15 April 2008

Happy Birthday to Amy and Stan

Today is actually the day for Stan. Happy Birthday, dear Stan, happy birthday to you. Too bad he doesn't do the blog. Oh well, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who made the birthday table for Amy and Stan and express to all of you who didn't, that we missed you. Oasis Cafe ain't got no shabby food. It was all beautiful and very tasty! Conversation was the usual Graham best. Couldn't stop talking so we went to Dallas' home to finish up and eat some great frozen yogurt and fruit. Thanks for letting us come, Dallas. Dallas' house is looking pretty swell. The whole event was scrumptious for all of us! I can handle those gatherings much more often than they happen! Let's do it again! Matt and Angie are coming to Utah in May, so I can tell we will probably have a good excuse. I think they like food. Dates: May 17-25. Mark it on your calendars. Estee and Lee are graduating next week! Hooray for them. They couldn't come to the birthday party because Lee was singing in his last concerts at the BYU. We will miss having them come for the family stuff. Off to Texas they go after graduation! It was great to have Craig and Amy here for a few days. Just put Amy and Lilly on the plane and now I have to pout a little. That too I could stand a little more often! We loved having them here!!!! Thanks again everyone, for being awesome and wonderful to us! Mom

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