06 February 2008

7 days and counting....

I just wanted to update you all...next Wednesday morning at 8 am, Tyler and I will check into the University of Munich Hospital...and if all goes according to plan, around 11:15 am we'll be holding our new little girl!! I have a lot of confidence in the Dr. that will be preforming my c-section, and I'm really starting the count down...my body is "feeling the burn" as all of you that have had children understand! We are SO excited to bring a new little one into our family. My kids are excited to teach her everything that they know. It feels like I've been pregnant my whole life...so being a week away is JUST more that I can bare!!!

We'll keep you posted. Tyler will email photos of our babe just moments after she is born ("I love technology").....yippy!!!

I would appreciate your prayers....enduring being in a german hospital (or even getting to where I'm supposed to be...) is going to be VERY different...so please remember me in your prayers!!:)

love you all!!


littlest said...

so excited to have a little cousin with the same bday as nelson!! how fun is that? we are counting with you and will definitely keep you in our prayers! loves

Oldest Girl said...

Got you covered Jen! 7,6,5,4,3,2,1..............Yipee, kiss kiss, so cute oh kiss kiss, NO SLEEP!

Dallas Graham said...

So glad that Amy told me you were in labor a few days ago... Yeah. That's right. You really do have abs of steel, Jen, if that's the case.


Um. Is her name Sally? Or Alice? Of course, either way, those names will be ADORED. And, if it just so happens she comes out a "he", well then, I nominate "Linus" as the next Allen.

I'm not even joking, as I sit. And write. And wait in the airport terminal.