22 April 2008

Do You Know the way to Monterrey

Hey family

This is Brad trying to inform you all of the procedures to write to Landon. Some of you might have gotten an email from him, and I wanted to let you know what would be the best way in my opinion to write back.

The MTC only recently brought email for the Elders. It is very different than the email Austin and James can use in the field. First, there is no way that Landon is allowed to share photos, videos or sound files. All of that is completely disabled. So don't do that.

The most restrictive item is that he is only allowed 30 minutes total once a week to use the email services. We learned early not to respond to his email, since reading mail and responding to it counts against his 30 minutes. Too many people are emailing him using that address, which obligates him to read the responses, usually a week late, and try to respond, and still get in a letter to us. For the past two weeks, we have only received a few lines because of it.

Here is what I recommend. For the next 3 weeks at the MTC, use DearElder.com. If you haven't used it, it is so easy to open a free account and write a letter to the MTC. You will need to know the following information. Elder Landon Graham's mailbox is #321, and his mission code is MEX-MONE, and the estimated departure date is 0512. That is all you need to know, and you are off and running on Dear Elder.

The letters you write on Dear Elder are delivered twice a day, so what you write, he receives in a letter that very day. Dear Elder also delivers to the Pouch in Monterrey for free, so it will be a great way to write him.

If you read the letter, you will know he is doing great! He absolutely loves mail, so please write to him. If you want to use regular snail mail, the only other item you need is 2005 North 900 East, Provo, UT 84604-1793

Please write him. We would appreciate that. We love you all....


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Mama said...

Thanks Brad for clarifying the procedure for writing Landon. We got his amazingly wonderful letter and know he is such a great missionary. We love his great enthusiasm and love for the Lord's errand. Can you forward any letters to us via E-mail? xoxo Mom