04 March 2008


Look what Mom sent me... all the way from Germany! Thank you, Mom, for your ever-awareness and love! Hours before my concert, I was visited by a local (1/2 block away) flower shop. They do some fantastic work! But more, I love the thoughtful of our dear Mom. Sure love you!


bubblyone said...

WTC! Those are amazing! WOW--mom is the best huh? She is the queen! I want to get her an amazing crown! I am on the lookout!

I love you--my cell is back upso giveme a call!


please send pic of your new flat!

Oldest Girl said...

those flowers are so stinkin beautiful!!!! i wonder if they'll smell good after a while....


Mama said...

Dallas, I great of you to put these beautiful photos on the blog. I really had to trust someone else's judgment and wow, I think someone did a great job. Flowers fade away and die, but these photos won't and they are spectacular!! Thanks for thinking to share them and let them be enjoyed for a long time to come! As beautiful as they are, from what I hear, I don't think they hold a candle to your fantastic and beautiful performed art! I am anxiously waiting and hoping to hear a recording of the evening. We indeed missed being there. I know it was an unforgettable performance. Love you! mama