29 June 2007

We're Thank'n Our Lucky "Star" We're in TEXAS! ahhahh

Seriously---we can't believe it! I can't wait to download my pictures but dang our camera doesn't download to with Scott's camera and so we'll do it next week!

K--but wow! It seems as if we have been here for so long and just this morning i was like wow it has only been 1 week----and we have had carpet laid, hard wide plank--awesome laminate--chose paint, texture, had the whole house preped for paint and made some fun decisions--and who needs an interior decorator when i have Wendee! Serioulsy---we see alot on the same page so we have had so much fun! So i am more than willing to stay a few more days in boxes when there is so much freshness being done----AHHHHHHHHHHHH I am so excited to send you pictures!

Well that is the material side of moving in the emotional side has been so great--very peaceful! I really didn't think i could be more emotional drained (as tears well up still) as i was moving from our beautiful 11 year Virginia home! I kept asking myself "how do we do this?" and it just happens ---the tears that were shed and kindness shown towards our family was absolutely amazing--i was so humbled! I will often reflect on it often and know that this little camelot will always be there---the Lord blesses us so richly with such great opportunities---we are forever humbled with our Virgina home--dallas i am so glad you added that to the montage--you are so in tune!

I am so grateful more importantly for the blessing of moving next to my big brother Scott! and his beautiful fun family! Seeing him in church really was amazing--he stood up presiding as the Bishop and wow i was overcome with a sweet spirit of peace--kinda made me feel like a little girl again watching my Dad! It was so beautiful and another sweet confirmation from the spirit comforted me! and confirmed our decision and reminded me of the importance of acting when you have recieved an answer and you will always be blessed! The transition has been so smooth and it is because of the Grahams---the kids just swooped up in endless play and love! WOW

my cup is full!

I love you


Sorry, forgot to add the rest of the pics...enjoy. The other boy in the picture is Teage's best friend Cooper...they are 2 days apart....


The Hydes Are Officially. . . TEXANS

I'd like to report that Angie and Matt are here and doing great from our point of view. They are not moved in yet, due to the painting and carpeting and all thay jazz, but they are officially here. After several days of being in the same clothers, I noticed Matt finally found a box with some nice clean clothes. So we spiffied up and took the gang our for dinner in honor of Whitney's birthday yesterday. It was a nice little Italian joint that we like. I believe it will become a very popular Graham/Hyde hang out. We are excited about establishing some fun traditions together. The kids are having a blast, as you might imagine. I don't think the little ones realize that this is a permanent move. When Matt said he was going to stay over at their new home last night, Emma said in all seriousness, "Will we ever see you again?" Ryan, when his dad suggested that they sleep over at their new house, asked "Why?", in a tone suggesting that he saw no point in it since they'd just have to come back in morning to play.

Fun times.

P.S. I don't know if you have been keeping up with the weather stories in North Texas. It has been raining and raining and raining. The DROUGHT IS OVER. This was worst drought in 50 years. But every lake is now exceeding normal capacity and the next 10 days are forecasted to be just like the last - mid 80s for highs, low 70s for the lows and rain. Big rain. Big thunderstorms. As a matter of fact, one of our member families that lives real close to us had their house hit by lightening. Good thing it was raining and put out a potential for fire. But is blew a 2 foot home in their roof!

Elder Austin Graham's First Transfer

Well the fateful day came for Austin. He was transferred from Midland. I was caused to reflect on my first transfer. Sad and exciting at the same time. He did a marvelous work in the branch in Midland and I am sure that the good members won't forget Elder Graham for some time, some of them forever.

He has been transferred to Elliot Lake. This is a small town further north. From Google Earth, it looks to be a beautiful place. His new address is:

149 Missassauga, Apt. 113
Elliot Lake, ON P5A-2P9

He really loves letters.

We are excited for missionary grandson #2, Elder James Graham, to be in the mission field soon!

Big Teage

Everyone...our little brute Teage turned 3 this week....he seems to think he's a king or something, because he sure like bossing me around. We sure love him though, and thought it would be good to include pictures of his birthday....bowling with friends, checking out some new wheels, etc.


