23 April 2007

List of 10

Oops. . . .I think I am not ready after all. I must think on this a bit! xoxoxox Mama

Off In The Mail

Some of you know that I wrote a children's book a few years back, detailing some memory/bed-time imagination while I was in Switzerland. I have had this on a list of things to do for a long period of time. I found a local, independent publisher that seemed like a good fit for my book. I sent off a packet last wk which included a manuscript and 3 sample illustrations for my book: An Old Hag's Summer Night. At this point, I am just excited to get it in the mail - it seems it took far too long to do this. As is par the course, I'm not expecting immediate groveling over my book. In most cases, writer/illustrators have to solicit many publishing houses before an acceptance. We'll see what turns up. At any rate, I thought I'd share the first page illustration of my book and let you get a feel for it. Guaranteed: I will be letting EVERYBODY know if/when this is accepted.

Turkey Huntin' in Texas

Last weekend, April 14, Bo and I bagged us a Tom. We had him for dinner a few days later. It was very good. We had a great time! We actually were very cold. It was in the lower 40s and the wind was blowing. Turkey hunting is a sit on your can and wait game. Still, we shot every Tom we saw . . . one! 100% success.

22 April 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things, Well, Actually 10 of Them...

Amy sent something the other day, via email, with some of her favorite things, anything from food to movies to memories. I thought it was a great idea and thought we should do something similar on this post. I will supply a few questions and then I will reply to my own email (in the comments) and you can see what I wrote. Everybody else do the same. That way, we'll have a collection of favorites. This post is simply to entitle the entry, so we can find it later if we need to. The 10 categories, my friends:

1. Your 3 all-time favorite books
2. Your 3 all-time favorite movies
3. Your 3 all-time favorite songs
4. Your 3 favorite jokes
5. 3 of your life-goals (let's be truthful)
6. Your favorite cuisine
7. Your favorite time of day (be descriptive)
8. Your three favorite people (not family, we'll get jealous if we're not chosen!)
9. 3 of your favorite memories
10. Your 3 favorite secrets

20 April 2007

Doug's Travels

Just wanted to know that starting immediately, I will also be covering Arizona and Nevada, which means I am transcontinental-from the Canadian border to the Mexican border....hmm....lots of more land to cover for the same pay! Sweet!!! That is what I've always wanted. Of course, I don't have the luxury travels as some of the family-Tyler, Scott, DALLAS, etc. but I still love enjoying the beautiul country of Montana.....and Idaho....and Utah.....Arizona....Nevada....geez......

Hope all is well with everyone....

19 April 2007

Move Over Martha

Yo. Yo. The word on the street is that a certain soon-to-be German is the most recent member of an exclusive design team for a scrapbooking company! She'll be creating her own card designs and displaying them for oodles of other creatives to feast and salivate over: inspiring and helping. Jeni recently attended a well-known scrapbook regional convention and met all sorts of women familiar with the craft. She had a ball and consequently, had some doors open for her. I'll tell you what, it is great to see her so happy doing something that she does so well AND is being recognized for it. Way to go, Jen. I know it's a big deal. Bravo. Applause. Hi-5!

17 April 2007

my life....

so i thought i should take a moment and fill you all in on my life. the basic jist of it right now is having a great time at home!! i've had a wonderful time being home and letting my kids play with mom and dad, uncles and aunts, and cousins!! this time together has been the beginning of great relationships for my kids and i'm totally loving that!!

the kids and i will be at mom's until the 30th of april. it is funny, my "move" was so much stress on my brain the month of march, then all of our stuff got packed up and i came home, and now it feels a little bit like our move isn't very real!! i love looking on my caller id on the phone and seeing "germany home" calling me...it's great!!

so, tyer left the day after easter and has been busy as a little bee can be. he is doing things that i just think to myself, "i didn't know he knew how to do that!" he is working long hours and getting a good bit of work done, which is very satisfying for him....as you all know.

he is living in a temporary appartment, it is 3 bedrooms and "super swank" from his description. we'll be joining him to live there for 2 weeks. our house will be ready for us to move into on the 15th of may....so let's all joing together and pray that my stuff gets there by the time we move in!:) wouldn't that be loverly!

so that is my life in a nutshell....it is wonderful and good. lucy has been very feverish for a few days, and that is very wearing on the mother of any small child....so lst night at 9:18 pm, the kids were finally in bed...dallas and i left for an outing to the local super target...it just makes one feel better to walk through the store!! you all know how if feels....just good to get out!! no, but it has been so great to be here and enjoy the love that i feel!

we went to doug and jodi's yesterday to wish scarlett and sasha happy birthday, and it was so fun to watch my kids with all of their kids...lucy and teage are so funny! on the way home, we dropped dallas off at his house, and myles started crying about wanting to go to dallas' house...so he got to go to dallas' house for about 20 minutes before dallas come up to our house...it was the best day that myles has had thus far, i'm sure. it's just awesome to let my kids get to know and love my siblings....

sorry for the rambling..but i just want you all to know i love you! and i fully expect that you will come see me in germany....fully expected.

