29 February 2008

More Poetry...

I cooked up some poetry today and I just thought I would share a couple...

Chilly air whips past my face
Trees are blanketed in snow
Bark is brown and healthy
I look down---
Long stockings and boots
I look up---
Gray clouds.
Gray sky.
I look ahead---
Neverending white.
I hear birds twittering.
Squirrels skittering.
I smell crisp air.
I feel wind.
I taste...

Friends are people who love you.
Who have memorized your birthday
Never forget to say goodbye
Share secrets with you
Comfort you when you cry
They're always there
Always tell you what they think
They have a special place for you
in their heart
They don't spread rumors about you.
They don't care about how you look-
they look past that.
Their voice cheers you up.
You cherish their smile.
You can never stop talking...
There for you no matter what
Always will love you
Never will forget you.

Tell me what you think...

Savnnah's Music Video

our little gem

i just wanted to share some photos of Ruby! she is changing so fast! it is so great to just sit and rock her...and hold her....and smell her...and kiss her...and then do it all over again!! mom gave her her first bath in the kitchen sink today and she liked it-for the most part. she is still wonderful and spectacular! i'm sleeping well still, can that really last? i'm not counting on it, but sure am enjoying it!

hope you are all doing well. we love you all and miss you like crazy!! and hey, can we all get webcam happy and such so we can "chat" online? my kids really miss that, and for all the technology we have in our homes, please try!! it makes us feel not so very far away! and we love to see you!! please do try!

have a great day and yes, i'll kiss her for you!

28 February 2008



Book Review :: Peter Pan

A'ight all you young and old... If you haven't already done it, I think it should happen on the next 'read'a'round'. Last night my book club got together and discussed JM Barrie's whimsical and adventurous Peter Pan. I don't recall ever reading it prior to this time, nor do I recall any real commentary on it. I finished it, just before book club, and was loving every stinking word on the page! Though I have no nursery to speak of, I haven plenty of little nieces and nephews that are adventurous enough that pirates, and mermaids, and pixies, and flying, and the Never Bird would all fascinate. I know some of you read to your kids and all I could do, over and over, was to think: this is the perfect book to read ALOUD to children. Barrie use of imaginative description makes it perfect for the bed-time hour. I don't recall the Disney animation that well, which I'm happy about. This story was so rich and fun and completely reminded me of the things I wanted to fall asleep to when I was young. Barrie seems to make sense out of nonsense in the way that only a child's mind does. The tone and voice of the book add to the nature of it being read aloud. Absolutely. There was/is a certain melancholy when you realize magic leaves and you "forget how to fly" because you grow up. Its a short enough book that you won't be pouring into it forever, but long enough that it will make a memorable impression of hoped-for dreams. ***** in my book.

Funny Blog :: Stuff White People Like

Pretty darn funny. Take a gander on this site. Crazy funny... and so true, for some reason... Click here.

25 February 2008

My Gobbles!

K--dallas is way into the swim goggles all of the sudden! i just melt when he has them on and puts them on--he has to have them around his neck all the time and always says--"AH my gobbles!"---he just loves them---it just melts my heart becuase they just squash his face and eyes so hard--but hey--he doens't mind!

oh we love our little dal

24 February 2008

Why? :: Star Wars Trumpet Solo

Draw your own conclusions...

22 February 2008

Sweet Ruby

Here are some photos of our sweet little gem. She is changing and becoming more enjoyable every day! She is a wonderful baby...sleeping a lot and helping me to feel rested! Mom keeps telling me to "go take a nap" but I have to tell her that I'm not tired and can't go to sleep! I don't have anything to complain about...she really is 100% delicious! I'm sorry for the delay in posting these cute photos...but I'll do my best to keep you all updated on her progress!

One More Poem...

This is an award-winning poem called Hot Chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

Before Bed
I sneak
Some milk from the refridgerator
And some cocoa mix.
Heat 'em up, they make a great team.
Burning on my tongue,
Screaming down my throat.
When you are _______ (<-- I can't remember what I put there!)
All you need
Is a blast of heat--
Hot chocolate.

21 February 2008

Anyone in Utah felt the earthquake? We didn't feel a thing, but I'm amazed at how far spread the tremors were felt. Everyone O.K.? It's a little eye opener on how we should be prepared. I think it's interesting how they just earthquake-proofed the tabernacle. Coincidence?

Funny how my house looks like an earthquake hits everyday!


