28 January 2008

MORE Poems

A sharpened sword piercing your finger,
An oversized anthill growing out of your skin,
A silky splinter, struggling to escape...

Catching a Cold
Sniff, Sniff.
The unstoppable clogging
makes it hard to focus,
On breathing steadily.
Tissues swish
and OUT
off and on, off and on,
Dribble, Dribble
The rushing river of sticky caramel
Escapes through the hole,
Oh, I hate the reactions of catching a cold!
Your nose gets clogged,
So you can't breathe,
And at every moment
You constantly SNEEZE!
Your eyes well up,
Your cheeks start on FIRE!
Your nose gets cold,
And the large amount of tissues
gets higher.

Ghosts creep
With no shadow
Around this superstitious place,
Hold your breath
Just for luck
Or you'll be ties in itchy lace!
The gray tombs
Lie there.
By dead flowers.

The rush of cool air
weaves through my hair,
Brushes through my arms,
Giving me hills of chills...

Go away
Do what I say
I you don't obey,
You won't play.

Description of Poems
The poem Hangnail was just really ideas for a poem...
The poem Catching a Cold describes in detail what it is like to catch a cold. (To those of you who've never had one, there are few!)
The poem Graveyard is a poem about Graveyards and superstitions (I'm EXTREMELY superstitous!)
The poem Wind is just a weird poem I wrote last year.
The poem Obey is something my mom said, but I don't know if I got it all right, but after she said it, she perks up, and rather joyfully, she asks, "Did you hear what I said?" And then she recites what she said before and then she breaks out laughing.

27 January 2008

Farewell Our Prophet Dear...

No words can describe our feelings of love and happiness for the enormous contribution you have made to the lives of our families...
Say "Hi" to Marjorie...and President Faust.....and Joseph....
May your rest be sweet for a season....

Oops...a Couple More...

I forgot to add this good one...

Abby in good form...

Just thought we would drop a few pictures of the Ab-miester in her true form and character. I mentioned she qualified for two individual events, the Individual Medley, and the Backstroke.

These photos are of her start to the backstroke and the 50 free portion of the IM.
She swims Friday night and Saturday Night at the State 3A Championships. Her goals are simple: Get a personal best in each race, and if possible, score points for the team.
Cross your fingers. We will keep you posted.

26 January 2008

new do...

what do you think?

24 January 2008

Landon's Temple Day

We wanted to let all of you know that you are invited to the Salt Lake Temple on Wednesday, February 6th, for Landon's endowment session. Be in the Chapel at about 5:30 PM. He will be on the 6:00 PM session.

More to come...


Abby is set for State...

Hey, just an update...Abby is in at the 3A State Championships in swimming. Our Wasatch Boys took Region again this year, and the girls team took 3rd, which is fantastic. Abby is swimming in two individual events in State, the 200 Individual Medley (50 yards each of the Butterfly, Back, Breast and Free) and the 100 Yard Backstroke.

She is excited because she just recently started racing in the IM, and made the last position (24) in the state race. She swims on Friday and Saturday, February 1st and 2nd. Go Wasatch!


22 January 2008

What is Dallas up to these days?????

Hi everyone. It sure is fun to see all the new 'posts' and comments from everyone. I am wanting Dallas to elaborate on what he has been doing for the past several days. He has been on a job in Park City that has been quite different. Come on, Dallas, tell us all about it. Where? How? Why? When? Who? What? Everything that we all want to know. I won't say more, just waiting for you to write about it. xoxoxo Mom

21 January 2008

More Poems...

I don't know if these are as good as my last ones because I wrote them in 4th grade. But its worth a try...


Here we go, up the slippery slide,
To throw the rock : pumice, once we're inside.
And, YES! It hits that wicked wasp nest,
Now, my ear does not look the best.


I look down,
Clothes are everywhere.
I look for my favorite outfit,
It isn't there.
I look for my shoes,
They're as darling as my clothes,
Where are those?
In the dirty clothes!


It's a game we play on Sundays
We run from my strong-as-a-wrestler-dad, you see.
Then he catches us, and throws us on the bed,
And terrifyingly tackles us until we're practically dead.


