04 April 2012

Hello from Duvall!!

Hey family! We wanted to share how we're doing, up here in Duval!! Conference was just wonderful, Lucy and Ruby REALLY watched all 4 sessions. They didn't miss a anything...eyes wide open!;)
 Don't they look sweet!?

You all know how into the NCAA games we are...right!? Well, Ruby and Tyler were exhausted after the championship game on Monday night...isn't that cute?! Ruby knew that the white team was Kentucky and the blue team was Kansas! She cheered and was all sorts of excited! Then she finally went to sleep...in her favorite spot!

 Monday it was sunshine and blue sky...we had to capture that on film! We headed to the park, Myles was shooting hoops...loving the warmth of "summer" (myles thought it was warm like summertime---but it was just barely above 60--think he is from Washington!?)..

And then there is Max, out scoring the climbing wall! He is an outside boy...through and through! He is into playing outside any time he can get someone to open the door for him! He stands at the sliding glass door, with his forehead pressed against the glass...just waiting for the words, "want to go play Max!?" Isn't he getting big!?
 I hope you are all doing well!! We love you all so much!! Take care, enjoy the sun and know that we love you!! Always remember that our door is always open!!