15 April 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STAN!!! Though Stan and Gina are out of town celebrating his big 45th birthday and he won't see this greeting, none the less, let us all remember this is Stan's birthday and think of him and what he means to each of us. He is a great blessing to our family and I am sure that each of you agree with me that he is always quick to support and help whenever needed. He is a great father, husband and son. He has brought lots of joy and happiness into our lives. I am sure that each of you will get your birthday greeting to him somehow. I might add that he has a new E-mail address that he will be more likely to access. It is grahamstanford@yahoo.com You might even try it today. They are on a boat and will have e-mail access. The family loves Stan! Right? xoxox Mom

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