03 February 2008

Abby's Personal Best...

Well, sorry to bore you with the gory details, but we wanted to tell you the outcome of the 3A State Swimming Championships held at BYU.

First, Wasatch did spectacular. The girls, Abby's team, finished the highest in school history, at a solid 4th place. Our boys, who had a legitimate shot at the championship, came in 2nd Place, only 22 points off the 1st place Ogden team. The final was Wasatch 317.5 to Ogden 339. Sort of tough to lose that close. But they all swam like Poseiden. We had some personal champions in single events and some relays.

On a personal note, Abby had a fantastic meet. On Friday night, she dropped 5 seconds off her Individual Medley!!! That is huge. Like a whole new level. She was jumping for joy. On Saturday, she swam her fastes backstroke ever, dropping a full 1 second off her next fastest time. She is so happy, and very satisfied.

After the meet, our dear coach Leo announced to the team and the parents that he is moving to Alaska in two weeks. Wah! We are in a search for a new coach.

I included some pictures from BYU. Enjoy.



Oldest Girl said...

Go Abby! You know your dad did swim team with me. He was great. I remember riding our bikes to swim practice. I had to follow behind him! I love him. I love you too. Great job on your swimming

Dallas Graham said...

This is it: Abby, seriously rock. I'm not just being nice, I'm not just trying to butter you up (although, those aren't bad things...). I'm so thrilled about how hard you have worked at this. It takes loads of effort, commitment, hours and hours of blood sweet and tears. I'm so impressed with you!! Love you.