16 March 2007

hey all!!

i too am very excited about this new blog!! i think is a very good thing!! we're in the middle of crazy things...our movers are coming a week from monday to pack us up! i've got a ton of stickers that say "air" "boat" or "this stays here"...so next week will be spent getting our goods either in a suitcase or labled with an appopriate sticker to go to germany with us or sit in storage for a couple of years...wow!! and i just learned that mom is going to come and help me with this project....she'll be coming on monday.....yippy skippy!!

love you all...and does everyone have a webcam? it would be so great to see you all....while we're across the waters!!

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7of9 said...

The mere fact that you have to decide on 3 different "packing" options, entitles you (I think) to your own reality-TV show: Confessions of a Trans-Atlantic Move. Kudos to you. Really. That is insane preparation. However, our dearly beloved Momma-licious is about what she does best: saving the day! Glad to see you're optimistic about it. I'm headed to watch a movie on my computer: Ironman, the Marvel Animated Feature...