02 April 2008

Remember....April 1st

My Mom was the Primary president.
It started with here waking us all up early on SATURDAY morning and telling us that the prophet feels that the saints need more then just our weekly Sunday meetings, and had thus asked the church to hold meetings on Saturday as well as Sunday. Of course we moaned an groaned but she recited her favorite teaching story of how Nephi and Sam got the blessings because of their attitudes, while Lamen and Lemuel did not. So we started getting ready for church. Austin calls his buddy Michael and finds out that Michael had no intention of going to church. Sweet little Austin runs to Mom with the news and she pulls off that Michael and his family must have chosen not to follow the prophet. This was quite distressing news to all of us and we all had questions. After a little while she asked us if we knew what today was...."um, April first?" we replied, clearly not understanding what the significance of the date had on such a terrible occasion. And she says "yes, April first...APRIL FOOLS!"
We then of course chased her around the house, tackled her down, and tickled her to death. I know, the worst punishment.

Then she called each of her counselors and teachers with the same story and the same Nephi-ic teaching moment. Sometime you should have her reenact their responses! what a year!


firekracker said...

I'll never forget the April Fools phone call we recieved from Wendee telling us that Angie had run away and was pregnant! Oh my gosh, we were heartbroken and crying.

Wendee, you are the meanest thing there is!!

RockStar said...

Carolyn....I must admit...that was pretty good...you have to give to Wendee.