14 March 2008


When Spring comes
It starts peeking at you from behind bushes.
Squirrels start whispering amongst each other, saying
Spring is here.
When Spring comes
A breeze comes
A breeze to sweep you away
to a different world
A world of flowery meadows.
A world of spring.
When Spring comes
Sun shines even brighter
The dullness fades away
When Spring comes
It practically screams, "I'm here!"
right at your face.
When Spring comes,
I'll cherish the moment.
What I want to see the next couple of days is
Squirrels whispering
A breezy wind
A shiny sun
And, at last...
When its finally here.

I made this up right on the spot--I figured I'd just make one up...I think its a little corny...


Oldest Girl said...

i feel spring too. especially at night when we go out and walk and play ball....

love you belle

bubblyone said...

ooh i so love your poems belly---we so want to come on a walk and play ball dang-it and hey come ride for 4wheeler with Whit!


Jen said...

you are good belle...we've been bitten by the "spring is coming bug" and are so happy to se little green buds coming on the trees and showing their little heads out of the dirt...love spring...

Dallas Graham said...

hA!!!! I love how you admit to "making it up on the spot."

When do you find time to write, A?

Mama said...

Not corny, Annabelle! Just plain fantastic! What a gift of writing you have. You keep it up girl! We love your poetry! We are trying to feel spring, most of the snow is melting, but then it is snowing as I write. We will hide our easter eggs in the snow maybe. xoxo G.G.

bubblyone said...

Hi whit here I LOVED IT