09 September 2007

Three Cheers for Booverly

Just a happy birthday thought for our dear mudder. Think of it....if she didn't have a birthday, none of you would either!!! She is central to all that is important to us. Not only for the biological chance to hit a home run in this life, but what she added to each of our lives through her daily dose of gospel teaching. I submit that anything we are that is good, or has contributed in anyway to any positive thing in this life, is directly related to our experiences at her knee. And I think Dad would back me up on that.

Here's to you Mom. Thanks for everything.



Dallas Graham said...

Happy Birthday, Mother of Us All! Some of us were able to spend a few minutes with the Lady of the Day, on the Estate Lawns of Graham Manor. Mom was dressed in style (as usual) and we were met w/ the company of Cheryl and Gary. Stan and Gina and co. came soon after. We listened to the soundtrack from Pride and Prejudice and served up some sandwiches that Mom has enjoyed. The kids were on the lawn, we sat on blankets and the new patio furniture, and enjoyed one of the best days this year! Gorgeous weather, too! Mom, we are all so happy to have your smiling influence infusing everywhere in our lives. I was thinking on my dinner preparations and how much I have learned from you in even doing that! Surely, all of what we are is a large part because of the love you have given each of us, every day of our lives. We love you so very, very much! Happiest of Days!

Dallas Graham said...

Forgot to say, Jones and Jess with their royal Three were there, as well. We've also listed a couple of other family blogs that any of you can click on, to the right. This'll keep you "posted" on the Hydes, Hayes, and my turf. If any other families get one up, let me know and I'll add the links! Hey, Jones, do you think you can post some of the pics from Mom's picnic?

Mama said...

Oh Wow! Was this ever a dose of 'wind beneath my wings'! Hugs and kisses to all of you! How I love and appreciate hearing from you and feeling of your love and amazing memories of what I had dreamed would happen with you guys. It is amazing to me how you are all making my fondest dreams of you and your Dad and me come true! This birthday was dreadfully big in numbers, but also incredibly rich in loves and memories and tender love for each of your and yours. How dearly I love you all. And just so you know, I do love birthdays and hope to have lots more! Just don't like what they do to my face. The answer is to not look in the mirror I guess. Oh well, that too I can handle. Missed all of you who weren't with us today! It was lush! We even conned Cheryl and Gary out of their car to stay and watch Jane Eyre with us. They just left. Fun? You bet! Love to all. . . .xoxoxoxo Mom

Jen said...

i wish i could have been there...you know how much we missed you!!! love you to pieces dearest!!! xoxox and ditto to all that has been said about you-i do owe it all to you. love you!