29 February 2008

our little gem

i just wanted to share some photos of Ruby! she is changing so fast! it is so great to just sit and rock her...and hold her....and smell her...and kiss her...and then do it all over again!! mom gave her her first bath in the kitchen sink today and she liked it-for the most part. she is still wonderful and spectacular! i'm sleeping well still, can that really last? i'm not counting on it, but sure am enjoying it!

hope you are all doing well. we love you all and miss you like crazy!! and hey, can we all get webcam happy and such so we can "chat" online? my kids really miss that, and for all the technology we have in our homes, please try!! it makes us feel not so very far away! and we love to see you!! please do try!

have a great day and yes, i'll kiss her for you!


Oldest Girl said...

Soooooo cute! I love her little chin! I want to kiss her! I will kiss Lilly instead! I am going to work on my webcam.....lov eyou

bellybutton said...


She just looks like a hump of chub! I want to squish her cute little cheeks!!!!!!!