28 February 2008

Book Review :: Peter Pan

A'ight all you young and old... If you haven't already done it, I think it should happen on the next 'read'a'round'. Last night my book club got together and discussed JM Barrie's whimsical and adventurous Peter Pan. I don't recall ever reading it prior to this time, nor do I recall any real commentary on it. I finished it, just before book club, and was loving every stinking word on the page! Though I have no nursery to speak of, I haven plenty of little nieces and nephews that are adventurous enough that pirates, and mermaids, and pixies, and flying, and the Never Bird would all fascinate. I know some of you read to your kids and all I could do, over and over, was to think: this is the perfect book to read ALOUD to children. Barrie use of imaginative description makes it perfect for the bed-time hour. I don't recall the Disney animation that well, which I'm happy about. This story was so rich and fun and completely reminded me of the things I wanted to fall asleep to when I was young. Barrie seems to make sense out of nonsense in the way that only a child's mind does. The tone and voice of the book add to the nature of it being read aloud. Absolutely. There was/is a certain melancholy when you realize magic leaves and you "forget how to fly" because you grow up. Its a short enough book that you won't be pouring into it forever, but long enough that it will make a memorable impression of hoped-for dreams. ***** in my book.


Mama said...

Dallas, OK, so please forgive me that I didn't ever read Peter Pan to you! Dang! I just let you watch it on TV or read the Disney book version. Now I must have the real thing and read it hopefully into ears of my precious little ones. I do love reading what you write as well. Probably just as much as the author of P.P. Your writing hits me in the heart. I love it. I will make sure everyone at least as the book. Maybe you could do us a favor and be the voice sometime when we are all together. How about that?! Thanks again for the awesome tip. xoxoxo Mama

Oldest Girl said...

I have it on my itunes. I will start it immediately. I love every word you write. For my birthday write me some stuff k? Also if you like this you should read Peter and the Starcatchers and the two sequels too it. I loved it. It is by Ridley and Barry. It is one of my favorites and a top 10 for Annabelle! Thanks for the review. My bookclub is reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. It is childrens lit. A Newberry. I love you!