There he races,
My teeny tiny freaky flying squirrel.
I run after him myself,
And he simply scatters up an oak tree,
Him and the oak tree land on top of me!

You guys are probably wondering what I am talking about in these poems.

Well, in Stung! I am explaining how my friend and I threw rocks at a wasp nest and I got stung on the ear.
In Clothes, I am talking about...well, that's sort of self-explanatory...
In Fugitive, I am explaining a game that all of us used to play with my dad.
And in Escape, well, I can't really explain that. It just came to head...

How do you like them? I think they aren't written very well.

P.S. Would you like me to post stories, or should I stick to poems?

19 January 2008

Abby's Personal Best

Just and FYI. Abby competed at a Region 10 meet today, and posted a backstroke personal best. She is well seated for state. She also probably qualified for the individual IM. She is feeling good. More to come...

18 January 2008

Invitation to blog?

Hey Dal, could you also invite my girls to join the blog? Thanks. By the way, congrats on the job opportunity, just don't get too comfortable in the atmosphere! Be sure to visit or if you need anything just call.

17 January 2008

a few fun ones!

our little jakr after whit combed his hair---oooo so cute!

our first pinr wood derby! won most colorful car!---all done by studly Ryan!
I think I'm falling in love with a VAMPIRE! Or am I in love with a Werewolf? I can't make up my mind. I have been smitten. Is it possible for Carolyn to read three rather large novels in less then a week?
How have the Graham children survived without food and clean clothes you ask? It's called cold cereal (a gift from God) and a portable CD player.
I haven't reached the end yet, so no one spill the beans, O.K.?! I seriously can't put it down...it makes me thirsty for....BLOOD!
I have got to run, my book is calling me!

Bloodsucker lover

16 January 2008

Annabelle's Poems

Hey, it's Annabelle, here. I just wrote a few poems for school and my mother asked me if I could publish them on the blog. So, here goes....(Hope you like them!)


The scrap fills my ears
As I rapidly flip the page,
Mind boggling;
Longing for all those squiggles and lines
To turn into words.

On The Swing

Swoop, sway,
Fly away
I glide through
a true
Legs pumping,
Hair flowing
Close my eyes---
I'm home.

Play Piano

Millions of keys
Belong to different locks.
Each make a different sound...
A B C D E F G --
Start over again...
Black and white...


Scribble, scrabble,
What's this?
A demented creature
that I made myself.
Slowly, it forms,
My mind overflowing with ideas.
What will it be?
A tree, maybe?
Or...a dog?
Or maybe something...
New and ready
to be introduced
the world.

So. how do you like them?????

:))))))))) Miss U ALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

P.S. I want to post on the blog with my identity. So please, could anyone invite me? My email is basketballblondie42397@gmail.com

Tender Mercies...

Hey family...what up..

It is late, but I wanted to share something pretty special. I think I need to be careful, because sometimes the things I say may sound like boasting to others, and believe me I have never intended this to be the case. I give all credit to a loving Heavenly Father, and deep appreciation for some of the wonderful things I have in my life.

You all know that I have had the opportunity to help Landon prepare for a mission as a Bishop. I know Scott was able to send Austin, which launched his wonderful experience as a Bishop. Over the course of the last year or so, I have probed and prodded, and interviewed and shared with my son in a very intimate way.

Well, tonight, after many interviews, we sat accross the desk from each other as I gave him a temple recommend interview as he prepares to enter the Lord's House for the first time. As I looked him in the eye, and started asking the familiar questions, I was overcome with emotion to have the opportunity to do this. I forged ahead with every question, waves of spiritual warmth flowing over me. He dropped his head and shed some tears together with me, smiling his wonderful smile.

But each question I asked, I looked him in the eye, and each answer he gave with a clear, unwavering response. "Dad, I am clean." This has been his reaction and response through the years, and tonight, as I looked into his clear, bright eyes, I was assured again that he is, and he is prepared to make sacred covenants.

