31 March 2007

Did someone say something about rain and snow? Mmmmm oh well

29 March 2007

Salt Lake City :: Night Rain

The other night, while listening to This American Life, I decided to have a look at SLC from my windows. The set up my tripod and set the manual settings on my camera. The night clouds and the rain/snow were drizzly... something romantic about those dark clouds. The second image is from the trees blossoming near the bakery. A friend of mine asks me every spring to shoot these blossoms. I finally decided to.

28 March 2007

Goodbye RAIN!!

i'm sitting on my bed in the residence inn in redmond, WA. i'm leaving seattle tomorrow to head down to slc, so stay with the king and queen of the clan for a while. as you all know, it so so hard to move! i'm so excited to have the opportunity to go to germany, but today i had to say the real "goodbye" to my dear friends....it is so hard to part with kindred spirits!

the moving company packed up our shipment to go to germany by "air" on monday. today, they finished packing our "sea" shipment and got it loaded onto the giant semi truck in our driveway...and then are going to finish the job tomorrow by packing and loading all our stuff that will stay in storage...

our house is getting bare...and that always makes me a little sad. so today has been very bitter-sweet. my eyes are burning and needing to close and get some good sleep...

i love you all and am looking forward to the next time i can love you all in person...xoxoxo

27 March 2007

1st Great Grand child = Great Grandson!

Hooray! Estee and Lee are having a baby boy! She told me the news via e-mail last night and I figured this must be in the family blog! Congrats to the Ragsdales and also to Scott and Wendee! xoxox Mom/G.G.

26 March 2007

Spiral Jetty

Last week I drove to the Spiral Jetty on the Vernal Equinox (21 MAR). It is quite a site. Robert Smithson, the artist, created it decades ago. It's at the north end of the Great Salt Lake. Beautiful and desert-scape backdrop, the edge of the lake brims and bubbly pink sand crowned with white sea-foam. Very interesting. Anyways. I had my tripod, met a couple other folks out there and just enjoyed the nature. I highly recommend it.

Aloha from Stan and Gina

Correcton from the Mother

OK, before I knew how to do this, I entered comments on Austin's letter and also on the under the sea photo Scott put in. Please go there and read my comments. They were meant for everyone. Mom

Angie and Dallas are the coolest ever

OK, with our 3-way conversation, Angie and Dallas have helped me figure out how to do this fun stuff. So I am a little on the dumb side. But now I think I can do this thing.

check out whit

Hello hello everyone! Quite excited i am to have this fun sight up and goin--sorry it took a bit--but hey i am still curious if i am doing it right!---we'll see! I have some fun news to update you on and great pictures tooo! I must say Dad--that picture just made me cry ---that awesome black and white of you---i am so enlarging that!

Look at our sweet little Whitney--a few weeks ago she donated a 10 inch ponytail to Lock4love---she recently got a card in the mail personally thanking her for her donation and letting her know a child would be using her hair---way to go huh? She was so excited and does love her short hair!

21 March 2007

Elder Austin Graham - Canada Toronto West Mission

This picture was taken upon Elder Austin's arrival at the mission home a month ago. He arrived on February 21, 2007. He first area is in a small town on the Georgian Bay called Midland. I will add his weekly letters as comments on this post from now on. We'll see how that works.

Unda da sea, unda da sea, ev'ry tings wetta unda da sea

Scott, Kayla, Bo and Garrett experience the SNUBA!

19 March 2007

Morning Music

It isn't the morning it happened. In fact, it
is a couple days following. The effects are
still in my blood.

Mom, Dad, Gina, Grace, Stan, and I traveled
to Kaysville Saturday morning to hear some
of Barlow's work on Stan's sonnet, Prevenient
Grace. I've known Barlow for years and
mornings are NOT a good thing. He hid it
well and we all were welcomed into the
living room, adequately equipped with a

Feelings were really close: to heart, to skin,
to Heaven, to one another. Barlow has finished
the score. He now has to separate the parts
into orchestral and choral. Still, lots to do.

Hearing it, though, was exceptional. The
chord progression and key changes, Barlow's
crashing on the piano keyboard was something
that reminded me of late Sunday evenings
when Dad would play Laura or Debussi.

