22 April 2008

Ruby Tuesday!

Hey all...just wanted to share a little piece of Ruby with you. Last week at her 8 week check up, she had just a little more than doubled her birth weight and is completely delicious! We love her to pieces and hope you can all get over here to hold her!! You know folks, you really should plan on coming here while we live here...and tyler's contract is only through march of next year...so really, get your passports going if you don't have one...and if you do...pick a date!! Loves to you all!! Oh, and if you haven't seen the photos from our fun trip to our "Italian Villa" check our Allenworld Blog go on over and see what fun we had!! Sorry Marco, but it was GREAT!! Just think of the fun we could have when you come over!!

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Mama said...

Oh, so want to kiss on her! She is changing so much from the baby I saw in Feb.! I would definitely say she is looking like her good looking Daddy. xoxo Mom