24 March 2008

New Home

It's official...or will be soon enough. The jessejoniwilliammarynelson hayes family will be calling this humble abode our home sweet home. The sellers accepted our offer about an hour ago. Here's a pic of the front, for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

Truth be told we never thought we would live in Kaysville. We're pushing it being this far north...into Davis territory and all. Any farther north...like Roy or Clinton...and who knows what might have happened....i just try not to think about it....

during the hunt!

oh some great pictures --during our great easter egg hunt and bbq with great friends!

life is beautiful!

23 March 2008

Message from Clan Dad

Food for thought.I am assigning a project. maybe we can get some enjoyment and knowledge. A book by Elder Oakes. His Holy Name. 10 years of research started after his call to the 12. A study of the Name of Christ. If any of you have heard of it, or read it let me know.
It has been a great experience reading it. opened up thoughts.

Easter Greetings from Clan Dad

Hey everbody!

This is Dallas and Dad, checking out his new account on the blog! Wahoo!

Dad will send a message...

19 March 2008

the Grammer Laughing

so this was a little while ago but it is just so dang cute!
lee can make him laugh like no one else.
and sorry it is sideways, i took it on my camera and i can't find a way to fix it!

3 to Texas...y'all to come!

Okay then, I am sorry. I somehow I just assumed that news travels too fast for me in our family but it appears that some have been skipped. So here it is:

Lee was accepted to the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine (TCOM for short)! So, we will be heading back to Ft. Worth after graduation this April, that is about 1.5 hours away from our families. We are so excited! It is the top D.O. (vs. M.D) school in the nation, where his dad went, and Ft. worth is supposed to be really nice! We are pretty happy! But we will sure miss dear ol' Provolone and being so close to all y'all!

18 March 2008

Ruby Tuesday!

I think I might have to stick with Ruby Tuesday and update you every week...since no one has/will use a webcam..:) so here is our little Ruby. Isn't she just so cute!! She is still a dream baby...and getting round and rolly! I wish my "round and rolly" were are cute on me as it is on her!! Love you all!!

Oh, and if you'd like to see photos from our weekend adventure to the Linderhoff, check allenworld!! Ty just updated it Sunday.


14 March 2008


When Spring comes
It starts peeking at you from behind bushes.
Squirrels start whispering amongst each other, saying
Spring is here.
When Spring comes
A breeze comes
A breeze to sweep you away
to a different world
A world of flowery meadows.
A world of spring.
When Spring comes
Sun shines even brighter
The dullness fades away
When Spring comes
It practically screams, "I'm here!"
right at your face.
When Spring comes,
I'll cherish the moment.
What I want to see the next couple of days is
Squirrels whispering
A breezy wind
A shiny sun
And, at last...
When its finally here.

I made this up right on the spot--I figured I'd just make one up...I think its a little corny...

All County Choir and Orff Ensemble

Annabelle had the wonderful opportunity of being in the All County Chorus. She and two other girls from her school joined a bunch of other kids in a concert. They practiced for a couple of months. It is quite an honor. You teacher has to select you. She also played the orff....um I don't know what that is either....but it is some kind of xylaphone that sits on the floor. Thought you would enjoy a couple pics.

Bath time

Amelia was taking a bath and Lilly wanted to get in!

Don't be saying my girls aren't tough. Shelby and Mady are both starting for their Flag football teams. It is an official sport here. We almost took state last year. Shelby plays defense....safety. Madelyn plays reciever and second string quarterback. Mady is on JV and Shelby Varsity. Shelby came home yesturday with some battlescars. She is a one tough chick!

13 March 2008

Spring is at my front door!

yeah! i must say i did me a little flower arangement in my cute little crock from VA --i change my flowers seasonally---cute? Dang i love it---i thought i'd go with the wild flower look---picked 'em all from the back yard--NOT--that would be HobbyLobby--my second home! YEAH--so fun!

11 March 2008

See Ya Elda Graham...

Dear Family

Tonight we had the sweet experience of seeing our missionary son set apart at the hand of our good Stake President. It was a wonderful blessing. We appreciate so much those of you who were able to come to see him Sunday, and know that the rest of you would be there if you could.

We arrive at the MTC tommorrow at 12:00 PM sharp, and look forward to sending him off on a grand adventure. He seems to be ready and anxious to leave, and it clearly is his time to go. We will keep you posted.

Papa Jones

04 March 2008


Look what Mom sent me... all the way from Germany! Thank you, Mom, for your ever-awareness and love! Hours before my concert, I was visited by a local (1/2 block away) flower shop. They do some fantastic work! But more, I love the thoughtful of our dear Mom. Sure love you!