28 June 2007

my life

yep, those little girls are my life, and trailers, and those big girls too (they like to give me pointers..), come visit anytime! we'll watch Gilmore Girls together, ouch! see you next month! craig

27 June 2007

Three Cheers for Dad

Well, hooray, hooray! I am so happy to see Dad writing some of the stories he has swimming around in his memory. We need to needle him a little to write more. If any of you are curious about certain things, just ask him to write his feelings and memories. It will make for good and interesting reading for all of you. So THIS is where his fondness for 'Jake' came from. Someone needs to have a Jake in our family. Love the blog! xoxoxo Mama

The Adventures of Marco Polo

Well....seeing how everyone is in the traveling spirit these days, I thought I would jot some quick notes about my LUXURIOUS travels throughout God's country....many of you might not know, but I am quickly becoming an expert in the ways of blue collar, militant fundamentalist sights and places of residence....I know my travels don't warrant the ooooos and ahhhhhs that Jeni ,Tyler, Stan, Gina, James, Dallas, and many others experience....however...some of these still have some merit.

Last month I was up in western Montana....again....and I passed through the Flat Head Lake Indian reservation...As I stopped by the local gun and liquor store for some gas and snacks, I couldn't help noticing the locals natives( no pun intended) browsing the mouthwash area....of course, Johnny Mad Weasel quickly picked up the yellow Listerine and shouted, " Hey, my favorite color!" Montana sure has its perks and rewards...especially mouthwashes. If you like to get a buzz off mouthwash, shoot guns and fireworks....Montana is for you.

I made my way southward, down to the heart of hell on earth.....Phoenix, Arizona....where temperatures soared into the triple digits.....113 to be precise. I have the distinct honor of visiting the local pain clinics to see the parade of human troglodytes cram their way to relish the sweet savor of oxycontin, lortab, and other delicious pain and reality dimmers....One particular swarthy man entered with a tee shirt that said..."Guns don't kill people....I do". It was his toothless scowl that scared me...and his lack of attention to personal hygiene.

Perhaps the best attraction lately is Round up Days in Lehi, UT....that's when all the closet rednecks and real rednecks join as one to celebrate the cowboy life. We do this best by having a parade and watching the local high school bands endure sweltering heat while blowing muscial instruments, and the cops and firemen have a hoe down and throw old candy on the road, while all the little children swoop down upon it like vultures to a wildebeast....if only we could get the usual garbage collectors to be as diligent...hmm.....

When I return home, I rejoice to see my wife and children, and as I go outside to watch my "fench-loving" neighbor-(whom I despise)...methodically move all his belongings into a moving truck and away from my sight....I am reminded again how truly great life is, and how often God is mindful of me..

Hope everyone is well....


26 June 2007

Guten Tag!

I was just reading and looking at all the new photos and posts...and I just want to tell you all how much I love you! I'm not exactly sure what happens to my tear ducts, but whenever I see new photos posted of you...I CRY!! I miss you all and want you to know you are in my thoughts VERY often. It's been a SLIGHT challenge to have moved to the other side of the world and not have access to the phone or the internet...can you say...detached!!! We've finally gotten our phone working(206-331-3953) and it's just like calling me in seattle...and it's been great to finally catch some of you...the time difference is also a bit more challenging than I thought it would be. But....now my internet is reliable and that is making me feel like I am part of the world again.

We are doing great. There is a MAJOR barrier with not speaking german. Yes, a lot of people do speak english, but A LOT of people don't!! I've been very thankful for the wonderful neighbors we've been blessed with. Our neighborhood is international and there are lots of kids (most of which we can't communicate with...) and most of my close neighbors speak very good english, and that has been a tremendous blessing.

Anyway, I don't mean to be a cry baby...but you all know I AM! I love you all so much. We just got our pictures up on the walls, and I am so thankful for that beautiful photo mom and dad gave us for Christmas...it just makes me so thankful for you every day!!

Oh, so here is something fun, I got a new calling sunday. I've been serving for the last month as the 1st counselor in the primary, and Sunday I was called as the president, fun huh!! Tyler is serving as the Elder's Q. presdient....and we really do love our little TINY ward. Everyone works like little busy bees on Sundays. Our meetings are from 9-12, and we generally don't get home until after 2:00....meetings are always after church and everyone in the ward just stays and talks and talks and talks more. We all live very spread out-our ward is about 3 hours from one end to the other, so we are very spread out and don't really see eachother except for at church...we all just thrive when we get there.

I am so thankful for the consistancy the gospel gives to my life. Having this ward family here has made our time here much better. I am so thankful for the Lord's love and for the blessing we have of the scriptures...they bring me so much comfort and feel so familiar and I love them!!!

Ok, I've got to stop now....my tears won't stop!!! But to all of you, know that your sister/daughter/auntie in Unterschleissheim, Germany loves you and thinks of you every day...for real. I love you!!!