15 April 2007

Message from Clan Dad - Sunday, April 15 - Stan's birthday

this is sunday morning, and I have been particularly weepy this morning, as I read.. Our temple president assigned us Sec. 109 this month of April to study, and Friday, i conducted the 8;30 session, and had the opportunity to lead the prayer circle also.. certain thoughts came to me that day in that prayer, around that alter, which is symbolic as all alters in the temple are, of the alter upon which the Lord offered His life in the great sacrifice for us... but verse 38 came quite forcefully to me, which i commend to you... " put upon thy servants the testimony if the covenant, that when they go out and proclaim thy word, they may seal up the law, and prepare the hearts of thy saints for all those judgments thou art about to send upon the inhabitants of the earth, because of their transgressions-------then the last sentence, "that thy people may not faint in the day of trouble." Very powerful..and for our Bishops, Scott, Brad, and Craig, more. In our study group monday, Bishop Edgley, in whose home we met, said, I thought you might be interested in the general authority training , to all the general authorities present before Conference, taught by the First Presidency...I would hope you treat this with confidence, as it was given in confidence... but note worthy as President Hinckley said "the one office in the church that carries the work forward is the Bishop.In the eyes of the member, the bishop is the most important leader in the church. Look at his responsibility and how he is involved in the covenant issues, recommends, interviews for worthiness, his role in Welfare, he is the motor that makes the church run.The most important assignment we have as general authorities is to build the Bishop.. " That was the main theme of the Presidents thoughts... Pres Monson dwelt on home storage, and how the church welfare program is really as strong as the individual members committment to preparation... President Faust taught from sec. 105, and redeeming zion.. and reminded them that the Zions camp march, with all that it entailed, produced the Twelve, and leaders of the church for the next 50 years... quite remarkable... well, I have gone on and on, but thought you would be interested... my prayer is that Heavenly Father will watch over you all, and keep you. Love the Clan Dad..... and happy birthday to Stan... I remember, for the benefit for all of you, that i had been in New York to a meeting the week prior to his due date. Knowing that Stans birth was right there, I got home just as Mom and Aunt Mary who had come from Buhl to be with her, were leaving for the hospital... how about the timing... I remember like it was yesterday... again. . .love, Clan Dad


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STAN!!! Though Stan and Gina are out of town celebrating his big 45th birthday and he won't see this greeting, none the less, let us all remember this is Stan's birthday and think of him and what he means to each of us. He is a great blessing to our family and I am sure that each of you agree with me that he is always quick to support and help whenever needed. He is a great father, husband and son. He has brought lots of joy and happiness into our lives. I am sure that each of you will get your birthday greeting to him somehow. I might add that he has a new E-mail address that he will be more likely to access. It is grahamstanford@yahoo.com You might even try it today. They are on a boat and will have e-mail access. The family loves Stan! Right? xoxox Mom

12 April 2007

Dream Job

Ever ask yourself: "If I could do anything, what would it be?" For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to work in a "Cheers" atmosphere, you know? Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name... and they're always glad you came.

*Cheers Theme Song*

Because of the nature of Montage Creative, I find myself working with myself... a lot. Everyday I stroll over to Carlucci's to read the paper or bite into a Giselle. But really, I go there to chat to the Dessert Queens. Then I walk over to Caputo's Market and shoot it with the Deli Boys. There's something to those places in a community where everything is easy and enjoyable. Usually, the circles gravitates towards food.

A couple wks back I stopped by Caputo's and visited my favorite Deli Gals, Sue and Jan. I have been threatening for months that I'd love to do some work there — I really want to wear the green apron! — but b/c my photography schedule can be haphazard, I'm not an ideal candidate for a full "part-time" job.

Sue says, "Dallas, why don't you just come in from 11a-2p?"
D: "Are you serious?"
S: "Of course I'm serious."
D: "3 days a week?"
S: "Yes."

