29 April 2008

you never know what is inside!

K--serisouly we love this table! i got it 10 years ago in my beloved VA at an awesome garage sale--still it just makes me so happy and really "goes" if you will, with the decor--LOL--anyway! so it just makes me happy every time i open it. it all started with ryan adding all of his little things and now it has all of the kids little things and all kinds of odds and ends---so really it looks so nice from the outside--but dang you never know what it has gathered! the kids open it up and play for hours in that same spot! Love it

Scarlett's Baptism

Hello Family,

I thought I would write everyone, and let them know that Scarlett has made the decision to enter the waters of baptism on May 3, 2008 at 9:00am at the Saratoga Springs Utah Stake Center. I realize a lot of you will not make it, but for everyone local, we would appreciate your support for Scarlett during this time. We will also have a brunch at our home afterwards. Please let me know if you are planning on attending.


22 April 2008

Do You Know the way to Monterrey

Hey family

This is Brad trying to inform you all of the procedures to write to Landon. Some of you might have gotten an email from him, and I wanted to let you know what would be the best way in my opinion to write back.

The MTC only recently brought email for the Elders. It is very different than the email Austin and James can use in the field. First, there is no way that Landon is allowed to share photos, videos or sound files. All of that is completely disabled. So don't do that.

The most restrictive item is that he is only allowed 30 minutes total once a week to use the email services. We learned early not to respond to his email, since reading mail and responding to it counts against his 30 minutes. Too many people are emailing him using that address, which obligates him to read the responses, usually a week late, and try to respond, and still get in a letter to us. For the past two weeks, we have only received a few lines because of it.

Here is what I recommend. For the next 3 weeks at the MTC, use DearElder.com. If you haven't used it, it is so easy to open a free account and write a letter to the MTC. You will need to know the following information. Elder Landon Graham's mailbox is #321, and his mission code is MEX-MONE, and the estimated departure date is 0512. That is all you need to know, and you are off and running on Dear Elder.

The letters you write on Dear Elder are delivered twice a day, so what you write, he receives in a letter that very day. Dear Elder also delivers to the Pouch in Monterrey for free, so it will be a great way to write him.

If you read the letter, you will know he is doing great! He absolutely loves mail, so please write to him. If you want to use regular snail mail, the only other item you need is 2005 North 900 East, Provo, UT 84604-1793

Please write him. We would appreciate that. We love you all....


Ruby Tuesday!

Hey all...just wanted to share a little piece of Ruby with you. Last week at her 8 week check up, she had just a little more than doubled her birth weight and is completely delicious! We love her to pieces and hope you can all get over here to hold her!! You know folks, you really should plan on coming here while we live here...and tyler's contract is only through march of next year...so really, get your passports going if you don't have one...and if you do...pick a date!! Loves to you all!! Oh, and if you haven't seen the photos from our fun trip to our "Italian Villa" check our Allenworld Blog go on over and see what fun we had!! Sorry Marco, but it was GREAT!! Just think of the fun we could have when you come over!!

15 April 2008

Happy Birthday to Amy and Stan

Today is actually the day for Stan. Happy Birthday, dear Stan, happy birthday to you. Too bad he doesn't do the blog. Oh well, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who made the birthday table for Amy and Stan and express to all of you who didn't, that we missed you. Oasis Cafe ain't got no shabby food. It was all beautiful and very tasty! Conversation was the usual Graham best. Couldn't stop talking so we went to Dallas' home to finish up and eat some great frozen yogurt and fruit. Thanks for letting us come, Dallas. Dallas' house is looking pretty swell. The whole event was scrumptious for all of us! I can handle those gatherings much more often than they happen! Let's do it again! Matt and Angie are coming to Utah in May, so I can tell we will probably have a good excuse. I think they like food. Dates: May 17-25. Mark it on your calendars. Estee and Lee are graduating next week! Hooray for them. They couldn't come to the birthday party because Lee was singing in his last concerts at the BYU. We will miss having them come for the family stuff. Off to Texas they go after graduation! It was great to have Craig and Amy here for a few days. Just put Amy and Lilly on the plane and now I have to pout a little. That too I could stand a little more often! We loved having them here!!!! Thanks again everyone, for being awesome and wonderful to us! Mom

18553:: Pass

jesse found this on the Utah State Bar website on saturday night.  funny thing is is that his applicant ID# for taking the Bar is 18553...

you rock babe!!

13 April 2008

The Armodillo!

K---Yep--our first armodillo experience! Dang--it can really rip up your yard--and dig under your foundation! They usually only come out at night--but the kids and I saw him digging around our pool and i just flipped out! So--called matt, call scott, called wendee to call Garrett to come with the shot gun--and wow he came in all is glory! LOL

11 April 2008


I just wanted to keep you updated on how our little gem is growing! She's already 8 weeks old...and I feel the time is already going too fast!! She is wonderful at everything babies are supposed to do...eat, sleep, and even starting into the "blow-out" phase! She is getting round, softer and softer by the day...and just 100% pure joy. We love her to pieces and want you all to count the days until you get to squeeze her. Doug, I can tell you w/o reservation, that you will squeeze her, one can not help but squeeze her! And she's smiling now...oh, thank heaven for little girls!

