13 April 2008

The Armodillo!

K---Yep--our first armodillo experience! Dang--it can really rip up your yard--and dig under your foundation! They usually only come out at night--but the kids and I saw him digging around our pool and i just flipped out! So--called matt, call scott, called wendee to call Garrett to come with the shot gun--and wow he came in all is glory! LOL

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Mama said...

Loved reading about your Texas pet! I don't mean Garrett. But I must say, I am ultra proud of big G. What a proud young man!!! And such a good shot! He saved Angie from the horrible trauma herself. Angie was laughing so hard telling me about it that it made me laugh hard too. The joy of Texas, right? Come on, Angie, be "Angie get yer gun!" xoxo Mom