11 January 2009

Bad Car-Ma.

The funny thing is the coincidence, right? When I returned from the UCA Europe Tour, in the summer, I had a bout with *Bad Car-Ma*. The morning AFTER I had arrived from being out of the country, I was (1) pulled over (2) sited for an expired plate (3) my car was broken into [an hour AFTER being pulled over] (4) my iPod (with all my interviews) plus books from England and a bag from Malaysia... stolen. I kinda laughed that day (when you're going to go batty). 

Jump forward to 9 January 2009. I had slept at the Mtn Home, cozily received and pampered by Mom and Dad. I had already made one run to SLC, to fill my Dallas Palace with my personal belongings. I had moved them out, seeing as how I had had a renter for the 3 months of being away. Well, I was on my second/final run, back to the City of Salt. I was near the end of the dirt road - right where the first part of the pavement begins, near the "bottom of the hill". I was approaching the final corner... you know the one: a kind of BLIND corner that drops off to west side? I was in 1st gear, going slow, when neighbor Nicole Welsh came around the corner. I applied break pressure... and it happened. 

After 17 years of driving the Hill, I finally became subject and victim to it's accidental-winter-nature. I slid down for about 150 feet, wheels locked and moving steadily into a crunch. We are both fine. She was really shaken up and weepy, but physically o.k. We had been wearing seat-belts and the force had been enough that my airbags deployed (I've never seen that done before!).

The irony is this: the night previous, I was picking up my car at Jones' place. I had commented to Dad about it being "Ol Reliable" and how it had been with me for so many years. A strange foreshadowing, b/c now it is totaled. No more Silver Bullet. 

So... you see? I have Bad Car-Ma. Hopefully it's over, right? 

So let's take a minute. And reflect. And think about that little guy and hope his new feather-wheels bring him swiftly to the big Race Field in the Sky!


Jen said...

i'm so glad your "car-ma" left you unharmed!! it could have been bad news! maybe it is because you left our house????????

Oldest Girl said...

I am so glad that no one was hurt! Wow that front end looks so scrunched! I am so grateful you are ok....scary, our first real fender bender on the hill, but it was a little more than that i think.

bellybutton said...

oh gosh!!!!!! that sounds bad. maybe i could write a poem about it.

-just kidding-

p.s. if you really do want me to write a poem about it, i gladly will. :-)

Mama said...

Oh the pain! But Dallas, who is the lady in a couple of photos in a red sweater? Was she in on it or what? I thought at first it looked like Nancy Whetman. Thanks for the actual visual and may I express my sadness for Old Reliable and for you! Things will have to look better. . . "the sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, ther'l be sun. . . " Lots of hugs. .. .Mom