04 June 2007

Hi Mom, I read that Jeni has a Bosch washer and dryer. That's what I have too. Next time you communicate with her will you let her know if she has any questions about them, she can contact me. I can even send her my owners manuel in English if it would help. I absolutely love my set and she will too. It pretty much does all the brain work for you, so she'll be fine.

By the way, thanks for the wonderful evening last night. So fun to be with the family! I'm going crazy not having my purse though! Darn it!


Mama said...

Did you get your purse yet? We are so sorry about that! Hey Jeni does get the blog, so anytime you want to send her a message, you can do it on the blog or E-mail. She checks the blog all the time. I am so glad to see you using it. I love to see new messages. Wish everyone would check it daily and post or comment. It is just so much fun! xoxoo mama

firekracker said...

Yes, I did get my purse, Thank you. For some reason I didn't think Jeni had computer access...so Jeni, did you get my message about the Bosch washer and dryer? Hope you are doing well. Love ya, Carolyn