16 January 2008

Annabelle's Poems

Hey, it's Annabelle, here. I just wrote a few poems for school and my mother asked me if I could publish them on the blog. So, here goes....(Hope you like them!)


The scrap fills my ears
As I rapidly flip the page,
Mind boggling;
Longing for all those squiggles and lines
To turn into words.

On The Swing

Swoop, sway,
Fly away
I glide through
a true
Legs pumping,
Hair flowing
Close my eyes---
I'm home.

Play Piano

Millions of keys
Belong to different locks.
Each make a different sound...
A B C D E F G --
Start over again...
Black and white...


Scribble, scrabble,
What's this?
A demented creature
that I made myself.
Slowly, it forms,
My mind overflowing with ideas.
What will it be?
A tree, maybe?
Or...a dog?
Or maybe something...
New and ready
to be introduced
the world.

So. how do you like them?????

:))))))))) Miss U ALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

P.S. I want to post on the blog with my identity. So please, could anyone invite me? My email is basketballblondie42397@gmail.com


firekracker said...

Annabelle, you are so sweet! I loved your poetry. I wish I could write like that!
Love you, Aunt Carolyn

Dallas Graham said...

Nice words, Bellie. Have you ever read the book "A Poke In The I"? You should. Its an children's illustrated book, but it does a lot of the same kind of poetry PLUS has some really interesting illustrations that I love. You'll dig it.

I will invite you, too. I'm the web-guy that does it...


Mama said...

Is this really our Annabelle writing this fun poetry? Hey girl, that shows real skill in writing. I love it! I think I will make a collection of your poetry in book form. Keep them coming to us! Thanks for putting them on the blog! That is what the blog is for. Each poem was great and I had to read them several times. Go Annabelle! xoxoxo G.G.