16 February 2008

Chillin' At Six Lakes...

Hey Fam,

Papa Jones, here. Don't ask me why, but Abby has called me that for years. It is my nickname from her. And all her friends call me Papa Jones. Whatever.

I am sitting in the loft of the Loon Cabin at Six Lakes. We are enjoying a Brad and Carolyn Clan exclusive for the weekend, planning to go home late on Monday. It is a "one more thing with Landon" thing. We have been playing games, ice fishing and eating good food today. It is nice to have just our kids here, with no one else.

I wanted to get away for a bit because I have some heavy lifting coming up in my Bishop's office. I am preparing for two disciplinary councils, and have been studying and preparing. It is truly not what any Bishop wants to do, but it must be done.

But, we have had a lighter load of late. Since Landon went to the temple, we have enjoyed considerable happiness in our home. Landon in particular. He and I got up at 5 bells on Friday and drove to Provo to do a session. He mentioned how happy he was to have been in the Salt Lake Temple first, because it was special, but really enjoyed Provo. He was floating around all day. He said to me later that day, "I feel so wonderful! Why is that Dad? I have been so happy!"

I think he is really getting ready, and wants to get rolling.

For all of you who want to hear him speak, I will be having him speak on March 9 at 11:00 AM in our building. We would hope that you would stick around and chat at the house. I have been trying to do my part to get the house ready for you all, including putting a new floor in our mudroom bathroom. I am still recovering from being on my knees for a day. Ouch.

Anyway, we love hearing the wonderful blessings that the Lord is showering down on everyone. Take it easy. We will catch a fish for you.



Mama said...

Sounds like good fun for you all. We missed having you here on the weekend. The kids had a good time in the snow and on their sleighs. It was great to have a sleep over with Stan and kids and Doug and Jodi and theirs. Jesse and Joni felt it better to sleep in their own beds, but were here during the waking hours. We are looking forward to Landons MIC (moment in church)and plan to be there for sure! I will write from Germany. Taking off in the early a.m. xoxox Mama

Oldest Girl said...

I can so appreciate having a fun weekend with just the kids. We are jealous! Go Landon!