23 September 2007

Jacob Graham Hyde

Hi everyone! First--Dallas we hope you had a fantastic birthday--WOW how could you not by the look of your beautiful photos---boy you are a lucky one! OOOHH but we feel so lucky ourselves! I gave birth to a light weight--8lbs 5 oz--WHAT? OHHHH he is so precious! with a head of dark hair and that beutiful skin--he reminds us so much of Whitney!

You know since doing this a few times--it always is such an emotional time--when delivery is over, i always have to have a good cry at what a miracle the Lord has given us--the whole birth experience, truly i am so grateful to be a mommy! All i can say is that yes--i do think i would like to put another one on order--haha!

Matt was so sweet and tried to bring me 5 dozen rozes for my 5 kids and the sales clerk said, " um, they won't fit in the vase!" so he chose 5 white roses among the red! Oh i am so in love with him!


Dallas Graham said...

CAN YOU HANDLE HIS CUTEST LITTLE PUG NOSE?!!! Can NOT get over it! Oh, sister... there is this crystal halo over you in these pictures and you can sense the angels close by. I am so proud of you and your role and decision to be a mother. Nothing short of remarkable. I think of the years going towards this new little one and am brought to silence with your level of love and commitment. I love you! I love him! Yeah — another September/Virgo!

Mama said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oooooooooooooooooooooooo! He is so cute!!!!! Angie, your comment reminded me of me on the way home from the hospital with Jeni. I told Bo I was ready for another baby! The overwhelming love is almost hard to bear and most difficult to describe! We are proud of you La La La and think you are a wonderful little Mom! Can hardly wait to hold him and you and kiss and snuggle his soft little neck. Loves to all of you! The name is great too! Hooray for Hydes! xoxoxo Mom/G.G.

Oldest Girl said...

What a happy time. I love him! He looks just like a Hyde. A mix of everyone. I love what you n amed him. You are such a wonderful mom. Enjoy every moment. They grow up too quick. I love being a mom!