Sometimes I feel that the children we (and you) have been sent are from another level. I see so much promise in this generation of youth in the church. I see so many bright and wonderful futures.

Thank you for your prayers in Abby's behalf. After she was cleared last week, she went out and nailed a personal best in the backstroke, coming in 2nd at a large meet in Southern Utah. She saw a nutitionist this week who is helping her plan the right foods to eat and when to eat them, and she seems very positive about that direction. She has a big Region meet this weekend, a few weeks of tapering, and then State on Feb 1 and 2 at BYU. Then she is going to rest for a day.

How we love you all. The Lord is blessing us so wonderfully, and is making a way for us in our new business pursuits.


Brad (and my soulmate, Carolyn)

14 January 2008

Elder Austin - January 9, 2008

January 9, 2008

Hi everyone!!!!

It has been another eventful week. Things are just going by so fast. I don’t know what to do with myself. I hope that means that I am working hard. But God has been so good to me as usual. I don’t deserve everything he gives me. I was thinking about it this morning. I reiterate to you how blessed we are to have what we have. I was reading in 2 Nephi 2 where it talks about how important it is to make these things known to the world. How we need to tell people that it is only through the Savior Jesus Christ that we can return to our Father in Heaven and how we must repent and live like him. We have the map that has all the answers and directions. We must share it. We are so blessed and if we don’t share it with others, God has no choice but to take it away because of our disobedience. It doesn’t matter if we keep the law of chastity, word of wisdom, etc. If we don’t share the Gospel with the inhabitants of the world, those works will be dead, and merit us nothing. It is in keeping all of God’s commandments that we qualify ourselves for the blessings of forgiveness and mercy. We don’t have to spend a lot of time to create and build a good relationship before we find out if the person is the elect of God!!!!!!!!! This is the most important thing to talk about. Don’t waste your time talking about the weather or other meaningless things that don’t get us anywhere. Talk with everyone about the gospel. Find out if they are the elect. Dad, I am going to write a letter and share my feelings on how to get the ward excited. But I am so happy that you and your friend have talked about the gospel. That makes me so happy. You really should be the example in the ward and that is a wonderful thing that you are being that. Let me know how it goes. We all need to be spiritually prepared to receive revelation for ways to share the gospel with certain individuals. We must pray specifically to qualify ourselves for specific answers that will allow us to bring a family or individual into the Church.

So Fransimean Simon got baptized this last week. It was a wonderful spiritual baptism. Her daughter isn’t ready yet so that was sad, but we are hoping to get her ready in the next two weeks by teaching her and praying with her so she feels the importance of what she needs to do. She knows she needs to do it, but she doesn’t want to do it yet. That is not a good mentality and it is going to get her into trouble. Do not be like me and procrastinate. It is one of the worst things you could ever get into a habit of doing.

Jocelyn also didn’t get baptized. We still don’t know why. She won’t tell us. She knows the Church is true, but I think she is not ready to give up certain things at this point in time. We are also praying for her and working extra hard with her.

All the recent converts are doing great. Craig got the priesthood on Sunday. It was awesome. He also bore is testimony and it was amazing. Everyone was crying. It was like he had been a member all his life. Just amazing.

Suze is getting baptized!!!!!!!!!!! It is a miracle. She doesn’t care what her husband is going to say and what he is going to do, but she knows it needs to happen now.

This week we have Gabriela McDonald getting baptized. She is a LA’s daughter. It is also a miracle.

We have been blessed with a lot of new investigators. It is just so awesome!!!

Sorry, but I have to go. I will go into a little more detail next week.

I love you so much!!!!

Elder Graham

11 January 2008

Absolut Fun

I feel like listing this is going to be so "less" than the great entries of late. I'm so glad to hear Jodi and Abby are well and things are on the mend. It is nice to be able to come to this central local and get the updates, as they happen. 