20 February 2008

Song for a Fifth Child...(or any child)

i received a wonderful book from a dear friend of mine "I am a Mother" by Jane Clayson Johnson. i loved it and recommend it completely. very lifting. she quoted part of one of my most favorite poems...can hardly read it without crying. its title is Song for a Fifth Child, but i think it could go for any, don't you? have a read.

Mother, oh Mother, come shake out your cloth

empty the dustpan, poison the moth,

hang out the washing and butter the bread,

sew on a button and make up a bed.

Where is the mother whose house is so shocking?

She's up in the nursery, blissfully rocking.

Oh, I've grown shiftless as Little Boy Blue

(lullaby, rockaby, lullaby loo).

Dishes are waiting and bills are past due

(pat-a-cake, darling, and peek, peekaboo).

The shopping's not done and there's nothing for stew

and out in the yard there's a hullabaloo

but I'm playing Kanga and this is my Roo.

Look! Aren't her eyes the most wonderful hue?

(lullaby, rockaby, lullaby loo).

The cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow,

for children grow up, as I've learned to my sorrow.

So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust go to sleep.

I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

18 February 2008


**DISCLAIMER*** I know this is a long post, but you are my family...and rather than tell you all (or at least most of you) individually, I thought it would be better to type it here! So if you get bored, just move on to the next post!:)

I know you are all aware that she is here...but I wanted to share some photos! This one of me....just hours before our little "gem" came into the world. I can't believe that I can actually say that I DID IT!! I had a baby in a foreign country-where I don't speak the language....wow. Just for reference-I don't recommend doing crazy things like that all the time!

We got up wed. the 13th and got everyone ready and headed out the door by 7:30 am to drop the kids off at my friends house. Myles was SO excited because not only was this the day he got to have a new sister, he was lucky enough to get to ride the bus to and from school! How fun is that!? We droped them both off at our friends house and headed off to the University of Munich hospital-but when you look for it when you are here, look for the Klinikum Gorssharden(it will be easier to find if you look for it by that name, just FYI).

We got to the hospital, found a great park-it really was our lucky day!, and waited. We had a few delays, but finally got going with the whole procedure around 10. I was taken to a delivery room-which would double as my pre-op room and also my recovery room. It was nice to have the delivery area of the hospital so bright...when you picture the hospital, just picture a massive cement building. Nothing much to look at, an old DARK, cement building. I'm sure Dallas could capture some photos of it that would look wonderful-but really, it kind looks scary from the outside (well, inside too!). Anyway, the delivery area was bright and happy. The woman that took me into the room and gave me my lovely gown told me was my midwife and would be with me until I was finished in the recovery area. She spoke great english(what a blessing!) and was really cool. She got me all situated, hooked up to monitors and such...and then we waited a little.

I was to receive my epidural next. The "chief of anethesia" came in and introduced himself and started the process and I'm so glad I don't do that often! It wasn't that bad, but those of you that have had one....it's so nice to be done with! And little did I know, but that the epidural would stay in place on my back, until the day before I came home. I had a little "pain button" that I could push every hour for pain, and the relief came from the epidural...interesting.

My dr. came and told me that we were ready, he took Ty with him to get him into scrubs and such...and then they wheeled me off to the or. I was laughing at the thought of me being any help to the people trying to get me on the operating table..after my epidural kicked in, you could be accurate in describing how I felt as dead weight. But miracles do happen, and they got me onto that little tiny table they use for c-sections. I was amazed at how quickly everything went from there. Tyler and the Dr. came in and when the Dr. told us it would be about 5 mintues I didn't really think he meant really 5 minutes! Before I could believe it, Ruby was in her daddy's arms and making noise!! Wow...I was really confident in the dr. He was super and really helped me have a good experience.

Tyler then took Ruby to be weighed and measured and cleaned up a little (a very little) and I was wheeled back to recovery. In came my little gem and oh, what a sweet one she is!! She is a dream. She is perfection in one little person. She's done everything wonderfully and really has been a wonderful baby! We learned that 3500 g is about 7 lbs and 11 oz (which is exactly what Myles weighed) and 54 cm is 21.2 inches long(just a hair smaller that Myles too!).

After a couple of hours in recovery, the wheeled us up to the 10th floor and took me to my room. I will have to tell you that one of the greatest things about my whole stay at the hospital was having a room of my own! It isn't common to have your own room...and I'm glad Tyler was ready to say, "whatever, just get her her own room"...He filled out some paperwork and that ensured me my own room...thank goodness. The next few days were pretty routine-eat, sleep, feed baby, and then do it all agian. I was really happy to be able to get up and walk around the next day...when I had my c-section with Lucy I wasn't able to get up for a couple of days due to loss of blood. I think that getting up and trying to get around the next day has really helped my recovery.

