26 September 2007

Shelby's Senior Letters

Hey for shelbys AP English class they are doing this thing where all of the kids write a letter to themselves. They cant open the letter until the last day of school when they graduate. They can also get letters from other people too, friends, fam, etc., so if you'd like to you could email me a letter for her. she wont open it until may or so. i cant believe she is graduating!

Wow Unbelievable!

All I can say is that the anticipation and expectations were blown away with what I was able to hear. I have never been to a UCA concert. What an unbelievable experience. I can't get over their sound. Craig, Madelyn, Shelby and I had such a wonderful experience. We soaked it all up. I loved to see and hear Dal. He is so lucky to sing in that choir under Barlow's direction. Stans piece was perfect for the finale. I loved it. I loved the way the entire concert just moved and lifted you up until the end. The pinnacle! It was perfect. Hopefully it won't be a once in a lifetime. I would like more of them. Here are a few pics from the open house before hand. love you all!

24 September 2007

Did you ever see THIS?

I was just wondering through some awesome pictures and found this beauty from an 80's party that Matt and I went to---seriously there isn't much to say---me in my Jr. Prom dress and Matt with the mulet and acdc grub----love it!

23 September 2007

Prevenient Grace - - Incredible experience

I feel bad that it has taken me so long to write about the unbelievably wonderful concert. My computer has had a little tempermental time. My mind has been flooded with dreaming of the repeat of Monday and Tuesday evenings. There aren't words to describe my feelings. That you were mostly all there was my greatest desire come true. I am so glad that those of you who were there could share this remarkable experience with the rest of us. Stan, it was just beyond our dreams to see what happened. The sonnet itself is amazing, but then to have that beautiful music as well was such an exhilarating experience. Dallas, to have you singing this masterpiece with all those gifted and talented Utah Chamber Artists, was really a double whammy! Absolutely fantastic. I have had so many of our friends tell of their thrill at being there. Paul Johnson told me he could honestly say he has never experienced a better concert. My friends from our ward were blown away! Carole Smith can't quit talking about it. I know that there will be a recording available some time. It will have a hard time comparing to actually being in the Cathedral, but that is just how it is. These evenings were truly a high spot for us. Stan, it was so wonderful to have you discuss Preveninet Grace with us on Sunday. It helped so much in appreciating it even more. I have the sonnet memorized, but now I want to learn to sing it. Dad is already started trying to play in on the piano. That will be quite the task! I challenge all of you to memorize it and keep it in your brain/computer. I am going to try to get copies of the music for each of you. I am just so glad that you were all here to experience this glorious event. Hope you have the lingering strains of the music and profound text running through your minds. It was indeed glorious! Thanks to all of you and especially to Stan and Dallas! I thought my heart might burst! xoxoxo Mom

Jacob Graham Hyde

Hi everyone! First--Dallas we hope you had a fantastic birthday--WOW how could you not by the look of your beautiful photos---boy you are a lucky one! OOOHH but we feel so lucky ourselves! I gave birth to a light weight--8lbs 5 oz--WHAT? OHHHH he is so precious! with a head of dark hair and that beutiful skin--he reminds us so much of Whitney!

You know since doing this a few times--it always is such an emotional time--when delivery is over, i always have to have a good cry at what a miracle the Lord has given us--the whole birth experience, truly i am so grateful to be a mommy! All i can say is that yes--i do think i would like to put another one on order--haha!

Matt was so sweet and tried to bring me 5 dozen rozes for my 5 kids and the sales clerk said, " um, they won't fit in the vase!" so he chose 5 white roses among the red! Oh i am so in love with him!

22 September 2007

Birthday Eve

So, some very good friends treated me to a fantastic camp-out last night, at Diamond Fork. Gorgeous. Check out my blog. Just two quotes to share:

"Not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these.."

"The function of art is to make you look somewhere else — like into your own life — and see the secrets that are in the shadows or in the way the light falls somewhere." - Robert Rauschenberg.

21 September 2007

Toms shoes!

k guys. this boy in my choir class brought up these shoes to our school, he was on the announcements and everything. they are called Toms shoes and everytime you buy a pair, a child in a 3rd world country gets a pair too. they are kinda cool looking shoes and a bunch of people are getting them here. i dont know if you are interested but i thought i would just put em out here
the site is www.tomsshoes.com
they are kinda cool, the next drp they do is going to be to south africa, so help some kids!

