26 June 2007

Guten Tag!

I was just reading and looking at all the new photos and posts...and I just want to tell you all how much I love you! I'm not exactly sure what happens to my tear ducts, but whenever I see new photos posted of you...I CRY!! I miss you all and want you to know you are in my thoughts VERY often. It's been a SLIGHT challenge to have moved to the other side of the world and not have access to the phone or the internet...can you say...detached!!! We've finally gotten our phone working(206-331-3953) and it's just like calling me in seattle...and it's been great to finally catch some of you...the time difference is also a bit more challenging than I thought it would be. But....now my internet is reliable and that is making me feel like I am part of the world again.

We are doing great. There is a MAJOR barrier with not speaking german. Yes, a lot of people do speak english, but A LOT of people don't!! I've been very thankful for the wonderful neighbors we've been blessed with. Our neighborhood is international and there are lots of kids (most of which we can't communicate with...) and most of my close neighbors speak very good english, and that has been a tremendous blessing.

Anyway, I don't mean to be a cry baby...but you all know I AM! I love you all so much. We just got our pictures up on the walls, and I am so thankful for that beautiful photo mom and dad gave us for Christmas...it just makes me so thankful for you every day!!

Oh, so here is something fun, I got a new calling sunday. I've been serving for the last month as the 1st counselor in the primary, and Sunday I was called as the president, fun huh!! Tyler is serving as the Elder's Q. presdient....and we really do love our little TINY ward. Everyone works like little busy bees on Sundays. Our meetings are from 9-12, and we generally don't get home until after 2:00....meetings are always after church and everyone in the ward just stays and talks and talks and talks more. We all live very spread out-our ward is about 3 hours from one end to the other, so we are very spread out and don't really see eachother except for at church...we all just thrive when we get there.

I am so thankful for the consistancy the gospel gives to my life. Having this ward family here has made our time here much better. I am so thankful for the Lord's love and for the blessing we have of the scriptures...they bring me so much comfort and feel so familiar and I love them!!!

Ok, I've got to stop now....my tears won't stop!!! But to all of you, know that your sister/daughter/auntie in Unterschleissheim, Germany loves you and thinks of you every day...for real. I love you!!!


Oldest Girl said...

Dont cry. You are living such an adventure! We love you so much too and we miss you soooooo much. I will try calling you today. You are so cool. I hope we get to see you sooner rather than later! You are so great. xoxoxo

7of9 said...

So sweet and I'm so sad I missed your call the other day. I will try calling you today at some point, too. I'll concur with Amy: what you are doing is definitely in the "rocks" category. Sounds like your ward is going to be a load of fun, every week. I've been to a few wards/branches in Europe and your description is something I remember, too. The term "community" really comes to life: there seems to be a lot of reliance on others, while the relationships are founded on trust. I (we) love you, too. Everyday we think about you and smile. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Mama said...

Oh dear Jeni, you make me cry to read your sweet note. I must say that going for quite a long time without being able to talk to you on the phone was a test of patience and endurance. Hooray that we can now pick up the phone and chat! See, I told you to watch out - - about being Primary Pres. I could see that one coming. You will be a blessing to them. What a contribution you and Tyler will make to the branch and to the individual lives you will touch. OK, Dad needs to read your blog, so I will further comment later. . .Loves. . . xoxox Mama

Mama said...

Clan Dad
I read all of this and wonder that perhaps this is part of the promise my patriarch made in 1950, 57 years ago? that I would preach the gospel far and wide, and long and loud.. i think my posterity is included in that as Abraham was to bless all of the families? in a way your posterity does spread your influence, so thank you to all who continue to amaze me...Jen, you and Tyler will live an huge chapter of life here, and cause much good to come about. We are anxious for your well being and growth.. and glad we had lots of time with you and the kids this spring, before this great adventure began in for real... while Tyler was building the ship..
your DAD