05 January 2009

Roma Fantastico!

What can I say..... We had a WONDERFUL time in Italy for New Year's! We loaded up the van on Dec 27 and drove 9 hours to Rome (the 5 Allens + Dallas & my cousin Aimee). What an Amazing place.....the Hotel...the sightseeing...the cathedrals...the food... This could be a very long post, but I will restrain myself and leave it at that (we took hundreds of pictures, but here are a few highlights). Call if you want more details (206) 331-3953

Love Tyler

All of us at the Roman Forum:

Dal & Ruby outside St. Peter's Basilica

Myles and Mike (our tour guide) playing with a piece of art at the Vatican Museums

Need I say more?

Oh and a couple more to end with....the spectacular view from our hotel rooms


bubblyone said...

YOu guys i just really don't know what to say--speechless--but you all have on the coolest clothes---dang! I just don't know what to do seeing you guys playing in ROME!

I love you all so much and it looks fantastic!

Mama said...

That certainly wasn't enough to suit me! I want to see the front and the inside of the hotel. When do we get to see the other photos. Actually, we can compare. We have shots that you all should see too. I am so dang happy this happened!!! Just wished I had been there again too. mom