A couple of wks ago, a friend of mine called me and asked if I'd be interested in a photo-gig during the Sundance film festival (starting next wk). I was obviously interested, as Sundance is a GIANT opportunity for networking in the arts. He told me that Absolut Vodka was going to be having a lounge on Main Street and they were doing a photo shoot in the lounge for 4 days. The idea is that people will have their mug-shots taken with an environmental confession for the new year. The images will be printed, on the spot, on earth-friendly paper, and the guests walk away with a fun picture. He asked if I'd be the photographer. 

These kind of opportunities are rare, to say the least. Some of you know that I was really wondering if the pay would be what I asked, if it was worth the time, etc. Well, I finally decided it was worth the time. There may be up to 200 people a day coming through the lounge. Screenwriters, actors, directors, designers, etc will all be crawling the streets of Park City during Sundance for the next couple of wks.

Well, I'm glad to report (and Mom wanted me to share this) that I got the job. At the negotiated price I asked for. So, this is good.

Then yesterday, the same friend called me again and said there may be potential for more work, like the Cannes Int'l Film Festival (in France) and the Toronto Film Festival (Canada): both 2 of the most well-known film festivals. He said I may be the one Absolut takes to run the photoshoot at the lounges at those film festivals.

I'm very glad of the opportunity and hope it bodes well for business. Thanks to all of you voting and crossing fingers in my behalf. I'll let you know how it runs. Who knows, it may end up being super silly... but in the respect of finding a fun time, I think I've hit a vein...  Love you all.

Jodi's Update Jan.11, 2008

Hopefully everyone knows by now that Jodi was able to come home on Wednesday night...she is getting better everyday, and we know its from the many prayer in her behalf. She wanted me to tell everyone how much she appreciate all the kinds thoughts, and offers for help. She loves everyone and hopefully, will be able to visit with everyone soon and tell you more about what happened....this is what they believed happened: She had a very SERIOUS reaction to the antibiotic given to her after her surgery...she took it for about 5 days and hemotologist said she almost had a fatal reaction to it....she is very sensitive to sulfa-based products, so she can't take any of that....but it was scary for her to say the least....

On a personal note-I consider myself to be a blessed person, with so many loving siblings and family members who can buoy me up when I am down....that is the great hidden strength of our family....the well of powerful belief and faith that can work miracles...I know its because of many of you that Jodi recovered so quickly...they were expecting her to be in the hospital for a week, but was able to come home sooner.

I sure love you all...I know I am not the best at saying it all the time, but hopefully all of you will know how much I love and need you. Thanks Mom, Stan and Gina, Joni, for helping us with the kids...I am a little worried about them coming home...probably going to be a major downer...they have had a permanent vacation!


Mom and Dad's new Famly Tree

So, a few might have seen these in person, but a few of you haven't...so I though't I'd share! I know the photos are great, I'm not a good photographer...:)but at least you'll get the idea! I gave mom and dad a magnetic board to put up in their house, this summer at 6 lakes, and told them that the rest of their gift would come at Christmastime...so here they are!! I made each of us an individual person...and made a new family tree! It was so fun to see them laying everyone out on the table and putting all the families together...so fun!! And, my kids had such a great time playing with all their "cousins" like paper dolls...so I guess back to my workroom to make another set of these for my kids to enjoy!! Each of the peoople have a magnet on the back...just think of how fun it might be to count who is coming to dinner before setting the table!:) Anyway, here are some photos of the peeps...
and I want you to know that every person is different...because aren't we all different and that is what makes us so much fun!!!

Love you all!! and I just might be up for taking orders on these for your specific families...can you think of how fun it might be to tell a story in FHE using your family as the characters on a magnet board( or cookie sheet or something) or how fun would it be to use them on your FHE assignment board that you keep on your fridge? the possibilities go on and on...but one thing is for sure, my kids had SO much fun playing with them, that I'm going to make a complete set for them to play with...how fun to have them asking "who is this" then knowing who they are playing with? fun!!

love you all and thanks for letting me share!!

10 January 2008

A Little Fun Job

09 January 2008

Utah Snow!