25 June 2007

Meet Me At The Fair

Encouraged by Mom's sentiments of the blog (and consequently, us 'bloggers'), I am answering the call. Yep, I really do like readying about the current happenings, be they splashes, dashes, or puddles. Let's keep it going!

I am in St Louis, as I type. Old roommate and good friend, Ben Lough, was kind enough to share some space. A client of mine was getting married and flew me out here to the ceremony. She and her husband were married on their lawn. But this was no ordinary lawn: this is something you see out of Architectural Design or Martha Stewart: the weddings where the grounds absolutely blow your mind. Gorgeous.

We have been to Elephant Rock Nat'l Park and been around the city a bit. The Arch was and is — still — the most impressive part. The form of the Arch is o simple: a three-sided structure that bends. But therein lies the power of "good" art. Simple structure against a natural backdrop of "sky". And its timeless... that Arch is going to be brilliant for as long as it stands. Oh, and its ginormous. Huge. Massive. You do feel small because you are small. Small is good, right?

24 June 2007

The Clawson Latest

Well, we are into our 2nd month of summer. I love summer! I love summer! My kids are doing great. They are reading Harry Potter again and getting on track for the new book and movie. Shelby and Madelyn and Savannah have done girls camp and we had our stake Youth Conference Friday and Saturday. Shelby and Madelyn are going to EFY here in Florida this year. It is close by but everyone in the state and some from Georgia come here. They are hoping to get to know some more local BOYS. I meand that is what life is all about in our house.....BOYS BOYS BOYS. Savannah is looking forward to next year when she is a "big" kid and can go to EFY. WOW that freaks me out. We are in the pool all of the time. All our pictures are in the pool..... It is hot and humid and we have thunder storms almost every afternoon. We sometimes get a couple of inches in an hour. That is hard rain. We are going to the beach house next week before the 4th. We will be here on the 4th though. Craig is doing great. His business is so much better that it has been. We really think he has saved the ship. ( the one that was sinking when we moved here.) He is in his 3rd year as a bishop. Life is good. We are hoping we won't be getting head lice. Shelby and Savannah both babysat for a family that called this morning with head lice.AHGGGGGGGGGGGGG Pray for us. Annabelle, Caroline and Amelia and Lilly are doing great too. Swimming, reading, eating ice cream and staying up late watching movies! By the way Bridge to Tarabithia is awsome!


Happy Sabbath from your Mom

Hi everyone! Don't see too much on the the blog of late. I check it all the time. Come on - - just tell us what you are doing lately. Not much too exciting, except that Angie and Matt and kids are now Texans! Oh yes, Dallas in is St. Louis right now doing some photography for someone. Could you elaborate a little? Gina had a birthday. Yesterday was Dallas Hyde's birthday. Jeni and Tyler are living a terribly boring life lately. Went to London for a few days this week and saw Wicked and Mary Poppins. Teage is coming up on his birthday this week - - 26th, and then there is Austin on the 27th and Whitney on the 28th! Time for a big birthday party. Speaking of birthdays, Dad's is coming up as is Joni's. We will be gone to Island Park with our study group from July 4th to July 9th. I am proposing a birthday day party to celebrate Dad and Joni's birthdays on the evening of July 9. Please mark your calendars - - all you who live locally. I will give you more details in a day or two. Hey Brad, tell us what is going on with your life. .. I know it is of great interest to all. Maybe Carolyn will have to elaborate for you. Scott you ought to tell about your high adventure. Jesse could surely tell us a little about his new life 'in office' and all that. We could love to look at at few photos. Doug, where did you go last and where are you going next? Amy is still running competition for the hostess with the mostest. How is our newest great-grandson coming, Estee? We have lots of news and we need it posted. Hope to hear from each of you! We have never seen Stan or Brad or Wendee or Jodi or Matt or Craig or Jesse on our blog. . . . . . no dessert for you guys. Watching for a lot of bloggin! xoxoxo Mama

15 June 2007

Glucklich (Happy)

Hi There - just a quick shot of Myles in front of a rather fantastic fountain at the Herrenchimsee, one of the many luxurious castles of King Ludwig II. Is this kid totally cool or what??? I just posted pictures of our trip to Vienna on our family site. Check it out: http://allenworld.spaces.live.com/

TTFN - Tyler

10 June 2007

Brian Regan tours Florida in June

Hey Amy,

Hopefully your family are Brian Regan fans, and if not...you soon wil be. He is going to be touring in Florida this month-I have attached his site for you to check it out. See if you can see him in Orlando....its worth it.



