01 February 2008

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It looks like a space-ship station, I think... Greetings from KL (as the locals call it). Kuala Lampur is the capitol of Malaysia, a fun, interesting, buzzy place in Southeast China. I'm working with a company based out of Utah, called XANGO. Buddy Dainon Moody is a writer for them. He's basically visits company employees across the globe and interviews them for an in-house periodical. They also use a photographer and that's where my eyes come in. We are meeting w/ people, walking the streets of KL (and surrounding areas), photographing the XANGO bottle and the XANGO people. Its been a very good time. Some highlights: the fruit (that we don't get at home); the enigmatic Bantu Caves, Little China, the 85ยบ weather, new people, great food. Our heaviest day will be today. Hope all is well at home. Attached you are seeing the "twin Towers," called Petronas (sounds like Harry Potter's spell). They are strangely but beautifully designed and really look like the image I'm showing. Sure love you all! 7 of 9. PS :: and the yellow guy? That's me, shining brightly on the roads!


Mama said...

Hooray!!! News from Dallas! I have been watching for an e-mail from you every few hours of every day. You just seem so far away. Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease and knowing that you are having a very grand adventure. The photo of the twin towers was stunning! Can you put any photos of where you are staying or what the city looks like or anything like that? I know I have a gazillion questions that you probably don't want me to ask on the blog, but I want more detail of your daily activities. So is the fruit juice good? Where is Malaysia? How long did it take to get there? Was the flight OK? You are missing even more wintry weather. . .snow and blow. I love it! Hope you get the E-mail about Aunt Gloria. I am so glad you blogged us! We love you and pray for your safety and health. Is the food good? Nice weather? More, more, more. xoxoxoxo Mama

firekracker said...

Is this the Xango drink you're involved with or am I way off and out of the loop?
You are amazing Dallas--be safe and have fun!

Love, Carolyn