We were all quiet as we listened to this
creation taking place, realizing Stan's writing
as the backbone by which the entire body of
music will be made.

Tears. Smiling. Wondering eyes. And breathless.

16 March 2007


Florida. February 2007

hey all!!

i too am very excited about this new blog!! i think is a very good thing!! we're in the middle of crazy things...our movers are coming a week from monday to pack us up! i've got a ton of stickers that say "air" "boat" or "this stays here"...so next week will be spent getting our goods either in a suitcase or labled with an appopriate sticker to go to germany with us or sit in storage for a couple of years...wow!! and i just learned that mom is going to come and help me with this project....she'll be coming on monday.....yippy skippy!!

love you all...and does everyone have a webcam? it would be so great to see you all....while we're across the waters!!

love this...

way to go dal!! i am so excited to be a bloggin' family. we are so hip now! hahaha. i thought that i would share some picture albums so everyone can see how it works. i have already emailed one of them to you all but that is ok, right? so just click on the picture and you will see the whole slideshow.
1st March Installment

this week is spring break for jess and since we have a lil' baby we decided not to go anywhere...but hey--since we are in the most historic place ever we decided to dive in. we went to historic jamestowne a few days ago and really enjoyed it. learned a little more about john smith and pochantas and that she really didn't love john smith (as Disney portrays) but loved john rolfe and married him and actually DID go back to england...aren't i such the historian?
anywho...enjoy the pics and i will see you on the blog!
Historic Jamestowne

oh and here is a video of little nelson...
Nelson Unplugged

Dads Birthday

The Greatest Cowboy Ever

Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Pumpkin Spice Muffins
Shannon Saylor

box of spice cake mix
1 can of pumpkin
12 oz chocolate chips

Heat oven at 350ยบ. Pour the spice mix into a bowl. Do not prepare it with water, oil, or anything else. Just dumped the dry contents into a bowl. Add half of the can of pumpkin (one of the big cans). Mix. Stir in chocolate chips (I prefer the big, flat, Ghiradelli variety). Spray muffin tin with non-stick stuff. Bake for 15 minutes. They look rustic when they come out, so don't be alarmed. Taste heavenly.

Ne Oublie: Do Not Forget / Never Forget

In deciding to create the blog-title, I thought that our Clan Motto was appropriate: Ne Oublie, which means "Do Not Forget" or "Never Forget." For fun, I'm also supplying a web-link that gives some description of our name, our clan, etc. Just some fun things...




This is really cool. I am just hanging out today doing stinky laundry and organizing. I am in the mood to purge. I am trying to throw away lots of stuff so I have less. I love this idea of a Blog. I am so not in the groove about this. We got rain today. Other than that we have been having perfect weather. We are in Spring Break Mode here so there is too much traffic. All the old Foggies and baseball players and spring breakers are here.

Last night Shelby and Madelyn had a flag football game. It is an actual sport here. Shelby is varsity and Mady is JV. They love it and both play Safety. They both made and interceptions. Madelyn ran it in to the end zone. Shelby made good yardage. I told Craig he may not have boys but he has girls that play sports.



The Texas Grahams are back from the island paradise of Hawaii. We had a great time and are trying to now recover from being gone for 10 days. But, all was well at home and that is always good. We've never taken such an extended vacation as a family - just our kids. It was good to have some extended time with just us. We did a number of things on Maui: snorkeled, snuba'd, ocean kayak'd, whale watching, lots of playing and laying on the sunny beaches, luau'd, etc. I will post some pics on this blog if I can figure it out.

In The Beginning.

To our great Queen's pleasure (Mom), I am happy to help give and share the blogging experience. I think most of you will agree with me: I haven't done a ton of blogging nor am I uber-familiar with it. That being the case, we should never tire in our search for knowledge, right? Jesse recommended this blog, so I say it's the right one to use.

Mom was hoping this would help us know about swim meets and concerts; babies and blessings; comings and goings; and even... recipes.

So, let's start. I'll do a few and we'll see how and where this heads.

Don't be shy about learning it. Dive in. Share what you'd like. I'll start out this post...


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