Not all nurses speak english, and it makes it so much easier to communicate when they do! They were all fine, but the ones that I could "talk" to and with were fantastic!! The food was fine. Typical European meals, breakfast= two slices of bread, a roll, plain yogurt(with honey is so delicious!), a couple slices of mild cheese, a little tub of spreadable cheese, and a little tub of jam. Lunch=the main meal of the day, hot soup like meal with spatzel (little noodles...so yummy!), or maybe some pasta, or chicken with mashed potatoes, way over cooked carrots... Dinner=breakfast minus the yogurt, with the addition of a couple slices of meat and a whole fruit or tomato.

I was thought to be "unusual" (me really, come on!), because I didn't want to stay in the hospital for the typcial amount of time after having a baby-7 days!! I wanted to come home as soon as possible and that was determined to be Sunday-but wow, that was "unusual"..."women like to stay over the weekend". After getting all the things done that we needed to have done to leave on Sunday am, the last Dr., that did my discarge exam told me I could go home Saturday night if I wanted...YIPPY! So, I calle Ty and told him that I'd be coming home in a few hours....oh what joy filled my heart!

I am so happy to be home! Just a little while after I got home I called mom...and cried and cried and cried..I can't wait for her to get here tomorrow! She arrives in munich at 7:55 am!!! I am so excited! My little gem, Ruby, is really just that. I'm getting a good amount of sleep-did I really say that, yes!! I'm really feeling good and am so thankful that the Lord is taking care of me!! I've had some sweet witnesses of His love for me lately...and I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father. My sweet husband has been so fantastic helping with all that needs to be done...he is a trooper! He's really excited for mom to get here too:).

I'm sorry if I took to much space...but wanted to share with you all...tell you how much I love you and that I am so thankful for the sealing power that binds us all together. I feel so thankful for our wonderful "goodly parents" and for their desires to help us all grow up unto the Lord. I know that with a new baby comes more responsibility...I feel it and hope to live up to the wonderful calling of being a righteous mother. Wow.

I love you all and hope you know it. Thanks for letting me share...and yes, I'll kiss little Ruby's neck, nose, cheeks, head, fingers, toes, and smell that sweet fresh from heaven smell....and enjoy it very much!!

16 February 2008

Chillin' At Six Lakes...

Hey Fam,

Papa Jones, here. Don't ask me why, but Abby has called me that for years. It is my nickname from her. And all her friends call me Papa Jones. Whatever.

I am sitting in the loft of the Loon Cabin at Six Lakes. We are enjoying a Brad and Carolyn Clan exclusive for the weekend, planning to go home late on Monday. It is a "one more thing with Landon" thing. We have been playing games, ice fishing and eating good food today. It is nice to have just our kids here, with no one else.

I wanted to get away for a bit because I have some heavy lifting coming up in my Bishop's office. I am preparing for two disciplinary councils, and have been studying and preparing. It is truly not what any Bishop wants to do, but it must be done.

But, we have had a lighter load of late. Since Landon went to the temple, we have enjoyed considerable happiness in our home. Landon in particular. He and I got up at 5 bells on Friday and drove to Provo to do a session. He mentioned how happy he was to have been in the Salt Lake Temple first, because it was special, but really enjoyed Provo. He was floating around all day. He said to me later that day, "I feel so wonderful! Why is that Dad? I have been so happy!"

I think he is really getting ready, and wants to get rolling.

For all of you who want to hear him speak, I will be having him speak on March 9 at 11:00 AM in our building. We would hope that you would stick around and chat at the house. I have been trying to do my part to get the house ready for you all, including putting a new floor in our mudroom bathroom. I am still recovering from being on my knees for a day. Ouch.

Anyway, we love hearing the wonderful blessings that the Lord is showering down on everyone. Take it easy. We will catch a fish for you.


15 February 2008

k--is darker good?

k the first time angie tried the at home hair color--and this is what i got when it said dark brown------ah! but hey it washes out and what timing to just join along with Kayla nad Garrett right? i did have all of them cheern' me on to do it--so my hair dresser mom did it right before she left! WAHOO--i still catch a glance in the mirror and am like--AH!
Wendee and i did soak my head in baking soda after this shot and it lifted it to a darker brown and not quite so dark--dang what an experience--good thing it washes out and for some reason i am not in tears or freaking out---probably because hey i don't know a whole lot of folk in Texas! YEEEHAA!

