01 June 2007

The latest from Mom

Hey everyone! It was great to see the blog again. For some reason, my time at the computer has been somewhat nil of late. Hmmmmmmmm wonder why. The photos of the Clawsons were awesome! Angie, thanks so much for helping us remember that wonderful time at the OBX! Kind of seems like a dream. We have been enjoying Jesse and Joni and the little kids here for a few days while they are waiting to get into their apartment. They are all boxes and stuff down there right now. It is a nice place and will be great. We are excited to have them so near. Wow! Can hardly believe it! We hate to see them leave here, but we must remember they are not moving to Virginia! It is hard to believe. Just thought you might be interested to know that Sparky's mother passed away last Sunday night. It is her funeral tomorrow. She was a very special lady to all of us. She had pretty much wasted away to almost nothing. Weighed in at about 80 lbs. I am wanting to encourage you all to use this communication tool more often. Let's hear about the Stan and Gina cruise - - about Landon's graduation - - about Matt and Angie's move - - about Jesse's graduation and their move and new job - - about Dallas' trip to Texas and what he is doing tomorrow. . .Sat. at the Salt flats. . . about Amy's bouncing hotel in Florida. . . I am sure there is a lot going on in your lives that we would all like to hear about. Haven't heard from the Texans in a long time. - - or Estee - - -I love you all so much! I loved the report from Jeni! Wow! I always love to read what Doug has to say too! Now I am anxious to see some of the clan on Sunday when we have the privilege of blessing little Nelson Maxwell Hayes right here in our home! What an honor. Hope to hear from all of you on this here blog! xoxoxo mama

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