26 February 2009

L-Da Graham Tre

Landon sent us an interesting photo, reminding us of the conditions he is living in. He has been on the frontier, which is what the border is referred to in Mexico.

We really need to pray for Landon and James in Mexico. You may have caught some of the latest world news about over the border. The drug lords of Mexico are challenging the Mexican government. They are declaring an all out war in many states. Mexico cannot hire enough policemen, because they are either corrupt or dead. So, the national army is in the battle now. Recently some very violent occurrences have happened to create alot of fear. One of the more powerful opposers of the drug lords was found slaughtered last week, along with his family, including parents and children. 6 children were killed, and the drug lords don't just kill them, they mutilate the bodies.
Landon says his area has had several lockdowns in the past few weeks where the missionaries are asked to stay inside their flats.
I don't know if James has mentioned it, but Landon is up by the border, and things are very tense. Please pray for their safety. Their mom's and dad's are pretty worried. Then again, I guess you can't be safer than when you are in the service of the Lord.

02 February 2009


So it warmed up over the weekend and we decided to go swimming in the pool. :)
I wish! Kind of makes you miss summer, huh? The best part about this picture is that the pool is on the patio and not the grass. Who wants to ruin a nice thick lawn with a blow-up swimming pool? Not me.


01 February 2009

I'm on the...

Top of the World; lookin' down on creation and the only explanation I can find...is the love that I've found ever since you been around; your love's put me at the top of the world. (sing along everyone) Who doesn't love the Carpenters???

We visited the highest peak in Germany - the Zugspitze. 3000 meters above sea level (can someone please convert that to feet...9 thousand something). If you can't tell from the pictures - it was VERY COLD. But seriously, what a view. According to Jen - one of the best trips we've taken since living here. It was really great.

Now, back to the music...