Just thought I would let you all see what kind of snow we are getting. I am going to try to put a couple of photos on the blog. Hope it works. The night photo was taken Tuesday night. The other was taken this morning. Wow! We do have a lot of snow! I figure right now we are snowed in. I haven't tried the road yet. Bo is still home trying to remove some of the white stuff with his snow blower. It is 10:30 a.m. I have Doug and Jodi's kids here and they are ready to go out again and attack the sleigh run. Had an encouraging conversation with Doug just a few minutes ago. I am sure he will update the blog. Now let me see if I can get these photos on. xoxo Mom

08 January 2008

Abby is OK...

Hey family,

Mom asked me to update you on some stuff we have been going through with the Ab-meister. Abs of Steel. Abba-Dabba-Do. Gail.

Last Thursday, Carolyn and I were at a home swim meet watching Abby compete. Some of you may know that she has had some health problems, including 2 serious concussions. She has struggled a bit this year, but is still in a good position to compete in two individual events at State.

Anyway, Thursday she was swimming the finals of the 200 Individual Medley Relay. This is a race where you swim 50 yards of 4 different strokes. We were really excited when, after the backstroke, she was in 2nd and pushing for 1st place.

As she made the turn into the Breast Stroke, Carolyn and I immediatly noticed something was wrong. She almost stopped in the water. She continued to hack through the race, very jerky and wild, finishing almost 20 seconds behind everyone in last place. I ran down to the deck to see what was happening.

When I got there, she had been pulled out of the water and I lifted her up. She passed out twice in my arms as I carried her out into the hallway. She came to with a really bad headache, very detached, and feeling very strange. When she had her wits about her, she told us that while she was swimming, she couldn't feel her arms and hands, nor her tounge in her mouth. When she finished, she couldn't see, except for double and triple vision.

We called a good friend here who is a pediatrician, some of you will remember-Dave Larsen from Bountiful. He spent 2 hours with us that night running a battery of tests and working with her.

Before we left he ran and EKG on her heart, and noted that there seemed to be what they refer to as a "prolonged QT". It is an electrical time measurement of the ventrical in the heart. He told her to not swim until he had a cardiologist at Primary Children's Hospital read the EKG.

We found out when we spoke to Landon and Jason Beales, both doctors, that this condition is very serious and sometimes fatal. You have heard of healthy athletes dying on the spot after physical exertion, from something they never knew they had. Jason, who is usually a comic and very light, called Carolyn to let her know the seriousness of the possibility.

So, we waited over the weekend on pins and needles and got the Cardiologists' information yesterday. Things look OK , and he cleared her to swim this weekend. They will run another one next week, as well as a bunch of additional lab work. I think they want to check her for diabetis...

We found out some other good information that we think will help her.
Her Doctor beleives she has been suffering from migrane headaches for some time, and is treating her for acid reflux which sometimes keeps her for eating at the right time for her meets...

Anyway, lots of information, but the bottom line is that we think she is OK for now. We will work on her nutrition and other things, and thank Heavenly Father she is OK. More than a little unnerving.

We will keep you updated. Carolyn and I are traveling to St. George this weekend to watch her in two meets. Region is next, then State, and she can rest.

We love you all.


our nativity

can't miss out on this--it was so memorable--love this time of year! Aren't these the cutest sheep, mary, one of the 3 kings of course, shepherd and of course Jake was baby Jesus! love it!

Jodi's Update-Jan. 8, 2008

Doug here again with Jodi at the hospital, and thought I would give everyone an update. Jodi and I appreciate all the thoughts and concerns from everyone, and I thought it would be easier to rely information on the family blog, other than retelling the same information over and over again. Those of you with medical background may understand more than others the information being told.

Jodi feels about the same as yesterday, and that is an improvement. her fever is staying around 101 degrees, and her skin all over is extremely sensitive. Her energy levels are up thought. They have decided to call in a hemotologist to speak with her today....quite frankly they don't know what is causing any of this. The OBGYN was in early today and told her that of the literal hundreds of women they have performed the procedure on, no one has had anything like this, so way to go Jodi, you are very unique! Somehow this compliment doesn't carry a lot of weight with her....

