05 May 2011

Doris Day Mom

Amy posted this on Facebook... and I'm completely in love! Was there ever a more lovely face? A more stylish swish? A more pure and happy lady?

This image (captured by whom?) is something I will always, ALWAYS love looking to remembering my darling, Doris Day Mother!


Oldest Girl said...

I love this too! Thanks for updating the blog! Need to keep it going! I wish Scott would cough up the actual photo so that I could enlarge and make it real. :)

Mama said...

The Dad took this photo of me. It is outside our first apartment in Provo. Very much newlyweds! This was my "going away" dress that Mom made for me. My hair was in a pony tail! Whatever! That was the look in those days! I own the photo . . . if any of you want it. Why do you think Scott has it? Has he been in my albums again. . . . ..sneaking photos to copy. AHA! Yes, I was pretty much a Doris Day!!!! Just ask your Dad! xoxo Mom

Mama said...

I think it is time for a change of the photo, please. There must be something better. I know! How about a photo of Dad for Father's Day? Good idea!