11 April 2008


I just wanted to keep you updated on how our little gem is growing! She's already 8 weeks old...and I feel the time is already going too fast!! She is wonderful at everything babies are supposed to do...eat, sleep, and even starting into the "blow-out" phase! She is getting round, softer and softer by the day...and just 100% pure joy. We love her to pieces and want you all to count the days until you get to squeeze her. Doug, I can tell you w/o reservation, that you will squeeze her, one can not help but squeeze her! And she's smiling now...oh, thank heaven for little girls!


bubblyone said...

OOOHHHHHHH jeni she is so dang cute--just a little beauty! i could squeeze her all day! sure wish i could

I have missed you and your voice-i keep missing you--so lets talk soon k?--hope all is happy!


Mama said...

I feel like I could just eat her up. She is lookin so different than when I was there! Adorable and so delectable! Smooch her for me! xoxo Mom