Then I talked to Tony, the man of this block. He said, "Dallas, as long as you can fit in an apron, you can work here. If you're going to be gone, just let us know and we'll work around it."

So, starting this past Monday, I officially work for Caputo's. I'm not sure if "working" is the correct description of that 3 hour window in my day. I'm there on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 9 hours total. I see a lot of people I know, I'm meeting new people, and getting my choice of the Soprano or Caputo sandwich (or any other Italian sub for that matter) at the end of the shift is, well... a dream job, in green-aproned glory.

11 April 2007

Official Word on Family Reunion Dates

Hi everyone. I have the official answer to the question of the MSA and LEG reunion dates. The MSA reunion starts this year only on a Friday instead of Thursday. After this year it will begin on Thursdays again. It will begin on Friday, July 27 in the early afternoon. Dinner will be the first meal served. We will stay there Friday night, Sat. night and Sun night. Then on Monday, the LEG family will head to Six Lakes and stay there Monday night, Tuesday night and Wednesday night, and leave before noon on Thursday, heading home. Hopefully on either Friday or Saturday, we will have our day at Lagoon. This is not totally confirmed but I find there is great interest in that. So if you have any more questions, fire them at me and I will see what I can do about answering them. Sounds like tons of fun and we are looking forward to it! xoxoxo Mama

10 April 2007

Scarlett and Sasha

Thought I would post some great pictures of my girls as well. See Mom...now you can have some pictures for the fridge.

Teage le Bert

I just thought that I would post this great picture that Jodi took of our little Bertin...or Bert.....or Bertalet.....however you choose to call him. Enjoy. We sure love Teage to death...anyone that has been around him knows what a busy boy he is, and what a rascal he can be...but we can overlook that.

Rock Star has joined

OK everyone....after careful consideration that "Middle Child Syndrome" wasn't panning out the way I thought, I have renamed and remade my self into RockStar. Just thought you all should know.....shake and bake baby....

09 April 2007

WANTED: Reunion Dates 2007

Scott and Brad: Can you please let us know the dates of the LEG Reunion this year? I thought if we could post it here, it'd be a nice referral for us at any time. Thanks!

Angela Suzanne

Here's to the famous, gorgeous, well-acclaimed
B-day recipient this week! Hip-hip-hurrah! Loving
you and more on this 34-tunate day!

08 April 2007


Happy birthday to our wonderful Angie! We are thinking about all day on this special day to you. We send our love and many thanks to you for your wonderful life and your dedication to the Lord. You are really something special, Angie. We are so happy to see what a wonderful Mother you have become and what a great companion to Matt. We love you so much and wish you a happy day. We left a singing telegram on your answering machine. Happy Birthday and wishes for many more! xoxoxo Mom

Happy Easter . . . Peeps Anyone?

Magic. A live peep! Garrett, be sure you only try to take a bite out of the one in your right hand. You know what a real peep is, don't you????

Daddy, look what the Easter Bunny brought me!!! (What was the Easter Bunny thinking? Does he think that Daddy has time to build a chicken run?)

Two Epistles from Our Canadian Missionary

I have failed to post Elder Graham's last two letters. Here they are for your enjoyment.

March 28, 2007

Dear Family,

How is everything going at home? You finally decided to put in a garden after I leave. I see how it is. That’s wonderful. I hope that your Hawaii was fun and that everything went well. Family trips are so important. They will help the family grow closer together. The picture that you sent was so cool. Garrett looked funny. Was Emma able to go down in the water too? She probably loved it on the beach. I would love to see some pictures. How are all he kids doing in school? What kinds of activities are going on? So you got some rain? Is the drought still going on?

I am really trying to keep you updated. I only have a little time on the computers, so you need to be patient with me. I am trying to tell you everything I can. There are a lot of things that happen in a week. Tell everyone that I am trying to write them back. We have a big family and it is really hard to get to everyone. Mail is really expensive up here so I won’t be writing as much as you would like me to. And P day is really short and I have a lot to do. So please be patient with me and I will try to answer everyone’s questions.