13 February 2008

they say it's your birthday!

well it is for nelson! he is the whopping 1 year old today! oh, how we love him. hard to believe it was a year ago when he came into the world. time does fly.

LOVES mommy's cell phone or any phone for that matter, throws his head back and laughs with a big open mouth, loves to walk, loves to tease older sister Mary, loves to tease older brother Will, loves milk, loves go-gurts, loves organic walt disney animal crackers from costco, loves to squish peas with his thumb, loves chocolate, has a temper, can throw fits very well, has curly hair in back, lost one of his big toenails, loves string cheese, loves to climb stairs, loves to put things in a bucket and pull them out again and the repeat the motion, love to shut doors, loves to read books, loves to get into kitchen cabinets and pull things out, loves to throw anything and everything in the garbage can, loves to play with the garbage can, loves to get things out of the garbage can....,loves to walk around with musical magnetic barn and dance to it, LOVES cars, LOVES balls and most of all

11 February 2008

Hot Pocket!

Once in a Life Time Family Home Evening

this is Dad.. borrowing mom's space, on the family blog. but thought in view of the fact many of you know our study group schedule, and the events of the past few days, you would be courious about our regular meeting on this monday the 11 of Feb. of 08.. it will be in memory a true tender mercy of the Lord. We met in the Fogg home, attending were the Edgleys, Foggs, Grahams, Ray Wood, and Uchtdorfs, and Ted and Jan Johnson... up from our Idaho. You can imagine our emotions as the Uchtdorfs came in the door, shook hands with every body,, and gave generous hugs. I said the prayer, after some discussion about "stuff" . Gary who was to lead the discussion, asked then if Pres. Uchtdorf would like to share any of his thoughts about his new call. Well, this began an hour or more discussion, many tender feelings from he and Harriet, and the intimate insights he felt he could share with his "family".. I had this burning in my chest, as he talked about that sacred day Sunday, in the temple, and the ordinances of the priesthood administered there, that deal with the selection. You will need to ponder that, as I cannot elaborate. Read Sec. 107, and the part that talks about the quorum of the first presidency. It was a sacred insight for us to read that as he read it to us. And when we think about coincidence our "lesson" which was not planned was section 26.. the common consent instruction. which happened to fall on this particular day.. So Sec.42:11 along with that section was part of our discussion. I wish it were appropriate to share more but you will understand I am sure. I am grateful for this kind and tender mercy from the Lord, to a pretty ordinary farm boy from Idaho. Your mom and I are grateful to have these blessings in our lives, but they are all made much more sweet by our realization of the blessings that flow from the good lives each of you are living, which bring us much happiness. We will save up our thoughts for later. We look forward now to Wed. when we Jeni will give birth to this new little grandaughter of ours.. We pray all will be well. Love you all Dad

10 February 2008

Another try at sending photos

I don't know what I did wrong with my last attempt to post some photos on the blog, but I am song to make another attempt. Hope it works this time. xoxoxo Mama

08 February 2008

More Beauty and the Beast

I wish I could put all my photos on for you all to look through. I can just do a few at a time I guess. Anyone want a copy of the DVD? I know know how to do it, but I'll bet someone can tell me. Right? I am ready when you are. Then you could hear the incredible voices. Yes, the costumes by Wendee were also amazing. She did Garett's and all of Kayla's and of course Emma's.

07 February 2008

Beauty and the Beast

Ok, folks, I have finally downloaded my photos. This was an absolutely fantastic production. Wish you could hear the songs they were singing. Garrett was the most awesome Gaston and Kayla a perfect Belle. I will try a few photos and put more on later. They were so very talented and at home on the stage. . . .much like the rest of you! Enjoy! xoxo Mama

06 February 2008

Trans-Pacific Flights :: Movies vs Books

Regarding the feat I footed on the 15 hr flight from Malaysia: I was feeling guilty that I would actually not read at all, but instead watch movies. Why is that? I think I feel that reading is intrinsically better for my brain… for my soul or something and that maybe — just maybe — that 'ol Dad's wisdom (you know how that goes) has sunk deeper into my conscience than I know ("Dallas, watching too much TV will turn your brains to chicken fat." Not joking. That is what he told us. And to-date, I think that is partially why brain is so translucent and jelly-like at times... too many He-Man and Thundercat cartoons when I was young).

