27 January 2009

Another fun photo or two

You know your Dad/Grandpa has this fun hobby of feeding the birds on our deck. We see so many beautiful birds and it is so fun to watch them. They usually come and feast and then fly off to sit on the deck rail or in the tree, but there is so much snow on the rail and literally on every branch of the trees that it is hard to find a place to perch. Well this little bird found a lonesome, skinny little tiny branch and perched there for quite a while. Both photos are of the same bird but you can see his perch a little better in the second photo. Isn't it just the funnest?

How is this for Winter Wonderland?

Just wanted to share the beauty we are experiencing this morning. This is a view out the kitchen window as you can tell.
The western scene

19 January 2009

Swift Creek . . . Paradise

Consider this location a spot for the 2010 LEG Reunion. The top picture the view from the back porch of our new cabin location in Star Valley, Wyoming. Six acres of paradise. The next shot is a summer time view of the big lawn - room for lots of tents, etc. There is a great creek - Swift Creek - that runs along the property. It has a great little spring-fed trout pond. The back of the property is contiguous to the Bridger-Teton National Forest.
I know, I know...it is a long ways from Texas. But, we are looking forward to many fun times with all of you!

15 January 2009

Bad Car-Ma Poem

this is a poem by me that i made about dallas' bad car-ma!!!!

The day did not begin well.

I got up late,
with no time to stretch.
I barely even ate,
And I made not one sketch.

And as I was driving
that very same day,
I thought I was at peace.
But it did not go that way.

Sirens blasted my eardrums
As he told me what was wrong.
My license plate was expired!
It hit me like a Chinese Gong!

A little after that incident
My car had seen the worst
For when I had got back into it
I was certain I was cursed!

My iPod and some books
From England, those books were!
Plus a cool bag from Malaysia
Were all stolen, I was sure.

Once that day was over
I was back in a normal mood.
I slept at Grandma & Grandpa's
But I needed to go home soon.

As I made my way down the mountain
To drop some things off
I was heading around the corner
I slammed my breaks to STOP!!!

But I didn't stop fast enough.

In other words . . . I collided with another car.

We both skidded for a long, long time.
Both frozen, petrified.
And we both got our cars to stop
(We really both were fine.)

Sure, we were fine!
But things didn't go right
for my poor, so-called reliable
Silver Bullet, now an upright fright!

My Silver Bullet is gone now.
I really want to go home, but how?

I'll hitch a ride with Grandma,
she's always done me well.
And when she hears what happened today
Her face will probably swell!!!!

© Annabelle Clawson; 2009

how do you like it???? i think its pretty funny. everyone has different opinions.

11 January 2009

Bad Car-Ma.

The funny thing is the coincidence, right? When I returned from the UCA Europe Tour, in the summer, I had a bout with *Bad Car-Ma*. The morning AFTER I had arrived from being out of the country, I was (1) pulled over (2) sited for an expired plate (3) my car was broken into [an hour AFTER being pulled over] (4) my iPod (with all my interviews) plus books from England and a bag from Malaysia... stolen. I kinda laughed that day (when you're going to go batty). 

Jump forward to 9 January 2009. I had slept at the Mtn Home, cozily received and pampered by Mom and Dad. I had already made one run to SLC, to fill my Dallas Palace with my personal belongings. I had moved them out, seeing as how I had had a renter for the 3 months of being away. Well, I was on my second/final run, back to the City of Salt. I was near the end of the dirt road - right where the first part of the pavement begins, near the "bottom of the hill". I was approaching the final corner... you know the one: a kind of BLIND corner that drops off to west side? I was in 1st gear, going slow, when neighbor Nicole Welsh came around the corner. I applied break pressure... and it happened. 

After 17 years of driving the Hill, I finally became subject and victim to it's accidental-winter-nature. I slid down for about 150 feet, wheels locked and moving steadily into a crunch. We are both fine. She was really shaken up and weepy, but physically o.k. We had been wearing seat-belts and the force had been enough that my airbags deployed (I've never seen that done before!).

The irony is this: the night previous, I was picking up my car at Jones' place. I had commented to Dad about it being "Ol Reliable" and how it had been with me for so many years. A strange foreshadowing, b/c now it is totaled. No more Silver Bullet. 

So... you see? I have Bad Car-Ma. Hopefully it's over, right? 

So let's take a minute. And reflect. And think about that little guy and hope his new feather-wheels bring him swiftly to the big Race Field in the Sky!

05 January 2009

the trampoline!

hyde holiday fun!

K-just had to share---but it isn't Rome---AHHHHHHH so dang fun you guys!
yes i am a bit envious---but after you see our trampoline shots maybe you'll be
a little envious--LOL!

Love ya'll!

Roma Fantastico!

What can I say..... We had a WONDERFUL time in Italy for New Year's! We loaded up the van on Dec 27 and drove 9 hours to Rome (the 5 Allens + Dallas & my cousin Aimee). What an Amazing place.....the Hotel...the sightseeing...the cathedrals...the food... This could be a very long post, but I will restrain myself and leave it at that (we took hundreds of pictures, but here are a few highlights). Call if you want more details (206) 331-3953

Love Tyler

All of us at the Roman Forum:

Dal & Ruby outside St. Peter's Basilica

Myles and Mike (our tour guide) playing with a piece of art at the Vatican Museums

Need I say more?

Oh and a couple more to end with....the spectacular view from our hotel rooms

04 January 2009

Bev n Bo 50th Party

To all siblings and spouses-sorry, no kids on this one

During our reunion this summer, Scott advocated that we all make efforts to go with Mom and Dad on a pilgrimage to the land of our forefathers - Scotland. We discussed it with Mom and Dad over Christmas holidays, and there was concern from our parents that due to national economic instability, perhaps it wouldn't be such a good idea. Of course, I am the first one to say" wow, the cost of this isn't convenient for me"...but then again, I don't when we could all do something like this again. I would like to do more....all it probably takes is planning and cash....sounds simple, huh?

Anyway, we have targeting August 1, 2009 to embark on a journey to Scotland-due to Mom and Dads' request. My company has its own travel agency, and there are several different types of tours....the packages include airfare to Scotland from the international place- New York. The cost would be roughly $1600 a person, including airfare and all activities.

I am including links to the journey itself. We are needing feedback from everyone in 2 weeks. The journey is a 9 day trip-and it looks like there is a lot to enjoy....

I realize that economic challenges hit everyone, therefore I think its crucial that we decide what we are going to do....at least it lets us prepare for a few months, save money, etc. I know at the reunion that Dad generously offered to help maybe those who can't totally swing it, but I feel strongly that everyone do all they can to prepare.

Also, Mom as also interested in a Book of Mormon cruise in October, or a Greece and Turkey cruise, etc...there is a lot to choose from. Also, renting a villa in Italy for a while was considered....perhaps next year??

What an awesome experience we would all have. Everyone needs to go...it won't be near as great if someone is missing, and I know Mom and Dad would appreciate it. Let's remember, this is for them.....I will be getting more information and sharing as I get it.

Let me know your thoughts.