22 April 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things, Well, Actually 10 of Them...

Amy sent something the other day, via email, with some of her favorite things, anything from food to movies to memories. I thought it was a great idea and thought we should do something similar on this post. I will supply a few questions and then I will reply to my own email (in the comments) and you can see what I wrote. Everybody else do the same. That way, we'll have a collection of favorites. This post is simply to entitle the entry, so we can find it later if we need to. The 10 categories, my friends:

1. Your 3 all-time favorite books
2. Your 3 all-time favorite movies
3. Your 3 all-time favorite songs
4. Your 3 favorite jokes
5. 3 of your life-goals (let's be truthful)
6. Your favorite cuisine
7. Your favorite time of day (be descriptive)
8. Your three favorite people (not family, we'll get jealous if we're not chosen!)
9. 3 of your favorite memories
10. Your 3 favorite secrets

1 comment:

Mama said...

What is this about sharing my 3 favorite secrets????????? Then I wouldn't have any more secrets! I do like the idea though. It will make me think hard. I loved reading Amy's list. This should be a fun thing to do family. . .Let's do it! xoxox Mama