14 March 2008

All County Choir and Orff Ensemble

Annabelle had the wonderful opportunity of being in the All County Chorus. She and two other girls from her school joined a bunch of other kids in a concert. They practiced for a couple of months. It is quite an honor. You teacher has to select you. She also played the orff....um I don't know what that is either....but it is some kind of xylaphone that sits on the floor. Thought you would enjoy a couple pics.


Jen said...

belle, that is so awesome! congratulations on the orff!! (thought amy had a brain cramp while typing!) i'm so happy you got to enjoy that experience...no surprise at all that your teacher picked you!

is your germany project over now?

Dallas Graham said...

Coolio!!! Were you nervous? Did you make a mistake? Did anybody hear? Did you turn your red sash into a bandana afterwards?

Mama said...

Cheers for Annabelle! That is so great sweetie! We are very excited and proud of you. Experiences like this are rare. Be sure to write about the experience while in one of your creative moods. Can you perform a solo on your orff at the reunion? I don't know where I can find one, but maybe. . . . .congratulations! xoxoxo G.G.

firekracker said...

Way to go, talented kid!