04 February 2008

New First Presidency

I am sure you all are in a state of joy and happiness as we are right now. Elder Uchtdorf is truly a wonderful man and equal to this high and holy calling. I personally feel it such a blessing to know them so personally and to have had such good times with them. They frequently express their impressions of our family and appreciate knowing each of you that they have met. I truly felt the spirit confirm to me that these men are the Lord's choice. What a joyful moment for all of us - - -for all the Church! xoxox Mama


Dallas Graham said...

What a sweet, dear man. I love him. A gentle reminder of higher things, no? Does this mean he'll stop coming to the concerts? ;)

Jen said...

i feel the same way!! i have to tell you myles' response to learning about elder uchtdorf's new calling. we were having FHE and got online to learn what had happened in the press conference(LOVE the internet!!) and when myles saw president uchtdorf sitting at the table his first response was, "mom, i know him!" we have been with them several times while with mom and dad-but the one time that really stands out to myles was one day at costco. it was days before the kids and i headed to germany and when we saw them they were SO excited that we'd be leving so soon...and being in germany. anyway, pres. uchtdorf went over to myles and got down on his eye level and shook his hand and asked him is name, talked to him about where he was moving too etc....it wasn't a long time, but myles recalls it very vividly. whenever he sees a photo or sees him on the computer screen he remembers that day and tells me (or anyone else that is around) about it. i feel so blessed to have had myles have that experince with him--it wasn't a huge deal-but it is so great for myles to have that sweet memory and connection with such a sweet man.

anyway, i'm thankful for the witness that i received from the spirit...that these men are the men the Lord would have lead us...i am so thankful for the gift of the spirit!! love you all...and dang i miss you!!