31 March 2012

Freedom Learned

"Graham, go get your clothes back on, you can't run around naked!" "Well, I can." "No siree!" "Mom, I am just teaching you how to not get your cloths on!"

29 March 2012


If you haven't heard, it's because I don't have a mouth. It was cut off in a photograph.

I kid.

It's Thursday morning in Brooklyn. Sitting to start the day, I was thinking on the prospects of what is happening and thought it should almost seem like I'm walking around with my head cut off. If you haven't heard, my Dallas-winds are changing. In logical rites, I think I should be running around like that chicken lovingly handled by Aunt Gloria at the barn, just prior to execution; but in fact, I'm really quite calm.

How do you box up a life? Where does the stuff go? And not just scarves and wood spoons and old-ball socks — where does the emotion go when your home is split in two?

Do you know what is crazy amazing? Mom, Amy and Annabelle are coming to NY... today. Right in the midst of a whirlwind of change for Dallas. Call it divine, call it fate, call it too-cool-for-words, but I offered up several prayers of thanks for this little nod from Heaven.

If I'm offered and take the job in NY, it's with a communications firm (a modern day ad agency); if I don't get the offer, I'll still look into another offer in Boston being a Youth and Family Support Worker. That means, I'm not a licensed therapist, but I would be working with social workers and art therapists assisting individuals and families in need of help. My heart that loves causes and the betterment of the human condition is leaning heavily in that direction.

So, the next week will prove interesting, in any case. And not as bloody as one would think, especially having your head cut off while swinging on life's swings.

27 March 2012

Just a little something...

I just wanted to share this silly photo of Max. He was helping me take things out of the washer, and put them in the dryer (ps, the key is to start them YOUNG!!) and he suddenly stopped handing me clothes. I looked over at him to see why he stopped and this is what I found. He had found a binky that went through the wash! It was still attached to his pjs from that morning. As you can see in the photo--if you look close--he has a binky attached to his shirt too!! Isn't that funny!? I laughed out loud...so funny!! Love you all, and I'm going to be better at using this blog..so I dare you to use it too!!!

26 March 2012

Welcome Home Elder Graham

Welcome back to the blog, family! Just wanted to share the events of a very special day yesterday. We had the pleasure and opportunity of having many of our family and of Wendee's family here at our home to listen to a great report from Elder Garrett Graham! WOW! What a guy! First of all they arrived in time to attend sacrament meeting in our ward. Since it was fast Sunday, we had the great opportunity to hear Garrett bear his testimony right in our own ward! That was wonderful. I was so very excited to have some of my family there. After our meeting we hustled home to make some food preparations for hungry people and visit and have a good time. I fixed Amy's recipe of pinto beans and pork loin. . crock pot variety which was very good. Bo said, "it is just pork and beans" one of his favorite dishes. That is true it was dead pig and pinto beans. It did have other tasty items to improve the delicate and distinctive tastes. That with Lime-Rice, a wonderful big green salad and several options for dessert and we were set. I never did count noses, but there was a good crowd. The real highlight was hearing Garrett as he guided us on a tour (in spirit) of his mission. These missionaries don't get a very good chance to report their missions any more, so we felt it a great opportunity. We were all convinced that Garrett loved his mission and serving the Lord. He left a big footprint. It was truly wonderful and we missed all of you who would have loved to have been there in person. Sure glad we are a good "stopping in" place. Thanks to Elder Graham (Garrett) for honoring our family by his devoted service to the Lord. Now, I want to see some action on our blog! xoxxo Mom