But here's the rub: 15 hrs and they have ALL SORTS of movies: Michael Clayton, Shakespeare in Love, High School Musical 2... and dozens more. You can select them, ON DEMAND, and not feel guilty about rental fees, returning them, turning them off if they aren't great. You also have documentaries, foreign, and cartoons and regardless of your age or demographic, nobody is really going to question your choice of movie because, hey, they are all too involved in their own "Disneyland of Movie-Selection" to be interested in critiquing yours.

The other side of the coin: my book club met last wk, while I was away and discussed this past-month's reading. I was feeling a few things when I left Utah for Malaysia - one of which was this: I was actually sad I was missing book club. I like my friends I've made and I enjoy the interaction and discussion that sometimes sprouts from the books we've read. I've only gotten 60-or-so pages into F. Scott Fitzgerald's This Side of Paradise and wasn't feeling a overwhelming gravity towards it. No pull. No falling into it with comet speed. Being away from bookclub, I brought the book along to definitely "finish it" on the plane rides.

Last night, I happened upon one of my bookclub friends, Naomi, online. I asked how it went. She said that almost the entire bookclub really didn't like the book AND they actually didn't finish it.

How do you spell relief?

So I did it: I broke. I snapped. I simply gave way to letting my eye-balls "drop out of my head" by watching nearly 14 hrs of movies and snuggling my book in the pocket in front of my seat (even though I pretty much knew I wasn't going to be reading it anyway).

Shall I list them? Shakespeare in Love, As Good It Gets, The English Patient (fell asleep… duh), Gone Baby Gone, and an episode of The Office.

So the moral of today's story is this: don't take a book with you on a plane unless you know — BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT — that you are really REALLY into your book, otherwise leave the weight and the bulkiness for home. Bring the trashy mags because they take up less room, you can leave them on the plane AND you at least have some fun ads to look at.


Movies over books.

On planes...

for the most part.

And still… I don't know if — the choice of movies to books, for 14 hrs — is to be applauded or appalled.

Of course, if I'm trying to offset my guilt, just think to Mom and Dad: their eyeballs are still in tact… even after their Keifer Sutherland 24 marathons.

one of the reasons...

we love mary so much.

she gets great bedhead.

7 days and counting....

I just wanted to update you all...next Wednesday morning at 8 am, Tyler and I will check into the University of Munich Hospital...and if all goes according to plan, around 11:15 am we'll be holding our new little girl!! I have a lot of confidence in the Dr. that will be preforming my c-section, and I'm really starting the count down...my body is "feeling the burn" as all of you that have had children understand! We are SO excited to bring a new little one into our family. My kids are excited to teach her everything that they know. It feels like I've been pregnant my whole life...so being a week away is JUST more that I can bare!!!

We'll keep you posted. Tyler will email photos of our babe just moments after she is born ("I love technology").....yippy!!!

I would appreciate your prayers....enduring being in a german hospital (or even getting to where I'm supposed to be...) is going to be VERY different...so please remember me in your prayers!!:)

love you all!!

05 February 2008

Frog Isn't So Bad...

I thought, as I chewed the little buddy up last night. Spitting out the vertebrae, I thought of all the family and friends that have tasted like things before my tongue has... and then my thoughts drifted to Kermit the Frog. Cruel, cruel death. Last night we found ourselves on a brightly lit street with red Chinese lanterns zig-zagging their way over our heads about 10 feet. The night wasn't night: it was living, breathing, and eating with hundreds of people. I think the total cost for our meal was in the ballpark of $30 (about 100 'ringuh', Malaysian currency). Grilled chicken and beef and noodles and frog and more and more. Absolutely delicious.

I've been sitting in on a few interviews. These people being featured in this MLM company are the highest achievers in this area. These people are motivated by what they do. Especially came clear with the 20-yr-old that pulled up in his gorgeous car. The kid earns about 9K a month. All off juice.

I'm not advocating we change from Shaklee... :) No, its just been interesting to see what makes us all tick. Photographing them as been a little different than my usual, US clients that are used to this kind of thing. I am so fortunate to enjoy this part of my life, right now. I feel a lot of gratitude. Trying to better understand where somebody is coming from, what their motivations are, listening to their struggles and projecting with their dreams... well, its all very humbling to be a part of. Don't get me wrong: I get tired. Post-production work can be a bear with endless clicks on the computer and sessions of computer-staring that MUST be more dangerous than staring at noon-day sun! Even with that, I still prefer the individual.