Her face and upper body are REALLY red...comparable to her skin cancer treatment she went through almost 2 years ago...hard to believe but she looks like she has a MASSIVE sunburn-her skin is hot to the touch so she's pretty miserable. She is pretty swollen from all the fluids and meds. They have her on the "heavy artillery" antibiotics-Vancomyosin in particular. They will have to pull her IV today, and put in a "pic line', which is a more long term IV line-she is mortally afraid of needles and breaks out in sweat at the mere mention of it.

They told us on Sunday that it take around 48 hours to get all blood cultures back about what exactly is going on....it doesn't seem that the surgery is the problem. Her CAT scan indicated that her spleen and vessels leading to the spleen are enlarged, so that has got them concerned and looking at another set of possibilities for treating the infection. All in all, we don't know what has caused it and its frustrating...the minutes are too long and Jodi doesn't sleep well...there is a crazy woman down the hall that yells all the time and that keeps her up and me mad.

Keep her in your prayers continually...she isn't out of the forest yet, and I have faith that the Lord will heal her. My only concern is her well being and that there isn't potentially something more serious that they are uncovering. I have been pretty pleased with the physicians that attend to her...pretty sharp people and are pulling a lot of resources to figure out what is going on...they expect her to be her for a while...I don't know how long.

More to come.


07 January 2008

Clawson Update

I think there will be a little more blog reading because of needed updates on family members, so I thought I would let everyone what was going on here. Caroline was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints yesturday! We missed you but it was wonderful. Craigs parents made the drive and were here. That was special. I made her a dress and she looked like a princess! We love Caroline.

Last Wednesday Annabelle passed out at the Shiners Hospital inTampa. Our Primary had gone over there to drop off some toys they had collected. They were taking a tour of the hospital and were at the prothsthetics (?) room. Annabelle said she was fine until they started talking about a little girl from south america with no arms or legs. It started to get to be too much info. She is sensitive to that stuff. She tried to sit down and didn't make it and smacked her head on the hard floor as she passed out. I was not there, so she woke up afraid. They took her across the street to another hospital that had an er. When she got to the er they checked her out and discovered that she had split her head. So they stapled her shut. She was quite brave. Who would want to be told they were going to have their head stapled! So I included some pics so you could really feel like you were here! Hope you enjoy them. Not for the faint of heart!

06 January 2008

Jodi's Update

I am sure that many of you have heard of Jodi's visit to the ER on Sunday, and I just wanted to give everyone an update on how she is. I thought it would be best to give Mom the information, and let her spread the word

Jodi had a pretty routine procedure done on New Years Eve, one which would make her life a lot easier-you will have to talk to her for the details, she got mad at me for telling Carolyn and Gina during the holidays-makes her embarrassed, and I am sorry I did say anything. Anyways, it seems that for the last few days, she was getting worse-she could hardly stand and walk around, let alone eat or drink. Finally on Sunday morning, when I got home from church I acted on the instinct I have had for 3 days and that was get her to the hospital. She is covered with red dots all over her body, cannot seem to get warm, and had a temp of 105. the Internist that saw her said I did good to bring her in due to how prolific the infection in her blood is. She is being cared for by able people at American Fork hospital and should be there for 3-4 days. As I told Mom earlier today, my family doesn't get sick a lot, but when we do....its' trauma, and its serious. Just look at our track record with Ethan, Scarlett, Sasha, and Teage....and now Jodi...makes me .frightened for myself, actually.

Anyway, keep my sweetheart in your prayers...she really needs it and she is one not to ask for anything, but I am asking. She is very sick and needs the Lords blessings right now. I guess my only regret is that I haven't been sensitive to what was going on...typical with me... This last week of being a single Dad has sure taught me how much I need Jodi everyday-probably more than she needs me. She alwasy does so much to make our life beautiful and happy and I just seem to screw it up all the time. Hopefully she will forgive me of my faults...again, and get healthy quick because we need her back!

My kids are doing great, and will be up at Grandma Graham's for a couple of days. I will try and keep everyone updated, but please no phone calls for Jodi-she really isn't in any condition to talk...really.

I sure love everyone and appreciate your thoughts during this time.