Now with my new companion, Elder De Simone. He is the opposite of my other companion. He has not been blessed with a great family. He has not always wanted to go on a mission, hasn’t been the best kid in his life, made some big mistakes, and doesn’t know the gospel very well. But he is a hard worker and he knows why he is out here. He really puts forth a lot of effort to become better. Together, we are going to be great, because we both want to work and work hard. He has a great desire to learn more and do better. He has only been out for 6 months. So we are both fairly new at this, but we are really working hard and we can already see miracles. I finally know how a companion planning and study session goes. We are really filling our day. For example, yesterday, our first appointment was at 10:30 with a man named Lynn. He is about 25 and we just met him on the street. We had a great first lesson and invited him to read and pray. He said yes and we are going back tomorrow. He is the first new investigator in weeks. We then had drop by’s. No one was home but we tried, and that is what really matters in the end. We then had an appointment with some investigators named Collin and Heather who I have only met once in the 5 weeks that I have been here. They bombed us. But again, we were really trying and working hard. Our next appointment was not until 2:00 p.m. So we decided to go and contact some of our referrals. We were on bikes that day (it has been beautiful up here, upper teens, that’s in C) and this contact was on the other side of town and there is a big hill that we were going to have to bike up. But we went anyway. 15 minutes later, we found the street and were heading down it, when I remembered that our Elder’s quorum president lived on this street. He and his family are 10 year converts. We decided to stop by and ask him if he would like to come with us. We knocked on his door and he answered the door with a "perfect timing, come on in." My companion and I looked at each other, totally lost. We walked in and at the table was a teenage girl. This was his wife’s niece. She was 15 and unbeknownst to us, they had been talking about life and its challenges. She is not a member and she was really going through a hard time in her life so she had stopped by to talk with him for some advice.
We sat down and started to talk and ended up teaching her the plan of salvation. We found out that she was pregnant and asked us what we thought about abortion. I told her that the power that God has given us is special and that we should not play with that gift. Life is too precious. But I asked her to pray and ask God what she should do. The spirit was really strong. But when Brother Drover said the prayer, the spirit was so strong that I started to cry. It was amazing. We had no intention of going even near that part of town because we were on our bikes. But the Lord led us to her. She is going to stay at the Drovers and we are going back to teach her more. The Lord has a hand in this work. I am so glad that my companion and I were worthy of that blessing.

We had other appointments that bombed us until we met with James. Now you all remember James, right? He is the Native, and we have not seen him for about 2 weeks. His mom still doesn’t like us but she ok with us teaching him. The kid is amazing. We were finally able to teach him the first lesson. He is so full of questions and really feels that something is missing in his life. His words were "I have a whole that is needs to be filled." The lesson went great. The spirit was so strong. We have another appointment with him tomorrow.

Matt is not doing so well. The last time that we met with him he told us a lot about his past. He has had a really and I mean reeeeeeeeeaaaallllllyyy hard life. He is what we know as a drug baby. He has been addicted to drugs since he was born. His mom is a serious druggy. He was kicked out of his home when he was 15 and has been living own. That’s just the half of it. But his life has been bad. I want him to be happy so bad and feeling the comfort that we have. I told him that all of that can be washed away if we accept Christ. I said that he doesn’t have to have this pain in his life anymore. I bore a strong testimony of the atonement and how we can truly be happy we told him that we were going to help him kick all of his bad habits and help him find this happiness. If he could, he would go to college, but he can’t afford it. We told him about BYU and how he could go to college if he wanted to. We talked for 2 hours about how his life could be better with Christ in his life. It was awesome. I know that the spirit touched him. But last night, we ran into him on the street and he was not doing so well. He was fired from his job (You really need to know Matt. He is the hardest worker and was the best employ that they had. But the place he worked at was full of a bunch of idiots. Some girl told him that he was fired so he left. He came back that night to get his stuff and the manager was there and asked him why he had quit and he said that she had fired him and that the girl told him that he was fired. They both denied it and told him that he had quit.) And I don’t think that he is doing so well with the praying and quitting of things. Please pray for Matt. He really needs some help. Please pray for him.

Dayna is doing well. But we just can’t sit down and talk with her. The only time that we ever catch her is at work. But we taught her all about the restoration and how there is authority on the earth again. She knows that she needs to be baptized again. I was so happy. But pray for her to because she has a lot of addictions too.

We really need more people to teach. Pray for us to be lead to those that are ready for the gospel. Pray especially for a family. I would love to teach a family.

The Branch up here is really small. It has about 100 members but about 20-45 show up every week. There are great people and they have great testimonies. The Branch president is awesome. His name is President Longlad. But the missionary efforts are not going so well in the branch. Give me some ideas to get this ward really excited about missionary work.

