24 March 2009



22 March 2009

Hey All!

Hello dear ones! I wanted to take a few minutes and say hey! As most of you are aware--sorry that maybe not all of you are--but we are moving home to the Motherland on Saturday April 4th! I can't believe that our time here is over...I've got a lot of mixed emotions. It will be wonderful to be home--but this has become a very special home too! We love it. I cried my little eyes out at church today...so much love there! I will really miss the relationships I've made here-friends from around the globe...some we probably won't see again and that kills me!

Tyler has been in Seattle this week, we're counting the hours until his return! He's been in meetings and such, getting everything squared away for his return in a few weeks.

We'll be in temp. housing for about 6 weeks, while we patiently;) await our shipment of goods from across the sea! We're planning on coming down to Utah for a couple of weeks-at least the kdis and I spending a couple of weeks there. Right now it's looking like the last 2 weeks of April--so I hope we can get a get-together scheduled so we can see those of you that live there!

I can't leave w/o a few photos! We went to Frankfurt last weekend to the temple--we stopped somewhere before-but I can't for the life of me remember the city name! This beautiful building that Ty is posing in front of is a beautiful palace....BEATUIFUL inside! And one of the only buildings like this that we havn't been allowed to take photos in...bummer! Isn't he handsome!?
This next photo is of us at the temple in Frankfort. We stayed at the little appartments they have there next to the temple and had a great time. We did have a photo of our whole family but my eyes were closed...that is why you ALWAYS take at least 2 photos...always!
Love you all...please know that! We miss you!!

11 March 2009

Yes...I coupon

so....i coupon...and would like to guess my price for this purchase at Target?  go ahead guess.

i should make you wait and guess but i can't keep it in!!  i paid a whoppin' $2.97!!!!  that $2.97 bought:: two packs of huggies wipes, 2 packs of goldfish, 2 lbs of cheese, 2 things of mott's applesauce and some carpet powder stuff.  yes, it was such a rush!!!

09 March 2009

Euro Field Trip

I won’t try to recap the entire two weeks that Bev & Bo were with us in Europe – I would need a bit more space (and time) to write about it all. Needless to say, it has been a fun two weeks - we really packed it in. Thought I'd share with you the highlights from the last field trip we took this past weekend.

3: countries (Czech Republic, Poland, & back to Germany)
3: days
1450: Kilometers driven (~900 miles)
7: people packed in our little 7 passenger Touran (yes, you really can fit 7 people into this little thing)
1: Thule car topper - filled to max (especially on the way home)
1: picture of all 7 of us from the entire two weeks: a nice couple from Arkansas took our picture in the Old Town Square in Prague - see picture below

Over 30: pieces of Polish Pottery we picked up real cheap in Boleslavic, Poland (the home of Polish Pottery). Lucky us that the US Dollar has gained about 30% over the Polish Zloty. I must admit the pottery was much nicer than the parts of the town – much of it was pretty run down, but we had a good time going from store to store and enjoying Polish pizza for dinner. We went to this small little pottery shop and met a super nice couple whose family business is making and selling pottery (mostly to the US). They gave us a personal tour of their facilities and that is where Jen and Bev found their favorite patterns. Such nice people. Here is a link to their website.

1995: The year the church building was dedicated in Gorlitz Germany, by President Monson and President Uchtdorf. This is where we went to church on our way home on Sunday. Gorlitz is on the border of Germany and Poland and has been spoken of by Pres. Monson in his book, Faith Rewarded as well as in a number of talks he has given (Thanks Be to God and Patience, A Heavenly Virtue). The spirit was so strong as we participated in sacrament meeting. This was the highlight of our trip. They asked Bo to share his testimony - and through a translator they were able to hear his strong testimony of the gospel. We met and talked with some wonderful people – and I came away with a great admiration for the pioneering saints who do so much in the small, remote branches of the church around the world.

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, we are moving back to Seattle on April 4th. Two years has gone by very fast (right Austin?). Looking forward to seeing you all this summer.

Austin's Home!

since you are prolly wondering and feeling left out....here is what Lee got the night austin and my parents got home!
The girls got to him first.
Then the taller and scruffier but younger brother.
Intro Graham.
Graham though he was okay because he gave Austin a kiss on the lips and showed him some of his animal sounds!
A thought G was pretty cool too!
And we are all clad to have him home again!

okay, more details.

Hi everyone!
For those of your who didn't get it...we are prego once more! It will be mid sept. which means a long and HOT summer but we are excited.
Graham doesn't get it yet, still working on that. I am nearing the end of the first trimester - thank goodness. I never actually threw up with Graham but the nausea was constant and terrible. With this one I have thrown up, but I have been able to manage the yuck more. Go figure. (I know, "Maybe this means it's a girl!" you will say!) So we'll see!

We wanted to wait until Austin got home to announce it and it was a hard wait! For one, both fams live close by here, and for two I poked out almost overnight! sheesh. so we waited and fibbed a little and I made a little onsie with "BIG Brother" on it to announce to everyone and my mom's face was priceless! (sorry, didn't capture the moment dangit.)

But we are doing well and happy. Lee is a stellar student and Graham is getting cuter though more melodramatic! we love him. and we love you!