I am reminded that we are not alone. Not here. Not there. Meeting these wonderful people remind me of how fortunate I am to be alive, to share, to love, to allow an ear to their lives. People think they are ordinary, when in fact, their "usual" lives aren't that all. All of us are quite extraordinary.

I'm thankful for other countries; I'm thankful for other people.

And... I'm thankful for my "own" people. You. My greatest and blessed family. Love you all. Dxo

04 February 2008

New First Presidency

I am sure you all are in a state of joy and happiness as we are right now. Elder Uchtdorf is truly a wonderful man and equal to this high and holy calling. I personally feel it such a blessing to know them so personally and to have had such good times with them. They frequently express their impressions of our family and appreciate knowing each of you that they have met. I truly felt the spirit confirm to me that these men are the Lord's choice. What a joyful moment for all of us - - -for all the Church! xoxox Mama

03 February 2008

Gabe's baptism

Gabe was baptized Jan. 12th. Dane performed the baptism and Stan the confirmation. Thank you mom and dad and Jessie and Joni and Dallas and Doug and Jodi's kids for attending. We surely missed the rest of you but understand we cannot fit it all in.

Congrats to Abby for her wonderful accomplishments!! Congrats to Caroline on her baptism! A big get well soon and hope you're feeling better to our dear sister Jodi. Dallas, where the heck are you? Also, to all, please sign your blogs with your names because I don't know your nicknames! Love to all! Gina

Abby's Personal Best...

Well, sorry to bore you with the gory details, but we wanted to tell you the outcome of the 3A State Swimming Championships held at BYU.

First, Wasatch did spectacular. The girls, Abby's team, finished the highest in school history, at a solid 4th place. Our boys, who had a legitimate shot at the championship, came in 2nd Place, only 22 points off the 1st place Ogden team. The final was Wasatch 317.5 to Ogden 339. Sort of tough to lose that close. But they all swam like Poseiden. We had some personal champions in single events and some relays.

On a personal note, Abby had a fantastic meet. On Friday night, she dropped 5 seconds off her Individual Medley!!! That is huge. Like a whole new level. She was jumping for joy. On Saturday, she swam her fastes backstroke ever, dropping a full 1 second off her next fastest time. She is so happy, and very satisfied.

After the meet, our dear coach Leo announced to the team and the parents that he is moving to Alaska in two weeks. Wah! We are in a search for a new coach.

I included some pictures from BYU. Enjoy.


02 February 2008

Crossing The Bar

We, like you have been weeping and remembering our beloved Prophet. I thought everyone would like to hear the words of the song sung by the Choir, "Crossing the Bar". I quote from William J Bennett's Book of Virtues;

"The literal 'bar' of this poem is the kind of submerged sandbar that frequently stretches across the mouth of a river or entrance to a harbor. A ship 'crosses the bar' when it puts out to sea."
Crossing The Bar
By Alfred Tennyson
Sunset and evening star,
And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar,
When I put out to sea,
But such a tide as moving seems asleep,
Too full for sound and foam,
When that which drew from out the boundless deep
Turns again home.
Twilight and evening bell,
And after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell,
When I embark;
For though from out our bourne of Time and Place
The flood may bear me far,
I hope to see my Pilot face-to-face
When I have cross'd the bar.
We love you all. Anxious to see the hand of the Lord move swiftly now to establish the new First Presidency. We felt obviously drawn to President Monson. We loved hearing President Packer's subtle comments about preparing the church to sustaining President Monson.
How greatful we are that we have a prophet on the earth, and God has not left us comfortless.


01 February 2008

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It looks like a space-ship station, I think... Greetings from KL (as the locals call it). Kuala Lampur is the capitol of Malaysia, a fun, interesting, buzzy place in Southeast China. I'm working with a company based out of Utah, called XANGO. Buddy Dainon Moody is a writer for them. He's basically visits company employees across the globe and interviews them for an in-house periodical. They also use a photographer and that's where my eyes come in. We are meeting w/ people, walking the streets of KL (and surrounding areas), photographing the XANGO bottle and the XANGO people. Its been a very good time. Some highlights: the fruit (that we don't get at home); the enigmatic Bantu Caves, Little China, the 85ยบ weather, new people, great food. Our heaviest day will be today. Hope all is well at home. Attached you are seeing the "twin Towers," called Petronas (sounds like Harry Potter's spell). They are strangely but beautifully designed and really look like the image I'm showing. Sure love you all! 7 of 9. PS :: and the yellow guy? That's me, shining brightly on the roads!