I am going to memorize The Living Christ, and the Proclamation to the World. Challenge me to do some more things that will help me become a better missionary. Send me things that will challenge me and make me work harder.

I hope that I have done a better job about answering some of your questions.

I know that if you work your hardest and really try, the Lord will do the rest if we can put our lives in his hands. He will bless us. I know that we have a loving father in heaven and that he, if we will let him, well help us through life’s challenges. He is there. All we need to do is ask him to help us. Have faith that everything will be better. Life is short all we need to do is endure our trials with faith in him. What a wonderful blessing it is to know what we know. Now let’s go and share it with the World.

I love you all. Tell me how you are doing on the things that I challenged you to do. I would really love to hear some stories.


Elder Graham

April 4, 2007

Hi everyone,

A lot happens in a week. I only have 1 hour to write you and my mission pres. That is not a lot of time, but I will try to write as much as I can.

First, I only got 1 E Mail from you all this week. What is going on? Thank you for the letters though. And the box of stuff from Maui. Kayla, I am sorry I have not written you back yet. I have no time. Today is our p day, or the time that we have to do other things like write letters and we are booked with appointments. I figure that it is better to teach than take a break. So I am sorry. But I will try to write you back. Tell everyone that I will try to write them back. And for those that have not written, I LOVE to get letters during to week. Garrett, Bo, Estee, Lee, and every one else, I am talking to you. Come on, WRITE ME! Do you not love your brother? It makes me so happy when I get a letter. Tell everyone thank you for writing. It makes my day.

But off that subject. Now on to the things that really matter. The Lord has been blessing us so much. Thank you for all your prayers.

WE HAVE SOMEONE SET FOR BAPTISOM!!!!!!! Yes. His name is Lynn or Leonard. You would like him Grandpa. We had met Lynn about 4 weeks ago, but never talked with him. We were able to have a great first lesson, finally, and taught him about the restoration. He really didn’t talk that much but you could tell that he was thinking. that was on Tuesday. We had another lesson on Thursday. It was awesome. The spirit was so strong. We really didn’t follow a lesson. We just testified up and down. I felt the need to invite him to be baptized. We challenged him and he said yes. The date is the 14th. This was the second time that we had meat with him. The Lord had prepared him for it and he is ready. He came to all except one of the sessions of conference. He loved it. He said it makes sense. When we were listening, I stepped out to go to the wash room (that’s what they call the bathrooms up here). When I got back, Lynn leaned over and said, "This is Elder Packer, he is in the quorum of the 12". He then proceeded to explain to me what he was talking about. He asked if he could write down one of the quotes that he really liked in my study journal. That’s how awesome this kid is. He is 21 and has a 2 year old little girl. His girlfriend is not so receptive to us. We finally were able to talk with her this morning. But we are working on that. With the Lord, anything is possible.

Another amazing story. When my comp was being transferred, I stayed with some missionaries in Barry, about 2 hours away. While I was down there, I got my hair cut. While I was getting my hair cut, I talked to the lady next to me, who was also getting her hair cut. We started to talk about the church and I invited her to church. She said that she would go and later, I found out that she did. But just last Friday, the Barry elders called me. They said, "Do you remember Angie?" And I said yes, the one that I had talked to in the hair solon. He said, "Well, she is getting baptized this Sunday." I was shocked. Someone that I had talked to only a week before was getting baptized. The Lord puts people in your path that you may never know what would happen if you didn’t talk to them. All I did was ask her to come to church. That was it. The spirit in the end is the one that does the teaching. Talk to every on that you can about the Church and the great blessing it is in your life. You never know what will happen. What a blessing that was.

Matt is doing ok. He came to 1 session but I don’t know how well he is doing. We are meeting with him tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.

Dayna is finally opening up. We ran into her yesterday, really the Lord put her in our path but she is going through a hard time. She asked why so many bad things happen to one person. The first time I met her, she said that if we would have talked to her 3 months before, she would have sent us away. I then told her that the Lord was humbling her and that now she is ready to hear what we have to say. She started to cry and I did to. The Lord had been preparing her to listen. She is now ready to listen. We are meeting with her in 1/2 an hour. We are going to commit her to baptism. The Lord has prepared people to be taught. Some people it takes a little more time then others, but the Lord will humble them. And when that happens, something beautiful can happen in the person. This is what is happening in Dayna. I am so happy. I told her straight up that I am glad that she went through all of these trials because now she is ready to let him in.

