29 February 2008

More Poetry...

I cooked up some poetry today and I just thought I would share a couple...

Chilly air whips past my face
Trees are blanketed in snow
Bark is brown and healthy
I look down---
Long stockings and boots
I look up---
Gray clouds.
Gray sky.
I look ahead---
Neverending white.
I hear birds twittering.
Squirrels skittering.
I smell crisp air.
I feel wind.
I taste...

Friends are people who love you.
Who have memorized your birthday
Never forget to say goodbye
Share secrets with you
Comfort you when you cry
They're always there
Always tell you what they think
They have a special place for you
in their heart
They don't spread rumors about you.
They don't care about how you look-
they look past that.
Their voice cheers you up.
You cherish their smile.
You can never stop talking...
There for you no matter what
Always will love you
Never will forget you.

Tell me what you think...


Dallas Graham said...

It was interesting to read about "winter" in another place other than Utah... where there is white, and cold, and little birds that have long gone...

Your Friends piece seems like the kind of description that I always look for in my own friends.

Keep 'em coming, Bellie.

Jen said...

belle! you rock! love these beautiful combinations of words! thanks for sharing-it's fun to see your mind working! you have a fantastic way with words!:)

Mama said...

Belle, your poems are amazing! I love them! I am convinced you have a great gift of imagination and making beautiful thoughts sound good on paper. Loved them both and want more. Do you remember the one about not wanting to go to school? If you do, I am requesting it on the blog. You're doing awesome work! xoxoxo G.G.

bubblyone said...

annabelle---we love your work---i cant believe how good you are! you are so dang awesome! i think i may frame a few!

aunt angie

Oldest Girl said...

Yep annabelle is my daughter. yep yep yep!