20 September 2007

Try going to this webpage, just copy and paste it: file:///Users/amyclawson/Movies/here%20in%20your%20arms.mov

19 September 2007

Elder Austin - September 18 - Transferred!

September 18, 2007

Hi everyone.

I am getting transferred!!!!!! Man, I was so wishing I could stay. We have taken this place that had nothing and turned it, with a lot, a lot, a lot of help from a loving Heavenly Father, and turned it into a gold mine. The last few days all we have done is knock doors. We have over 25 contacts that said that we could come back. We almost finished knocking the whole town. It was a lot of work. I have a really big callus on my middle knuckle. It was really bruised too. But the Lord really blessed us. I have grown to love this place and I want to see the people that I have been teaching progress. It takes a lot of faith to walk away and trust that the lord will continue to do his work. I know he will. Elder Romine is training a new missionary here. What a place to be trained. It is really going to teach the kid. But we have a lot of work for him to do and they should see fruit from all the work that we have done the past 3 months. I pray that they do. I really have worked hard and I don’t say it to boast. I am just like Ammon when he is talking about the wonderful experience that he had when he helped convert all the Lamanites. I have been instrumental in planting seeds. Now is the time for the harvest, and it will be great.

We had a wonderful experience going down to the Island again. We were able to see Maggie. She had been reading the Book of Mormon a lot and she knows it is true. She expressed how she wanted to be able to see her parents again. It was very emotional for all of us and the spirit was really strong. We committed her to pray about baptism and she said she would. She is so prepared. I am so happy. My joy is full. It was so awesome.

We also had a good stake conference. It about temples and letting virtue garnish our thoughts. It was really good. Our new mission president is a rock. But something that I learned that I would like to share with you is that we don’t have to be the best at everything. Life is like a decathlon. Your total score is what really matters. If we will be the best we can, the Lord will fill in the gaps of our weaknesses. I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It really gives us a hope. I know that we can be clean because of it. I can not wait for that wonderful day when I will stand before God and declare that I am clean because of the atonement. I will have not recollection of my guilt, because Christ, through the atonement would have washed me clean with his blood. I am so grateful for that. I can not express the love I have for my Savior. If you will repent, read your scriptures, go to church, attend the temple if you can, and strive to endure to the end, you will be able to feel what I am trying to explain. We most come to know the Savior. We must be able to recognize him before he comes. He will come again and we must be able to recognize him. And just like in Matthew 16, when Christ asks his apostles "whom say ye that I am?" and Peter says "though art the Christ". And Christ tells him that he is right but not because he sees him but because the Holy Ghost bore witness to his heart that he was. He felt the Savior more than he saw the Savior, true Faith. This is our goal. We must be able to say just like Elder McConkie that if he were to stand before us that we would know him no better than we know him now. What a testimony.

The other day we had stopped by one of the contacts that we had and she was not there. So we went back to that car and were sitting there trying to figure what to do next, when a man walked out of his house and knocked on our window and asked if we needed someone to talk to. We looked at each other and said sure. We got out and he asked if we had anything that he could read. We again said yes. We went into his house and started to talk. He told us about how he was raised a believer but was now an atheist. He had doubted so much that it ate away his testimony. It was a really good experience teaching him. I have never taught anyone that didn’t believe in God. We shared our message about a prophet and talked about the plan of salvation. We left him with all the pamphlets and the BOM. Just talking to the guy strengthened my testimony of what I know to be true. I know there is a God because of experiences in my life that are too sacred to me to discuses. I know he is there and that he loves us and that if we will truly seek him he will make himself known. I know that is true.

Well, I am getting transferred to Windsor. It is right across from Detroit. I am “follow up” training another missionary from New Mexico. His name is Elder Canyon. He is a native. I was able to talk to him this morning on the phone and I feel that it is going to be awesome. The place has not been doing very well because of the past missionaries so my job they told me, is to go and light the place on fire. And I plan on doing just that. There is a wonderful ward down there and the bishop is supposed to be awesome. I am really excited. The place is dead so that means work and I like a place that I can work because that means growth, right? Elliot Lake has been a life-changing experience and I have learned so much but I know that the Lord has a plan for me and that he wants me somewhere else. It is really hard to except that when you have to leave something that you have worked so hard to build. That just means faith.