James is also doing ok. We didn’t get to meet with him this last week so I will get back to you on that.

Here is someone new. Candra and Kasy. Best friends. They are 15. We have been teaching them for about a week and they love it. They know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet. They listen to Conference at home on here computers. They loved it. But their parents really, and I mean really, don’t like the church. They think that we don’t respect women, and all this other stuff. But they are still letting them come and listen to us. So that is great. When Candra prays, she always asks for her family’s heart to be softened. Can you all pray for that? For these families to let us teach them. Kasy also has a problem with homosexuality. We gave her something to read but if you could pray for that also, that would be great. But I think in the end, they will be getting baptized.

We are also teaching a great family. They are named Travis and Nicole they have 1 kid each and have had 2 together. Travis is really receptive, and loves it. They are going to take a little more time then I the others, but they will come around. But Travis said that something is missing and he wants to know if this is it. We love to teach them. They just soak it up like a sponge.

For the past few days, we have been on bikes. Our car is in the shop because some Elder Nelson got in a wreck. But when we are on bikes, it opens up so many more opportunities. And the Lord can see that we really are dedicated. On Monday, we biked all the way out to Port McNickle. About 10-15 Ks away. It was a good 25 min. up and down hills. We had to do that 2 times that day and it was raining. It was really cold. All of the snow is gone but it is supposed to snow this week and we won’t have a car so we well be biking in the snow. I am sure that I will have some great stories to tell.
But yesterday was amazing. We had been biking all day and it rained all day. We were soaked, but we kept on pushing. Some time had gone by and we had not seen any one for a while. I asked my companion if we could say a prayer. We did but we didn’t even get off our bikes. We just said it as we were going. We asked to be lead to someone that needed him. This is at about 7:30 and it was getting dark. We could have gone in early but be kept on pushing. We were cold, wet and tired. About 5 min went by and I felt that we should go and see someone in an apartment complex. The road to this place is a hill and we were heading down it. About half way down it, there was a bench that was facing the woods, with a young man sitting on it. He had been there for quite a wile because he was drenched. I slammed on my brakes and skidded to a halt and turned around. I introduced myself and asked him his name. He said Vincent. I started to talk to him. He had had a hard life and was really down. I talked about Christ and his atonement. In the end, both he and I were crying. The spirit was so strong. We are meeting with him today

But I have to go he have an appointment in 2 min. Yes, that’s how my days have been. Running from place to place. I love it.

I love the Lord. I know that we can feel peace in this world. All we need to do is let him in. he is waiting. Just open the door.

I love you all.

Dayna is here so I have to go.

05 April 2007

From the Heart

I thought about posting just one or two or three pictures of Virginian life in late March, but then I thought of Doug. Surely he would appreciate an entire album of photos to peruse as he worked at deflating his disagreeable distensions...

The rest of you will just have to endure this act of love...
St. Patty's to Easter Egg Hunt

04 April 2007

She's All That

She's gorgeous. She's hilarious.
She loves you... all the way home!




Little Dallas Getting Big

K check this one out of our little man--i said Dallas lets take your picture and he immediately put his hands in his pockets and just posed! I just laughed so hard and this is just one little guy who makes us so happy! I can't wait for another one! AHHHH!

01 April 2007

Great Conference Weekend

Well, we certainly were fed this weekend! It never ceases to amaze me how the general conferences NEVER disappoint or turn out just ho-hum. There were really some masterpieces delivered. A few of my favorites, if I had to name a few: (1) "Words" - Elder Holland, (2) "Pickles - Elder Bednar, (3) "Remembering" - Elder Marlin Jensen, (4) "Be There" - Elder Hales, (5) "Forgiveness" - Elder Faust, (6) "Divorce" - Elder Oaks, (7) "Someday" - Elder Eyring. And, of course, President Hinckley's great testimony of the Restoration. Did all of you notice how his word tracks were from the Living Christ?

Basking in the warm glow. . . .

Captains Log Stardate 3006

Ok Everyone.....Doug here. Jodi and I have finally decided to accept this blog as a meaningful way to communicate with everyone. Good thing I have Dallas to guide me. I have a question for everyone: Does anyone ever get abdominal distention from eating certain types of sandwich ham? I do....and it is very painful. I typically have to stay away from the Land of Lakes brands, and other low cost, high MSG hams, but in the end, I find it hard to stay way from beloved ham.

Just curious....tell me your findings.