09 June 2007

The Princess Palace

Hey Family,
I wanted to share these fun pics with you! We had the girls room fixed up with some help from a girl friend. We love it. We have a few things left to tweek, but it is so much better than what we had before.

04 June 2007

Dallas/Joni Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Here is the recipe. For the record, Joni was the one that would always make the most tasty chocolate-chip cookies. She gave me the recipe and I did minor adjustments to the cookie you had last night. That being said, enjoy this as often and as much as possible.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Dallas and Joni


3/4 C sugar
3/4 C packed brown sugar
1/2 C butter (salted)
1/2 C margarine (cheapest yellow tub kind you can find)
1 large egg
1 T hot water
1 t vanilla
2 1/4 C all-purpose flour
1/2 t salt
1 T baking soda
1 bag (12 oz) semisweet chocolate chips


Heat oven at 375ยบ.

Place butter on counter for at least 45 minutes to soften.

Beat sugar, butter, vanilla, egg, water, in large bowl with electric hand-mixer on medium speed. Mix until completely smooth. With same hand-mixer, mix in flour, baking soda, and salt (dough will be stiff). Stir in chocolate chips with large wooden spoon.

For smooth cookie look, round a ball of dough by tablespoon about 2 inches apart onto ungreased cookie sheet.

Bake first round at 8:30. Bake second and third at 8 mins.
Hi Mom, I read that Jeni has a Bosch washer and dryer. That's what I have too. Next time you communicate with her will you let her know if she has any questions about them, she can contact me. I can even send her my owners manuel in English if it would help. I absolutely love my set and she will too. It pretty much does all the brain work for you, so she'll be fine.

By the way, thanks for the wonderful evening last night. So fun to be with the family! I'm going crazy not having my purse though! Darn it!

03 June 2007

Elder L. Tom Perry and US!

Well dang would you look at this! We were so blessed today to have lunch with L. Tom Perry!--yep it did happen! We feel so blessed. He presided at our Stake Conference. I was able to have a small part in making the lunch boxes cute and stuff ---I had a connection with the Stake President's wife who is my dearest friend and I also visit teach her--so shoot---she asked for my help! I jumped at the chance when i new there may be a small chance we could eat with him too---and YEAH she asked! It was truly so much fun! He sat there and talked with us for about 45min. and was just as normal as blueberry pie! I feel it was so fun just to get a rise out of him when he saw all the decor on his lunch box and the napkin ring holder---he looked right at me and just said, "WOW" --we all laughed--but hey he noticed!

On a more serious note--truly his message was profound--you can't help but love him and feel something tremendous when you are in his presence. The spirit truly manifests to you that this is one of the 12 apostles---wow-- and how we were so humbled to be with him--for as long as we could!

01 June 2007

The latest from Mom

Hey everyone! It was great to see the blog again. For some reason, my time at the computer has been somewhat nil of late. Hmmmmmmmm wonder why. The photos of the Clawsons were awesome! Angie, thanks so much for helping us remember that wonderful time at the OBX! Kind of seems like a dream. We have been enjoying Jesse and Joni and the little kids here for a few days while they are waiting to get into their apartment. They are all boxes and stuff down there right now. It is a nice place and will be great. We are excited to have them so near. Wow! Can hardly believe it! We hate to see them leave here, but we must remember they are not moving to Virginia! It is hard to believe. Just thought you might be interested to know that Sparky's mother passed away last Sunday night. It is her funeral tomorrow. She was a very special lady to all of us. She had pretty much wasted away to almost nothing. Weighed in at about 80 lbs. I am wanting to encourage you all to use this communication tool more often. Let's hear about the Stan and Gina cruise - - about Landon's graduation - - about Matt and Angie's move - - about Jesse's graduation and their move and new job - - about Dallas' trip to Texas and what he is doing tomorrow. . .Sat. at the Salt flats. . . about Amy's bouncing hotel in Florida. . . I am sure there is a lot going on in your lives that we would all like to hear about. Haven't heard from the Texans in a long time. - - or Estee - - -I love you all so much! I loved the report from Jeni! Wow! I always love to read what Doug has to say too! Now I am anxious to see some of the clan on Sunday when we have the privilege of blessing little Nelson Maxwell Hayes right here in our home! What an honor. Hope to hear from all of you on this here blog! xoxoxo mama