Windsor is the farthest south you can go in the mission. It is going to be really different compared to the north. No more pretty trees and hills and rocks. That’s a shame.

Well I have to go. I love you all and will let you know my new address. My goodness, time is just flying. I don’t know where it has gone. Any ho, I love you all.


Elder Graham

O yes, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear GRANDMA, DANE, LANDON, AND DALLAS, (that is really hard to sing all in one sentence, try it) Happy Birthday to you!!!!! Just try and image me singing it. I should use the recorder and do that. I will do that next time.

16 September 2007

Penelope Party Crasher :: House Party

Penelope Party Crasher :: HOA Meeting

Sorry We Missed the Concert

Just wanted to share a few pictures from this weekend. Doesn't Jen look Great!!! (and 18 weeks pregnant). Myles is looking more like a local every day and Lucy just keeps getting cuter! Check our site for more pictures of Lucy's birthday. Love to all!

12 September 2007

The Adventures of Marco Polo-The Russians are Coming!!!

Ok, Ok.......Marco Polo has returned with more tales of adventure, and let me tell you, the world is frickin' scary place lately.

Recently, my work obligations took me to the great country of Los Angeles, actually Valencia, CA, where I had to sit through 3 excruciating days of lecture, training, and other verbal abuses. Sunday night, I had to catch a shuttle from the airport to the Valencia Hyatt hotel-very nice place by the way-and the shuttle ride was most interesting. I swear, the entire KGB-the Russina Secret Service-is now working for SuperShuttle in Los Angeles. I guess the demise of the Soviet Union didn't pay off for them. They way they look at you when you get into their shuttles....I tell you...they've learned a lot more than just "driving".

Anyway, I have never had such a terrifying car drive in all my life....I remember that my life flashed before my eyes as our bright blue 15 passenger van with "SUPERSHUTTLE" across its body, hurled down the freeway with speeds exceeding100 mph...no kidding. I didn't even know they made those cars to move that fast. I about soiled myself several times as he weaved through the labyrinth of truck haulers and cars. Typcial LA traffic. I told my Russian driver-"Hey man, why don't you slow down a bit....this isn't Nascar, and I just got done paying off this dental work...I'd rather live tonight". Of course, he didn't say a word either...somehow, nobody feels like talking to me much when I'm in a public bathroom or in a speeding shuttle...go figure.

The amazing thing is that he wanted a frickin' tip! I asked him when we "landed" at the hotel-"you threaten my life with a speedy shuttle, and have the audacity to ask for a tip!!!" Geez!!!

10 September 2007

September 6, 2007 Letter from Austin

September 6, 2007

Hi everyone!

How is everyone doing? I am so glad to hear that everything is going well. The pool looks good. Mom, did you design it? Looks like it is going to be fun. How is the rest of the yard doing? I am sorry I was not there to help you Dad.

Mom, I am so glad to hear about your experience with the English teacher. It is so awesome. You were probably a wonderful example to all that were listening. Sounds like it lasted a long time. It also reminds me of some of the discussions that I have with member and non members. It is absolutely amazing what people say. It really blows my mined when they say crazy things. I sometimes wonder how people could think that way. But all we can do is continue on. The world is really going down hill. You can see it everywhere. It really is sad. But that just means that Christ is coming, and that really gets me excited. There really isn’t anything we can do about the world though. There are going to be storms. It is our job to choose the right while they rage, and bring as many people with us.

The leaves are not turning yet. But it is getting cooler. I am exited for the cold. But to answer your question dad, the work moves on just as it does now when it snows. "Nothing will stop this work from progressing."

The new mission president is really awesome from what I know. I have only met him once and it was only for a few minuets. We really didn’t get to talk about much with the mission but I know that he is called of God and that the lord will inspire him as to what to do. We really can’t do anything. The stake president is agreeing with him. So all we can do is keep on working. We have to find a new branch president. That is what we are looking for. We also need to fill the sacrament meeting so they have no choice but to have all the classes. We are really working hard to find those that God has prepared for us. I know they are up here. I would not be here if they were not here. So we are on a hunt for the Elect.

