopped and this is what I found. He had found a binky that went through the wash! It was still attached to his pjs from that morning. As you can see in the photo--if you look close--he has a binky attached to his shirt too!! Isn't that funny!? I laughed out loud...so funny!! Love you all, and I'm going to be better at using this blog..so I dare you to use it too!!!