11 January 2008

Mom and Dad's new Famly Tree

So, a few might have seen these in person, but a few of you haven't...so I though't I'd share! I know the photos are great, I'm not a good photographer...:)but at least you'll get the idea! I gave mom and dad a magnetic board to put up in their house, this summer at 6 lakes, and told them that the rest of their gift would come at Christmastime...so here they are!! I made each of us an individual person...and made a new family tree! It was so fun to see them laying everyone out on the table and putting all the families together...so fun!! And, my kids had such a great time playing with all their "cousins" like paper dolls...so I guess back to my workroom to make another set of these for my kids to enjoy!! Each of the peoople have a magnet on the back...just think of how fun it might be to count who is coming to dinner before setting the table!:) Anyway, here are some photos of the peeps...
and I want you to know that every person is different...because aren't we all different and that is what makes us so much fun!!!

Love you all!! and I just might be up for taking orders on these for your specific families...can you think of how fun it might be to tell a story in FHE using your family as the characters on a magnet board( or cookie sheet or something) or how fun would it be to use them on your FHE assignment board that you keep on your fridge? the possibilities go on and on...but one thing is for sure, my kids had SO much fun playing with them, that I'm going to make a complete set for them to play with...how fun to have them asking "who is this" then knowing who they are playing with? fun!!

love you all and thanks for letting me share!!


Oldest Girl said...

Make me some! I love them! They turned out soooooo cute! You are good girl. You are good!


littlest said...

i am ordering some!!! count me in!

Mama said...

Well! You know how I love them! I just haven't had the chance to share them yet. So now the news is out and out they come. All I can say is WOW! A labor of love for sure. Each of you is sooooo adorable and unique! Jeni, you are amazing and yes We dearly love our Christmas gift. xoxoxo Mom