Consequently, we are knocking a lot of doors. I plan on having every door in this place knocked by the time I go. I have to milk this place so I know that I did everything that I was sent to do. And if they are here, we will find them.

And we have.

Marilyn was supposed to get baptized, but she was not ready. She is still going to, but we have to work on a few things. Nothing big, but she called and said that she really needed to find out if Joseph Smith is a prophet. She was thinking that because everything else is sounding good, that that was enough. We all know that you need to have a testimony of the Restoration. I am not going to have her baptized and then fall away. She is going to know that it is true. That is the way the lord wants it.

Terrie is doing really well. We are going to see her today. She likes what she is hearing and all, but she needs to pray and read to know that it is true. We really drove that last time.

Chris and Cyndy are also doing good. Cyndy is really getting into it and can see and put together all the dots. She is a thinker and can really figure things out. She sees it makes sense. She also told us about how when we gave her a Book of Mormon she just felt that it was right. We are really excited.

Sandi, another mom that we are working with is really fun to teach. She is really firm in her beliefs, but she also can see how we are right and I know that she feels the spirit. She has 4 kids and loves them a lot. It is really fun, because she knows the Bible and we can show her and help her understand with something that she knows. When we told her she needed to pray, she said that she had and that she had thought that she had found the truth a long time ago. Until we came and started to teach her. Now she really wants to know.

Bob and Jen we finally were able to teach. We have been talking to them for a long time, but have never had the opportunity to teach them a full lesson. We finally sat them down and taught the Plan of Salvation. It was so awesome. Jen said she really wants to know more and that she is addicted. She knows that there is a lot to learn and she really wants to know more. It is really getting us excited. Bob is not so excited, but I know that he is really thinking.

So this last Sunday, we had planned on about 7 investigators coming to church. This doesn’t count their kids. They had all said they would be there and no one showed. It was really sad. My heart just dropped. I started to wonder if I was really doing anything up here. But then I remembered Christ. Salvation is not a cheap experience. It is a lot of work. If Christ could suffer the sins of the world, then I could suffer a little disappointment. I had to REMEMBER the blessings of the past few months. This really motivated me to want to do better. I know there is always something that I can do to be a better missionary.

Just the other day, we were knocking doors and we found a lady that just a few days before we had been in front of in a grocery store. We had just said a passing hi but I think we really impressed her. She said that we could come back and teach her. It was awesome.

So about yesterday, I am sorry. We went fishing. It was so awesome. The salmon are running up the Mississauga River. We went to a place called blind river, about 30 min away and caught a lot of salmon. We came home with 8 big salmon. I will get you some pics. But it was a lot of fun. They are really good fighters. They are just little pink salmon. The big once are coming up in a week. We plan on going out to fish with Bob. They can way up to 35 LBS. It can take up to 30 min to real one in. It is going to be fun. Dad, you would really love it.

Mom, I am not fat yet. I still way about 180. We have been doing a bit of walking lately. Sorry. I really am eating healthy though. You would be really proud of the things I make. But there is one girl that you can take off your list. Natalie is getting married. She still has not told me herself. I found out through other sources. It is really sad. But don’t worry about me; it has not got in the way of the work.

I am so thankful for the knowledge of the restored gospel. I know it is true. It really is. I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that he saw God and Jesus Christ. I know that he was called to be the tool in God’s hand that would restore the fullness of the gospel again on the earth. I also know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. I have really grown a greater love for it. I love the spirit that testifies of its truth. It is so precious to me. But more than all of that, I know that Christ is my savior. It is only through him that I even get a chance to talk to God and be judged by him. It is through him that I can return to my Heavenly Father with no recollection of guilt. I know that he lives. He lives and because he lives we too will live. I am so grateful and humbled to think about these things that I have been blessed with. There is nothing more important than this. Do whatever it takes to come and know this. We must be diligent and steadfast. Read your scriptures and pray and ask God again to reaffirm what you already know to be true. And if you don’t, pray to know. He is there and he is listening. I know that the only way that we will be able to feel of this wonderful joy is through the true gospel of Jesus Christ. He stands at the head of it. How blessed are we.

