11 February 2008

Once in a Life Time Family Home Evening

this is Dad.. borrowing mom's space, on the family blog. but thought in view of the fact many of you know our study group schedule, and the events of the past few days, you would be courious about our regular meeting on this monday the 11 of Feb. of 08.. it will be in memory a true tender mercy of the Lord. We met in the Fogg home, attending were the Edgleys, Foggs, Grahams, Ray Wood, and Uchtdorfs, and Ted and Jan Johnson... up from our Idaho. You can imagine our emotions as the Uchtdorfs came in the door, shook hands with every body,, and gave generous hugs. I said the prayer, after some discussion about "stuff" . Gary who was to lead the discussion, asked then if Pres. Uchtdorf would like to share any of his thoughts about his new call. Well, this began an hour or more discussion, many tender feelings from he and Harriet, and the intimate insights he felt he could share with his "family".. I had this burning in my chest, as he talked about that sacred day Sunday, in the temple, and the ordinances of the priesthood administered there, that deal with the selection. You will need to ponder that, as I cannot elaborate. Read Sec. 107, and the part that talks about the quorum of the first presidency. It was a sacred insight for us to read that as he read it to us. And when we think about coincidence our "lesson" which was not planned was section 26.. the common consent instruction. which happened to fall on this particular day.. So Sec.42:11 along with that section was part of our discussion. I wish it were appropriate to share more but you will understand I am sure. I am grateful for this kind and tender mercy from the Lord, to a pretty ordinary farm boy from Idaho. Your mom and I are grateful to have these blessings in our lives, but they are all made much more sweet by our realization of the blessings that flow from the good lives each of you are living, which bring us much happiness. We will save up our thoughts for later. We look forward now to Wed. when we Jeni will give birth to this new little grandaughter of ours.. We pray all will be well. Love you all Dad


Oldest Girl said...

Wow what a great experience. You are so blessed to hang with those wonderful folks. I wish I could come. We love those Brethren and it is a wonderful feeling to know how well the church flows. President Monson is our prophet and it is so great to have that confirmation and know that we are not without leadership in this church. We are so blessed!

Papa Jones said...

Thanks Dad. That was sweet.

Jen said...

dad, thanks for sharing! wow....what a sweet experience. it is sweet to know that the organnization of the church is just that-organized and orderly. thanks for the sweet spirit....love you!!