08 April 2008

Marco Polo Strikes Again

Hello Family,

I know its been a while since Marco Polo visited us on the family blog, but as usual, I have had some new experiences to bring to the family eye. I don't know why I seem to have so many strange experiences in my travels, but it seems to provide some humor for everyone.
Most people know now that I have somewhat of a "sensitive" gastrointestinal system. Sometimes, its a heavy burden to bear. I had a rather close call the other night. I was in Phoenix last week, doing my work thing, and decided one evening to spend some time with one of my best friends from my youth, Bruce Stevens. He lives in Mesa...Many of you probably remember him. We went to get some chow, sat back and visited for a couple of hours and had a rather great time rediscovering our past. As I was heading home, I looked down at the fuel gauge of my Chrysler 300m-a rather tough gangsta car- and noticed I was essentially empty. Ironically, I felt a uncomfortable sensation traveling through my lower gut, and I thought to myself " Oh no....this could be bad....very bad".
Let me tell you folks....I have never felt unbelievable fear before...but I felt it that night. I frantically looked at every exit for some gas station, restaurant, anything to give me aid...but NOTHING! I thought to myself, "Well, I guess there is a first time for everything, and now, I am going to have the first time I mess my pants in a rental car. I wonder how I am going to explain it when I return the car, and how much they are going to charge me to clean up.....or maybe I could pull over by the side of the freeway and do the nasty.....No, that's no good, the cops would come by and arrest me...and then I would have bigger problems....and again, I'm still going to be out of gas, so I would have to call Bruce or a co worker to help me...and then how is that going to look?
As you can see....I was in a world of hurt....My pelvis literally ached with all my muscles engaged in keeping everything on my inside from getting outside. When I thought all hope was lost, I looked up and behold DENNY's. Never have I been so happy to see that place...because they are the only 24 place around.
I am sure the guy in the next stall thought a disaster had happened, because he heard me praying, thanking Heavenly Father for finding the DENNY'S for me.
Moral of the story-don't take chances with Mexican food in a new place...especially late at night and you are an hour from your hotel.

Hope everyone is well.

06 April 2008

Elder Landon Graham Mission Pix

Dear Family

We are listening to conference at the moment, basking in the Spirit. We are going through the multitude of emotions that come from having a son on a mission. We are feeling the prayers for the missionaries, thinking of the implications of all that is spoken about the great and Marvelous Work.

Here is a picture of March 12, when we said goodbye for a while to our son and brother, Landon Bradley Graham. Thanks to his amazing Grandmother Beverly, who came bearing gifts.

This is a picture of Elder Graham and his wonderful companion Elder Stuart, from Bountiful. They get along wonderfully. Landon is the DL and loves his missionary buddies. The Temple is the highlight of his week. We are thankful for this, since it is where the Father has the opportunity to teach him each week.

Another picture of a walk to the Temple. He looks good, doesn't he?

We will share more later from some of his letters. Suffice it to say that we don't recognize who it is that is sending letters home. An wonderful, spiritual imposter, who has taken over our son. We like him even more than the old Landon.

We love you.

Brad and Carolyn

02 April 2008

Remember....April 1st

My Mom was the Primary president.
It started with here waking us all up early on SATURDAY morning and telling us that the prophet feels that the saints need more then just our weekly Sunday meetings, and had thus asked the church to hold meetings on Saturday as well as Sunday. Of course we moaned an groaned but she recited her favorite teaching story of how Nephi and Sam got the blessings because of their attitudes, while Lamen and Lemuel did not. So we started getting ready for church. Austin calls his buddy Michael and finds out that Michael had no intention of going to church. Sweet little Austin runs to Mom with the news and she pulls off that Michael and his family must have chosen not to follow the prophet. This was quite distressing news to all of us and we all had questions. After a little while she asked us if we knew what today was...."um, April first?" we replied, clearly not understanding what the significance of the date had on such a terrible occasion. And she says "yes, April first...APRIL FOOLS!"
We then of course chased her around the house, tackled her down, and tickled her to death. I know, the worst punishment.

Then she called each of her counselors and teachers with the same story and the same Nephi-ic teaching moment. Sometime you should have her reenact their responses! what a year!

01 April 2008

April Fools Day

April Fools!

People squirming everywhere
Thinking of a joke
I'm so tired from the day
I jump when I get a poke.
Its my sister Caroline
Celebrating the day
When everyone is happy
and trying to get their way.
But no, it never works!
'Cause you'll always be joked upon
A small prank or a little bug
Even if you're a tiny fawn.

Again, I made this one up on the spot. Hope you like it!