I love you all and pray that this finds you all well. We are so blessed. Remember that.


Elder Graham

One little Correction!

Hey guys----dal you are the bomb for posting our blog sight--but i got on Joni'sand yours and mine for some reason didn't work--i clicked on it and the address has 2 http's in the address so if you guys want to see ours just erase one http--the address is mattandangiehydefamily.blogspot.com! Make sense? Dal can you help me with that little correction! You truly are the bom and i love you the most!


Like one week Left OK!

K guys just though i'd send my awesome belly shots taken by my cutest Ryan! Seriously! For all of my fellow family members--i am going to be induced on Sept 20th--if i don't go sooner (one day after Eliza's birthday) and ya know what his name is going to be Jake! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Love that huh! We will keep you on your toes for his middle name-TBA! Loves to all--very pregnant ang

09 September 2007

Three Cheers for Booverly

Just a happy birthday thought for our dear mudder. Think of it....if she didn't have a birthday, none of you would either!!! She is central to all that is important to us. Not only for the biological chance to hit a home run in this life, but what she added to each of our lives through her daily dose of gospel teaching. I submit that anything we are that is good, or has contributed in anyway to any positive thing in this life, is directly related to our experiences at her knee. And I think Dad would back me up on that.

Here's to you Mom. Thanks for everything.


07 September 2007

Good Financial Advice

I think Jones emailed this to us at one point, but I have been laughing just thinking about it. So, here it is, for your viewing convenience...

05 September 2007

More on CDB...

Sorry for hogging the blog, but I needed to disclose a few more bits of information. First, I changed my screen name to Papa Jones. Don't ask me where it came from, but it is a nickname from Abs of Steel. She calls me Papa Jones, PJ, etc....possibly a bit more meaningful than Norge, the name Dad gave me from my youth. Only recently did I figure out he nicknamed me after a dry cleaning chain.

Carolyn's new physician called today with lab results. Some very interesting news. Kind of a work in progress....she is definitely hyperthyroid, and the nodules she has seem to be toxic. Monday, Carolyn will receive a radioactive iodine treatment as they measure the iodine uptake. It will take most of the day, and they will scan the thyroid multiple times. Some of you may know that nodules can be hot or cold. Most hot nodules are benign and OK, but cold nodules are usually bad.

We will be testing them to see if they are hot or cold. She has some large masses, so we are a little anxious. It will likely then lead to biopsy, etc.

In the meantime, she has been put on some medication for a somewhat irregular heartbeat-don't understand that. Also, they are loading her up with massive amounts of iron, four times per day. She is grossly enimic and has been based on her annual exams since before Nettie was born.

We are sorry to burden you but ask that you continue to remember her in your prayers. Today we found out that the insurance we applied for in my new self employed life has denied coverage. We still have it with my current company, since I am still technically an employee for a few weeks, but it looks like we will be moving to Cobra for a while until we get a handle on this issue with Carolyn. No biggie. We are greatful to have what we do.

We love you all so much.


04 September 2007

Update on Carolyn...

Hey family,

I thought I would just update you on the latest with Carolyn. For those who don't know, Carolyn has been suffering for about 2 months with some serious pain in her neck....(very funny Doug. No the pain is not her husband....hmmmm).

It has been tender to the touch for some time. She has had several doctor visits, lab work, and even an ultrasound on her thyroid. The ultrasound she had showed that she had a marble sized mass in her thyroid that needed a biopsy. She has also been suffering the same symptoms of an auto-immune disease. Some of you have heard of fibromyalgia, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue....all very hard to spell. But she is essentially in constant pain in her muscles, joints, etc. Much like her brother Howard.

Last week she spent most nights sobbing in the middle of the night. It was really hard. So we have been anxious for some help.

Today she saw a specialist-an Endocrinologist. Again, hard to spell, so it must be important. The bottom line is that this awesome doctor is fairly confident she knows what is wrong. She is disgusted with the lab and ultrasound work of our Wasatch County hospital, so she is ordering the entire work done-and she is doing the ultrasound.

Her initial reaction is that she thinks the thyroid has hemmoraged-not sure why, but to our delight she was able to nail the symptomology almost to a "T". She took 10 blood samples today for the lab, and is putting them on an urgent list to see if there are any issues of an urgent nature. She is doing the ultra-sound next week.

