16 June 2011

Hi family! Just to let you know that our Littlest One - - Joni - - is running the Ragnar tomorrow and Saturday. Feel free to call and cheer her on! Her group begins at 4 p.m. on Friday. She runs at 6 p.m. on Friday, during the middle of the night, not sure of the next time, but she is the last runner. . . .crossing the finishe line Sat. afternoon. We are sad that we don't get to see it. The spectator thing is very limited this year! She will be in our hearts and prayers, right? Go Joni Go! You are awesome! Loves and kisses! xoxox Mom

11 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day All!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers! I hope your day was made very special. Mine was spent with both our families and made delightful by all involved. Lee's rotation is at a hospital were he gets food from the awesome cafeteria and he has been bringing me my favorite drinks all week! Then he took Graham to the store with him and they picked out a bouquet of white roses and yellow mum, so fresh and pretty on my table! On Thursday Graham brought home a bouquet of hand-painted tulips from egg cartons for my "mah-ders day!"

With the flowers came a note. This is what it said: 
This is to Certify that my mom is the greatest! 
Here's why:  "because she gives me lots of grapes and food. She gives me green beans, and I love those!"
Love, GA...a...m"
(He signed his own name!)

What a sweetie!
(notice the nice lip...he said the couch hit him.)

We spent church and a mother's day luncheon with the Graham Fam. Graham's Primary class facilitated a gift for me too; a rose and a note. Here are Graham's responses to the prompts on the note:
My mom's favorite color is: blue
She loves to eat: grapes
My mom smiles because: she has a little baby in her tummy
My mom wants me to:   eat bacon
I like it when my mom:   makes bacon soda
If I could give her anything I would:  give her fruit
When she grows up she want to:  be a girl
My mom loves me because:  she has lots of watermelon

(It seems Graham - of all people - has food on the brain!)

Luncheon with the Graham was super. It was phenomenal food, including a lime-ice drink, salmon smothered in lime n butter sauted onions, vegi kabobs, a beautiful salad and bruccetta for the 3rd year running! We were pretty stuffed by the time we got to the Ragsdales!

Grandpa Ragsdale is just a little boy in a big body and loves his grandkids! 
He comes up with the best activities!

"Here kids, try this!"

05 May 2011

Doris Day Mom

Amy posted this on Facebook... and I'm completely in love! Was there ever a more lovely face? A more stylish swish? A more pure and happy lady?

This image (captured by whom?) is something I will always, ALWAYS love looking to remembering my darling, Doris Day Mother!

20 March 2011

The White Stork Is Coming

The White Stork was sitting,
Up high in the tree
When the boy kissed the girl
And dropped to his knee.

"Will you?" he asked
With his chiseled, square face
"I will, you goat-lover!"
She answered in haste.

Wedding bells rang
And cheers climbed sky-high,
Dancing and singing,
And mile-deep pie.

The White Stork sat by
As the guests strolled away
And the couple made haste
To "roll in the hay."

Days turned to months
And leaves turned to snow
And the couple began to
Feel life-wheels go.

Groceries and books
And some thoughts of cars;
Spaghetti with meatballs
Was a favorite of thars.

The White Stork kept watch
In the high-time of day;
And he perched near their window
Each "roll in the hay."

You see:

His job is not easy,
This gentle, white bird
He determines all new life,
Just like you've heard.

It's not muscles or brains
That produces a child;
It's something much more
Than a call of the wild.

The White Stork keeps watch
Over each new-made pair;
He checks and he measures
Their level of care.

He helps with the life-math,
The addition of two,
And he watches intentions
To see if they're true.


Because his job is not easy,
When he places new life
In a small, cotton blankey
Between a man and his wife.

The child is WhiteSpecial
Because of it's soul
And Fathers and Mothers
Have a keen role.

For two that are new
To the burping and tears,
Need patience and love
To the stars and for years.

The White Stork can only
Let go and release
To hearts that are stitched
With forgiveness and peace.


Celebrate and hip-ya!
The White Stork made a nest
That sits in the branches
of the greatest tree-best!

A baby is coming
Direct from the sky
With The White Stork's blessing
And his teary, glad eyes.


Love you all,
especially Austin and Cydnee!