09 April 2007

Angela Suzanne

Here's to the famous, gorgeous, well-acclaimed
B-day recipient this week! Hip-hip-hurrah! Loving
you and more on this 34-tunate day!


Oldest Girl said...

So beautiful...never looks bad 34 year old Angie! Happy Day! I love you too!

bubblyone said...

Dal---you are the nicest! Dang i love you so much and it just reminds me of that awesome day you took our pictures and made memories to last a lifetime, everyday!
Words don't adequately express the love i have for you!

Mama said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a beauty! Hey, Bo, we did a good job didn't we? Absolutely lovely picture Angie! xoxoo Mom

Mama said...

Oops Dallas, you misspelled her middle name. It would be Suzanne. I am sure you knew that though. Nice of you to add the great photo. xoxoxo Mom

7of9 said...

Great eyes, Mom. You'd thing that after a smashing career of educating myself — along with the help of countless teachers and mentors — I would have learned how to spell /suz-ann/. Thanks for the tip. Correction corrected. Dxo