10 April 2007

Teage le Bert

I just thought that I would post this great picture that Jodi took of our little Bertin...or Bert.....or Bertalet.....however you choose to call him. Enjoy. We sure love Teage to death...anyone that has been around him knows what a busy boy he is, and what a rascal he can be...but we can overlook that.


Mama said...

I could just eat this one up!!! He is such a joy! Talk about a fun little boy! He has such personality and you can just see that mischief in his eyes. Don't let him grow up too fast!!! Love him! xoxoxo Mom

7of9 said...

....?.... How do you top this one?! Geez. I still think your kids could earn their college funds modeling.. :)

I love this pic of Burten-bopper.