09 April 2007

WANTED: Reunion Dates 2007

Scott and Brad: Can you please let us know the dates of the LEG Reunion this year? I thought if we could post it here, it'd be a nice referral for us at any time. Thanks!


Oldest Girl said...

Yea we need to know the dates to so that we can get tickets before we get soaked.

bubblyone said...

I am not sure Matt and I can come--so sad--or if i will be to far along to come--so yes --it'll be great to know!
love ang

RockStar said...

yes I am needing the dates as well. I am also wanting a piece of the PHAT rooms at the Six Lakes lodge....considering that the small bunkhouse I stayed in smelled of old shoes and had more critters living in it than all the Graham clan.