More than anything, she has given Carolyn an assurance that she will determine what it is quickly, and get it taken care of. It has really encouraged Carolyn, who was getting rather despondant because of the reponses she was getting from some doctors.

So, we don't really know, but we are confident we will. This doctor is from India, and is really sharp and ultra-confident, which I like.

Sorry for the long post. But, I need to share one final thought. Through about 12 years of my employment of late, I have shared it with a good friend. I hired him before the company left Salt Lake, and he followed us up here. He is my accounting manager. Our kids have grown up together. Thursday, his wife took their 11 year old boy to the hospital because he was complaining of pain all over. Carolyn saw them there while she was having labs done. She called to tell me how aweful their son looked.

The doctor told them he was sending them to Primary Children for more extensive work. They left Friday night. Sunday morning they called us to tell us that their son Andrew, 11 years old, had been diagnosed with cancer of the liver. But they were unable to operate yet because he also had a blood clot and it was the most lethal. They beleive the cancer is extremley aggressive.

Dan and I had a good cry on Sunday. They are trying to answer all of Andrew's questions....mostly about how it feels to die. Our kids are heartbroken about it as well.

Life comes at you fast. Enjoy the journey.

I love you all more than I can say.


Dallas is simply amazing.

If you didnt know already, dallas is the most amazingest photographer in the entire universe! He took some senior pics of me and they just turned out so well and all of my friends are like "he has to do my wedding pictures in 6 years!!" haha. i just thought i'd let him and everybody else know how amazing he is. thank you dal!
much love

03 September 2007

First Day of School in Texas at Hart Elementary!

Well well well--our first day of school in Texas! The kids did wake up so excited and jazzed to meet new friends but just as mom was leaving, my sweet Ryan just broke down crying and wouldn't let me go and Whitneys lip was quivering as she was trying so hard to be brave! Ryan just cried cause he says "I don't know anyone --mommmy stay here-don't go!" I was starting to well up inside and then cute whit just being brave and said "I'll be Ok"---OHH lets just say i came home and put the dish towel to my face and cried so hard--all the newness setting in and Dad being gone alot---i just had a big long cry--I wanted my mommmy!

But the day did end glorious when they both came home so dang happy and as Ryan said," I can't wait to go tomorrow!" AND Dad came home before 9pm! Horray!

Life is still beautiful!

To see more here is our blog site--mattandangiehydefamily.blogspot.com

Loves to you,

Pear Pickn'n In our Own back Yard!

This was so much fun! We have a few pear trees and wow what a treat to watch my kiddos have so much fun pickn'n pears! We had to share! A great day with Dad home and mown'n the lawn--takes him 3 hours--but Whitney mows right behind him and is such a help! Anyway loves to you all---come and see us soooooon!

01 September 2007

Well La-Dee-Frickin-Daaa!

Hey everyone! This is Landon. I just finished up my rather wimpy profile, I suggest everyone look at it since apparantly everyone is dying to find out what my shopping list would be if I was living in Greenland under a blanket.

But seriously, I'm hoping that everyone has filled out their little profile, then I can find out PRESICELY what genre of music I'll play for you if I ever want to have a decent conversation with you.

So, this blog is pretty awesome! I get to read up on everything that my dad is telling about me! And I want you all to know that I did NOT call up my mommy and ask her how to freeze ice...nope...never happened.

I'm only two weeks into the college experience and I'm already loving it. Success with the ladies has been quite a challenge, but besides that, its like a dream come true. I have roomates that are all return missionaries (but if you would listen to them talk for about 5 minutes you wouldn't even guess that.) but its all cool. They are all former or current football players. Rather intimidating. We watch Pro and Junior College football 24/7. Really, we leave the television on. It just doesn't turn off. If the TV isn't on Football, you'll see either Halo, or Mike Tyson's Punchout on the Wii. Its a blast. I'm taking tons of art classes, and I'm not Picasso, so its gonna get tough, but I might manage, I'm doing drawing so I can do the thing I love, which is Animating. I'm working out, I'm doing schoolwork, I feed myself, and cook myself, tell myself to go to bed, I play basketball everynight. Its just. awesome.

Okay. Enough. Peace!